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1320SuricataFeatureNewNormalpacket content in alert msg11/19/2014 02:35 PM
1178SuricataBugNewNormaltcp.reassembly_memuse missprint in stats.log 11/19/2014 01:39 PM
1322SuricataOptimizationNewLowFlow Spare Queue should be a stack11/19/2014 11:40 AM
1271SuricataBugNewLowCreating core dump with dropped privileges11/15/2014 06:50 PM
1315SuricataBugNewLowtrans_q should not have hardcoded size11/12/2014 02:16 PM
1313SuricataOptimizationNewLowAll Free functions should correctly handle NULL pointers11/11/2014 12:34 PM
1299SuricataBugNewNormaleve.json JSON output not valid under certain circumstances (e.g. Shellshock)11/05/2014 06:54 AM
1025SuricataFeatureNewNormal1.4.6: seperate #ifdef UNITTEST code into their own files11/05/2014 04:50 AM
1058SuricataFeatureNewNormalsupport and test libhtp 0.6.x11/05/2014 04:50 AM
1275SuricataBugFeedbackNormalET Rule 2003927 not matchin in suricata11/05/2014 03:20 AM
1247SuricataBugNewNormalUsing suppress in threshold.config does not prevent dropping11/05/2014 03:11 AM
1306SuricataSupportNewHighSuricatasc: Python Unix Socket10/28/2014 11:43 AM
1302SuricataBugNewNormalMPLS - stats.log10/25/2014 05:20 AM
1291SuricataSupportNewNormalhttp.log is empty10/12/2014 10:05 PM
1300SuricataFeatureNewNormalprofiling: per flow recording of profiling data10/12/2014 03:35 AM
1286SuricataBugNewNormalmpm optimization v0.2 #1114 - pf-ring segfault10/03/2014 06:31 AM
1296SuricataBugNewNormalCall of DeStateResetFileInspection will do nothing10/02/2014 06:11 AM
1295SuricataBugNewNormalpf_ring - multiple interfaces configuration not working10/01/2014 02:47 PM
1290SuricataFeatureNewNormalhandle SIGHUP signal 10/01/2014 02:15 AM
1289SuricataBugNewNormalMPM b2gm matcher has questionable code09/30/2014 08:56 AM
1277SuricataOptimizationNewNormalTrigger second live rule-reload while first one is in progress09/22/2014 09:35 AM
1002SuricataSupportNewNormalPossible to disabling/bypassing a rule by a specific source ip and a destination ip?09/18/2014 05:36 AM
1193SuricataBugNewNormalRule-Thresholding not working at high packet rates09/18/2014 03:21 AM
1268SuricataBugNewNormalsuricata and macos/darwin: [ERRCODE: SC_ERR_MAGIC_LOAD(197)] - magic_load failed: File 5.19 supports only version 12 magic files. `/usr/share/file/magic.mgc' is version 708/30/2014 07:42 PM
1266SuricataSupportNewNormalLimit size - output unified208/23/2014 04:25 PM
1255SuricataSupportNewNormalEvent logging with unified208/08/2014 06:21 AM
1242SuricataOptimizationNewNormalHuge performance decrease with /dev/zero traffic08/06/2014 02:39 AM
1250SuricataFeatureNewNormalMultipath TCP08/04/2014 10:09 AM
1249SuricataBugNewNormalhttp/dns ip-reputation alike technique07/30/2014 07:14 AM
1243SuricataBugNewNormalthreshold is blocking every packet in drop mode07/29/2014 06:41 AM
1240SuricataBugNewNormal[ERRCODE: SC_ERR_INVALID_SIGNATURE(39)] - pcre with /R (relative) needs preceeding match in the same buffer07/17/2014 06:20 AM
1239SuricataFeatureNewNormalBest effort TCP stack07/16/2014 09:28 AM
1235SuricataFeatureNewLowUniformed use of logging and configuration formats07/12/2014 09:44 AM
