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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
1322 Suricata Optimization Closed Normal Flow Spare Queue should be a stack 05/08/2019 06:09 PM Actions
1321 Suricata Bug Closed Normal Flow memuse bookkeeping error Ken Steele 12/05/2014 04:47 AM Actions
1315 Suricata Bug Rejected Low trans_q should not have hardcoded size OISF Dev 02/18/2019 01:02 PM Actions
1313 Suricata Optimization New Normal All Free functions should correctly handle NULL pointers Community Ticket 02/23/2019 10:16 PM Actions
1289 Suricata Bug Closed Normal MPM b2gm matcher has questionable code Victor Julien 04/05/2016 04:20 AM Actions
1269 Suricata Optimization Closed Normal Convert SM List from linked list to array Ken Steele 10/14/2015 10:33 AM Actions
1223 Suricata Optimization Rejected Normal Might be faster to use memmem() for short length content instead of Boyer Moore 05/01/2017 04:54 AM Actions
1222 Suricata Optimization New Normal Boyer Moore content not shared between same content OISF Dev 01/01/2016 06:21 PM Actions
1221 Suricata Bug Closed Normal lowercase conversion table missing last value Ken Steele 08/07/2014 03:51 AM Actions
1220 Suricata Optimization New Normal Boyer Moore SPM pass in ctx instead of indivual bmBc and bmBg Philippe Antoine 06/20/2019 07:29 AM Actions
1218 Suricata Optimization New Normal BoyerMooreNocase could avoid tolower() call Philippe Antoine 06/03/2019 02:49 PM Actions
1135 Suricata Bug Closed Normal 2.0rc2 release doesn't set optimization flag on GCC Victor Julien 03/14/2014 09:54 AM Actions
1110 Suricata Bug Closed Normal Can have the same Pattern ID (pid) for the same pattern but different case flags Ken Steele 03/03/2014 03:18 AM Actions
1094 Suricata Optimization New Normal Special check for first character of buffer OISF Dev 01/01/2016 06:20 PM Actions
1040 Suricata Feature Closed Normal Suricata should compile with -Werror Ken Steele 01/31/2014 06:45 AM Actions
1039 Suricata Optimization Closed Normal Packetpool should be a stack Ken Steele 08/06/2014 07:23 AM Actions
1038 Suricata Optimization New Normal Flow Queue should be a stack OISF Dev 01/01/2016 06:20 PM Actions
1037 Suricata Optimization Closed Low Optimize TCP Option storage Victor Julien 04/08/2016 02:49 AM Actions
992 Suricata Bug Closed Normal Different alerts reported when reading from pcap file with runmode=single and runmode=autofp OISF Dev 05/27/2019 09:12 PM Actions

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