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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
5687 Suricata Feature New Normal eve: "auth" and/or "auth_fail" log OISF Dev 11/15/2022 03:32 PM Actions
5689 Suricata Bug New Normal community id computed wrong for tcp and ipv4 when src_ip == dest_ip OISF Dev 11/22/2022 05:26 AM Actions
5690 Suricata Documentation New Normal Document the differences between IPS and IDS mode. Juliana Fajardini Reichow 11/28/2022 01:56 PM Actions
5692 Suricata Feature New Normal Add brotli content encoding to HTTP/1.1 OISF Dev 11/16/2022 06:41 PM Actions
5693 Suricata Bug In Progress Normal decode: Padded packet to minimal Ethernet length marked with invalid length event Lukas Sismis 11/30/2022 09:04 AM Actions
5699 Suricata Optimization New Normal dcerpc: switch to incomplete api for tcp OISF Dev 11/21/2022 04:40 PM Actions
5704 Suricata Bug In Progress Normal Filestore is not working if landlock is enabled Eric Leblond 11/22/2022 06:20 AM Actions
5705 Suricata Feature In Progress Normal Add Wireguard parser Odin Jenseg 12/01/2022 10:17 AM Actions
5706 Suricata Bug In Review High app-layer-htp: Condition depending on enabled IPS mode never true Lukas Sismis 12/05/2022 10:59 AM Actions
5711 Suricata Bug New Normal runmodes: Suricata does not hint anything about missing runmode OISF Dev 11/24/2022 05:12 PM Actions
5713 Suricata Bug New Normal TLSv1 not logged into tls events. OISF Dev 11/25/2022 03:57 PM Actions
5716 Suricata Feature New Normal rdp: add app-layer frame support OISF Dev 11/28/2022 02:15 PM Actions
5717 Suricata Feature New Normal rfb: add frame support Haleema Khan 12/05/2022 06:58 PM Actions
5718 Suricata Optimization New Normal time: compact alternative to struct timeval OISF Dev 11/29/2022 01:55 PM Actions
5719 Suricata Feature New Normal configuration: add a "generated by" field to suricata.yaml, to aid determine what are the correct defaults OISF Dev 11/29/2022 06:57 PM Actions
5720 Suricata Documentation New Normal Install: Be consistent with use of the "sudo" OISF Dev 11/29/2022 08:31 PM Actions
5721 Suricata Bug In Review Normal http2: logging settings do not match what is seen in the RFC Jason Ish 11/29/2022 10:13 PM Actions
5724 Suricata Documentation In Progress Normal Why does reject-dev option work only in Sniff Mode OISF Dev 12/01/2022 04:08 PM Actions
5726 Suricata Feature New Normal ike: add frame support OISF Dev 12/02/2022 09:02 PM Actions
5727 Suricata Feature New Normal krb: add frame support OISF Dev 12/02/2022 09:18 PM Actions
5728 Suricata Feature New Normal modbus: add frame support OISF Dev 12/02/2022 09:26 PM Actions
5729 Suricata Feature New Normal bittorrent-dht: add frame support OISF Dev 12/02/2022 09:27 PM Actions
5730 Suricata Feature New Normal dhcp: add frame support OISF Dev 12/02/2022 09:46 PM Actions
5731 Suricata Feature New Normal mqtt: add frame support Haleema Khan 12/05/2022 06:58 PM Actions
5732 Suricata Feature New Normal ntp: add frame support OISF Dev 12/02/2022 09:52 PM Actions
5733 Suricata Feature New Normal snmp: add frame support OISF Dev 12/02/2022 10:01 PM Actions
5734 Suricata Feature New Normal ssh: add frame support OISF Dev 12/02/2022 10:03 PM Actions
5737 Suricata Feature Feedback Normal smtp body extract eason pan 12/06/2022 06:28 AM Actions
5739 Suricata Bug New Normal htp: handle alloc failure for user data Philippe Antoine 12/05/2022 08:09 PM Actions
5740 Suricata Bug In Progress Normal content: within and distance lengths should be bounded Jeff Lucovsky 12/05/2022 08:18 PM Actions
5741 Suricata Task New Normal rust/src/rfb/* add more unittests Haleema Khan 12/05/2022 03:54 PM Actions
5742 Suricata Task New Normal rust/src/mqtt: add unittests for key parsers Haleema Khan 12/05/2022 04:03 PM Actions
5743 Suricata Feature New Normal http2: add frame support OISF Dev 12/05/2022 04:08 PM Actions
5744 Suricata Bug Assigned High netmap: 6.0.9 v14 backport causes known packet stalls from v14 implementation in "legacy" mode too Jeff Lucovsky 12/07/2022 12:44 AM Actions
5745 Suricata Feature New Normal exceptions: allow setting via unix-socket OISF Dev 12/06/2022 11:14 PM Actions
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