1198SuricataFeatureNewNormalmore compact dns logging07/11/2014 01:22 AM
1232SuricataSupportNewNormalHow to detect packet loss07/11/2014 01:13 AM
1233SuricataFeatureNewNormalDocumentation for each keyword in stats.log file.07/07/2014 11:38 AM
1225SuricataBugNewNormalconfigure: error: libnetfilter_queue/libnetfilter_queue.h not found07/04/2014 05:33 AM
1213SuricataSupportNewNormalHTTP reassembly problem - Suricata 2.0.107/01/2014 05:17 AM
1224SuricataFeatureNewNormalAllow newlines in bpf filters in files specified by the -F flag06/25/2014 12:58 PM
1223SuricataOptimizationNewNormalMight be faster to use memmem() for short length content instead of Boyer Moore06/24/2014 03:28 PM
1222SuricataOptimizationNewNormalBoyer Moore content not shared between same content06/24/2014 03:22 PM
1220SuricataOptimizationNewNormalBoyer Moore SPM pass in ctx instead of indivual bmBc and bmBg06/24/2014 09:49 AM
1218SuricataOptimizationNewNormalBoyerMooreNocase could avoid tolower() call06/23/2014 03:22 AM
1209SuricataBugNewNormalsuricata 2.0.1 segfault on nmap scan06/19/2014 04:52 AM
1148SuricataBugNewNormal1.4.7 will not run on Windows Server 2012 because magic file will not load05/10/2014 03:09 AM
1191SuricataFeatureNewNormalEVE log does not support customformat05/09/2014 08:56 AM
1174SuricataBugNewNormalsegfault in suricata 2.005/08/2014 05:13 PM
1188SuricataOptimizationNewLowDon't use iface name in GetIfaceMaxHWHeaderLength 04/23/2014 05:10 AM
1153SuricataBugNewLowUnit test AppLayerProtoDetectTest15 failed04/17/2014 07:53 AM
1181SuricataBugNewLowSuricata 2.0 core dumps at reproducible place that depend on build options (mac os x)04/17/2014 04:42 AM
1156SuricataBugNewNormalNvidia CUDA/Suricata 2.0 Compile Problem03/28/2014 09:01 AM
1152SuricataBugNewNormalWrite to ipfw divert socket failed: Message too long03/26/2014 01:06 PM
1147SuricataBugNewNormalSuricata 2.0rc2 nfq runmode=auto segmentation fault03/14/2014 09:18 AM
1140SuricataFeatureNewNormalIP-Address white list implementation for IPS mode (without disable a rule global)03/14/2014 03:57 AM
1139SuricataFeatureNewNormalshow alert.signature_id information in event_type drop eve.json03/14/2014 03:46 AM
1132SuricataFeatureNewNormalset rpath for libs not in the default linker paths03/11/2014 12:42 PM
1122SuricataBugNewNormalsegfault - suricata git-master - afpacket03/04/2014 02:14 PM
1113SuricataBugNewNormalSuricata rc1 with bundled libhtp compilation err on Windows02/15/2014 05:18 AM
1100SuricataFeatureNewNormalkeyword: file_ext keyword02/06/2014 04:02 AM
1099SuricataFeatureNewNormalkeyword: file_name keyword02/06/2014 04:00 AM
1094SuricataOptimizationNewNormalSpecial check for first character of buffer01/31/2014 03:05 AM
1088SuricataFeatureNewNormalDetect virtual machines during build/start01/25/2014 06:18 AM
1087SuricataBugNewNormalmake install-conf does not install the binary01/22/2014 04:56 AM
962SuricataSupportNewNormalCan I log the mac address of the source?01/03/2014 12:52 AM
1045SuricataBugNewNormalSuricata smtp flowbits FN12/23/2013 03:32 AM
1070SuricataBugNewNormalmaster-2013-12-02: SEGV in conf-yaml-loader.c: parent node not defined12/17/2013 02:24 AM
