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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
785SuricataBugNewNormalwindows - yaml magic-file optionOISF Community09/08/2016 02:53 PM
786SuricataBugNewNormalWindows - yaml directory pathsOISF Community09/08/2016 02:53 PM
1013SuricataBugNewNormalcommand line parsingOISF Community09/08/2016 02:51 PM
1390SuricataBugNewLowsuricatasc return empty iface-stat.pkts in IPS nfqueue modeOISF Community09/08/2016 02:51 PM
1757SuricataFeatureNewNormalURL ReputationOISF Community09/08/2016 02:49 PM
1819SuricataFeatureNewNormalSilent installer for suricata windowsOISF Community09/08/2016 02:49 PM
843SuricataFeatureNewNormalCustom http logging filter functionalityOISF Community09/08/2016 02:49 PM
1382SuricataBugNewNormalBPF not reflected in suricata.log when using pf-ringOISF Community09/08/2016 02:42 PM
1739SuricataBugNewNormalStopping Suricata process under Windows cmdOISF Community09/08/2016 02:37 PM
1738SuricataBugNewNormal[ERRCODE: SC_ERR_MEM_ALLOC<1>] - Can not allocate fingerprint string - Suricata 2.0.11-1OISF Community09/08/2016 02:37 PM
1756SuricataSupportNewNormalhow output custom log to mysql?OISF Community09/08/2016 02:36 PM
1779SuricataBugNewNormalSuricata 3.0.1 RELEASE on Linux Kernel 4.4.0 (Ubuntu 14.04)OISF Community09/08/2016 02:36 PM
1770SuricataBugNewNormalSuricata takes very long time to start using hyperscan and large/custom detect settings OISF Community09/08/2016 02:34 PM
1832SuricataSupportNewNormalmissed http logOISF Community09/08/2016 02:30 PM
1791SuricataOptimizationNewNormalKernel Drops: Thread occasionally Spike to 100%OISF Community09/08/2016 02:29 PM
1883SuricataSupportNewNormalAbout suricata pcap autofp mode some configure questionOISF Community09/08/2016 02:27 PM
1152SuricataBugNewNormalWrite to ipfw divert socket failed: Message too longOISF Community08/27/2016 02:57 PM
1437SuricataBugNewNormalCUDA: Program terminated with signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation faultOISF Community07/11/2016 02:37 AM
1809SuricataBugNewNormal3.1RC1 No more CUDA Support OISF Community07/11/2016 02:37 AM
1002SuricataFeatureNewNormalPossible to disabling/bypassing a rule by a specific source ip and a destination ip?OISF Community06/16/2016 03:07 AM
1216SuricataFeatureNewLowDebian repositoryOISF Community06/16/2016 03:03 AM
1480SuricataBugNewNormallibpreludeOISF Community06/15/2016 05:21 AM
1793SuricataBugNewNormalac-ks: broken on big-endianOISF Community06/13/2016 09:20 AM
1185SuricataBugNewNormalnapatech: cppcheck warningOISF Community05/10/2016 02:44 AM
511SuricataFeatureNewNormalPort indepedent protocol identificationOISF Community05/03/2016 10:15 AM
748SuricataFeatureNewNormalURL ReputationOISF Community04/04/2016 01:42 PM
1726SuricataFeatureNewNormalpfring: IPS supportOISF Community03/03/2016 04:37 AM
1084SuricataBugAssignedLowpfring: valgrind: memory leak at exit in bpf filterOISF Community03/03/2016 03:31 AM
1083SuricataBugAssignedLowpfring: valgrind: Syscall param socketcall.setsockopt(optval) points to uninitialised byte(s)OISF Community03/03/2016 03:30 AM
1712SuricataFeatureNewNormalmultitenancy: 'lite' tenantsOISF Community02/18/2016 08:18 AM
609SuricataFeatureNewNormalActive Response in inline mode (like react in snort 2.9+)OISF Community02/18/2016 07:35 AM
1710SuricataFeatureNewNormalNew socket UNIX command for pcap filesOISF Community02/17/2016 03:12 AM
1249SuricataFeatureNewNormalhttp/dns ip-reputation alike techniqueOISF Community02/16/2016 04:17 PM
590SuricataFeatureNewNormaldocument pulledpork for rule updatesOISF Community02/08/2016 04:41 PM
548SuricataFeatureNewLowUse bloomfilter for filemd5OISF Community01/17/2016 06:45 AM
691SuricataFeatureNewNormalRF: Telnet decoding protocol over SuricataOISF Community01/01/2016 06:15 PM
936SuricataFeatureNewNormalsupport tzsp protocolOISF Community01/01/2016 06:13 PM
1566SuricataFeatureNewNormalICMPv4 control channel detectionOISF Community01/01/2016 05:58 PM
1320SuricataFeatureNewNormalpacket content in alert msgOISF Community01/01/2016 05:53 PM
1323SuricataFeatureNewNormalautomated eve.json rotationOISF Community01/01/2016 05:52 PM
547SuricataFeatureNewNormallibinjection -- sqli libraryOISF Community12/22/2015 04:05 PM
1095SuricataFeatureNewNormalIntegration of support for STIX-based indicatorsOISF Community05/20/2015 09:22 AM
1369SuricataFeatureNewNormaljson schemaOISF Community05/20/2015 09:17 AM
1270SuricataFeatureNewNormalRequest: Adding several logging enhancementsOISF Community05/20/2015 09:17 AM
1234SuricataFeatureNewNormalnfqueue: use mnl APIOISF Community05/20/2015 09:16 AM
1149SuricataFeatureNewNormaladd systemd serviceOISF Community05/20/2015 09:16 AM
121SuricataFeatureNewLowAlert on domain name look up, capture traffic for corresponding IPOISF Community04/29/2015 04:01 AM
949SuricataFeatureNewLowSUSE automatic package building systemOISF Community04/24/2015 04:41 AM
1245SuricataFeatureNewNormalAdd "drop-only" and "alert-only" option for pcap-logOISF Community07/25/2014 08:02 AM
1215SuricataFeatureNewLowjournald logging supportOISF Community06/19/2014 03:52 AM
1199SuricataFeatureNewNormalLDAP supportOISF Community06/04/2014 02:43 AM
544SuricataFeatureNewNormalLive traffic decryptionOISF Community11/19/2013 10:06 AM
365SuricataFeatureNewNormalexpose interface(unix socket command) to reset tcp connectionOISF Community09/29/2012 03:32 AM
550SuricataFeatureNewNormalExtract file attachments from FTPOISF Community09/28/2012 04:40 AM
276SuricataFeatureNewNormalLibcap support for dropping privilegesOISF Community07/04/2012 03:43 AM
473SuricataFeatureNewNormalpcap log: alert log with packet indexesOISF Community05/29/2012 03:24 AM
448SuricataFeatureNewLowdlp: md5sum based on part of filesOISF Community04/10/2012 10:14 AM
1971SuricataFeatureNewNormalmake lua mandatoryOISF Dev11/30/2016 12:03 PM
1970SuricataFeatureNewNormalmake libjansson mandatoryOISF Dev11/30/2016 12:03 PM
1888SuricataBugAssignedNormalnoalert in a pass rule disables the ruleOISF Dev11/29/2016 03:34 AM
1299SuricataBugNewNormaleve.json JSON output not valid under certain circumstances (e.g. Shellshock)OISF Dev11/29/2016 03:13 AM
1957SuricataBugNewLowPCRE lowercase enforcement in http_host buffer does not allow for upper case in hex-encodingOISF Dev11/17/2016 04:50 PM
1939SuricataFeatureNewNormalIntroduce packet/byte counter in stats.log/json for local bypassOISF Dev10/27/2016 02:44 PM
1864SuricataBugNewHighsegfault - git master - rev 9d01ef5OISF Dev10/25/2016 08:12 AM
1927SuricataBugNewNormalrate_filter not working as expected - references to bug #425OISF Dev10/24/2016 04:31 PM
1922SuricataBugNewNormalrunmodes: memory leaksOISF Dev10/19/2016 03:34 AM