1065SuricataFeatureNewNormalIntroduce vlan id keyword12/10/2013 11:53 AM
1060SuricataBugNewNormalmaster-2013-12-02: util-debug.c : index() needs strings.h in Solaris12/06/2013 07:21 AM
867SuricataBugNewNormal1.4.3: src/util-optimize.h: Solaris Sun Studio doesn't define __builtin_expect12/06/2013 07:14 AM
865SuricataBugNewNormal1.4.3: src/util-print.c: Solaris doesn't have a s6_addr1612/04/2013 12:09 AM
1057SuricataBugNewNormalmaster-2013-12-02: zero length structs aren't allowed in C12/04/2013 12:03 AM
1056SuricataBugNewNormalmaster-2013-12-02: zero length structs aren't allowed in C12/03/2013 11:43 PM
863SuricataBugNewNormal1.4.3: src/util-logopenfile.c : sun is a reserved word12/03/2013 11:17 PM
862SuricataBugNewNormal1.4.3: src/unix-manager.c: Solaris doesn't define MSG_NOSIGNAL or SO_NOSIGPIPE12/03/2013 10:25 PM
852SuricataBugNewNormal1.4.3: src/util-affinity.h: Solaris doesn't have cpu set_t12/03/2013 10:18 PM
1055SuricataBugNewNormalmaster-2013-12-02: source-pcap-file.c : line 65: u_int8_t undefined12/03/2013 06:39 PM
1050SuricataBugNewNormalmaster-2013-12-02: __attribute__ ((warn_unused_result)) is a GCCism12/03/2013 01:27 AM
854SuricataBugNewNormal1.4.3: decode-ipv6.c: Solaris doesn't define IPPROTO_IPIP12/02/2013 10:22 PM
1054SuricataBugNewNormalmaster-2013-12-02: app-layer-dns-common.c line 73: void function cannot return value12/02/2013 10:00 PM
1053SuricataBugNewNormalmaster-2013-12-02: util-byte.h: Solaris doesn't have swap16/32/6412/02/2013 09:46 PM
1052SuricataBugNewNormalmaster-2013-12-02: GCCisms escaping into the real world12/02/2013 09:28 PM
1051SuricataBugNewNormalmaster-2013-12-02: Solaris needs an entry12/02/2013 09:12 PM
1027SuricataBugNewNormalsegfault latest git - 2.0dev (rev f985e42)11/04/2013 03:08 AM
1013SuricataBugNewNormalcommand line parsing10/30/2013 07:02 AM
1016SuricataBugNewNormalSuricata Only Captures And Stores The First ~4900 bytes of a file.10/30/2013 06:58 AM
1017SuricataFeatureNewNormalAdd support for content-range10/29/2013 11:07 AM
935SuricataBugNewNormalSegfault when file extraction is enabled10/26/2013 10:30 AM
609SuricataFeatureNewNormalActive Response in inline mode (like react in snort 2.9+)10/26/2013 10:23 AM
610SuricataFeatureNewNormaltrack by_src exluding port10/26/2013 10:23 AM
618SuricataBugNewNormalTCP checksum seems to be broken10/26/2013 10:23 AM
543SuricataBugNewNormalWindows directory parsing10/26/2013 10:23 AM
546SuricataBugNewNormalmake under windows -> results yaml double slashes10/26/2013 10:23 AM
1004SuricataBugNewNormalsegfault in several times a day10/26/2013 10:21 AM
1005SuricataFeatureNewNormalconditional logging10/26/2013 10:21 AM
961SuricataBugNewNormalmax pending packets variable parsing10/26/2013 10:21 AM
984SuricataFeatureNewNormallibhtp HTP_AUTH_UNRECOGNIZED10/26/2013 10:21 AM
990SuricataBugNewNormalFP on Suricata dns ttl 010/26/2013 10:21 AM
936SuricataFeatureNewNormalsupport tzsp protocol10/26/2013 10:21 AM
942SuricataBugNewNormalsegfault in libc10/26/2013 10:21 AM
946SuricataBugNewNormallibhtp version not recognized correctly when the enable-non-bundled option is used10/26/2013 10:21 AM

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