1711SuricataBugNewNormalEthernet Header Missing From JSON Packet FieldOISF Dev10/13/2016 03:35 AM
1900SuricataBugNewNormalField http.hostname not being parsed out correctly.OISF Dev10/10/2016 10:59 AM
1892SuricataFeatureNewNormalrule docs should include example rulesOISF Dev10/09/2016 03:20 PM
744SuricataFeatureNewHighTeredo configurationOISF Dev09/30/2016 02:40 PM
1894SuricataFeatureNewNormalconcurrent flows counterOISF Dev09/27/2016 04:02 AM
1838SuricataBugNewNormalsuricata 3.0* and 3.1 hang after heavy traffic w/ pfring zc (reproducible)OISF Dev09/21/2016 04:36 AM
1881SuricataBugNewNormalpcap logging out of orderOISF Dev09/13/2016 06:28 PM
273SuricataFeatureAssignedNormalIRC protocol detection supportOISF Dev09/08/2016 03:32 PM
723SuricataFeatureNewNormalAdd support for smb 3OISF Dev09/08/2016 03:28 PM
646SuricataFeatureAssignedNormalsmb log feature to be introducedOISF Dev09/08/2016 03:28 PM
442SuricataOptimizationNewLowcode cleanup - update all prototypes to include parameter namesOISF Dev09/08/2016 03:28 PM
992SuricataBugNewNormalDifferent alerts reported when reading from pcap file with runmode=single and runmode=autofpOISF Dev09/08/2016 03:28 PM
822SuricataOptimizationAssignedNormalExplore the performance impact of libhtp htp_list_t growing in sizeOISF Dev09/08/2016 03:28 PM
1194SuricataFeatureNewLowImplement http_args keyword to match http arguments - query string or bodyOISF Dev09/08/2016 03:28 PM
705SuricataBugNewHighhttp.log missing lots of requests under high traffic loadOISF Dev09/08/2016 03:28 PM
735SuricataFeatureAssignedNormalIntroduce content_len keywordOISF Dev09/08/2016 03:28 PM
742SuricataFeatureAssignedNormalstartswith keywordOISF Dev09/08/2016 03:27 PM
741SuricataFeatureNewNormalIntroduce endswith keywordOISF Dev09/08/2016 03:27 PM
708SuricataBugNewNormalFlow vars issue in pcap file modeOISF Dev09/08/2016 03:27 PM
924SuricataBugNewNormalmissing space between variable and value in suricata.yamlOISF Dev09/08/2016 03:07 PM
1732SuricataBugNewNormalsuricata3.0 crash againOISF Dev09/08/2016 02:54 PM
757SuricataBugNewNormalalert stats on exitOISF Dev09/08/2016 02:53 PM
778SuricataBugNewNormalipv6 addr with nat64 notationOISF Dev09/08/2016 02:53 PM
798SuricataBugNewNormalstats.log in yaml config - append option - missing OISF Dev09/08/2016 02:53 PM
849SuricataBugNewNormalNot alerting on invalid http request Content-Length OISF Dev09/08/2016 02:53 PM
856SuricataBugNewNormalFP on new Suricata git dns decoderOISF Dev09/08/2016 02:52 PM
868SuricataBugNewNormal1.4.3: Makefile[.in] doesn't use its own INSTALL variable definitionOISF Dev09/08/2016 02:52 PM
891SuricataBugNewNormaldetect-engine.profile does not err out in incorrect values - suricata.yamlOISF Dev09/08/2016 02:52 PM
923SuricataBugNewNormalmemcap value in suricata.yamlOISF Dev09/08/2016 02:52 PM
961SuricataBugNewNormalmax pending packets variable parsingOISF Dev09/08/2016 02:51 PM
1799SuricataFeatureNewNormalnetmap: capture drop statsOISF Dev09/08/2016 02:49 PM
1468SuricataFeatureNewNormalFile extension : fileext rule protocol supportOISF Dev09/08/2016 02:46 PM
1370SuricataBugNewNormalsctp fp on suricata engineOISF Dev09/08/2016 02:42 PM
1412SuricataBugNewNormalbyte_test checks before byte_extract happens in some casesOISF Dev09/08/2016 02:42 PM
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