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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
5031 Suricata Bug In Progress Normal flowbits - no error on invalid options Shivani Bhardwaj 10/25/2022 09:09 AM Actions
5022 Suricata Bug In Progress Normal log-pcap: fix segfault on lz4 compressed pcaps 01/30/2022 01:17 AM Actions
5017 Suricata Bug New Normal counters: tcp.syn, tcp.synack, tcp.rst depend on flow OISF Dev 10/25/2022 10:40 AM Actions
5013 Suricata Bug New Normal fast pattern discrepancy when using engine-analysis 01/25/2022 10:13 PM Actions
5012 Suricata Bug New Normal Remove duplicate definition of constants between C and Rust 02/22/2022 10:15 AM Actions
4952 Suricata Bug Assigned High scan-build: Access to field 'de_state' results in a dereference of a null pointer Victor Julien 10/25/2022 09:37 AM Actions
4940 Suricata Bug New Low ftp-data: protocol misclassification if the file begins with a protocol pattern 01/06/2022 02:25 PM Actions
4930 Suricata-Update Bug New Normal Default Suricata version should come from intel index Shivani Bhardwaj 12/27/2021 11:40 AM Actions
4921 Suricata Bug New Normal detect/app-layer-protocol: unexpected results when one direction state "failed" 12/21/2021 09:19 AM Actions
4917 Suricata Bug New Normal tls: leading GAP in toserver direction leads to various issues 12/19/2021 09:17 AM Actions
4916 Suricata Bug New Normal af-packet: Sending packet failed on socket 20: Message too long 12/19/2021 09:30 AM Actions
4914 Suricata Bug New Normal FLOW_DIR_REVERSED is not handled in multiple places 12/16/2021 04:50 PM Actions
4898 Suricata Bug In Review Normal detect: Ensure detection events are logged Jeff Lucovsky 11/01/2022 06:56 PM Actions
4881 Suricata Bug Assigned Normal alert event incorrectly log stored files Victor Julien 10/27/2022 04:38 PM Actions
4880 Suricata Bug New Normal hostbits/xbits: treat hostbits and xbits differently in the rule ordering stage 03/23/2022 11:10 AM Actions
4875 Suricata Bug New Normal FN when using flowbits and ftp protocol. 12/06/2021 03:29 AM Actions
4874 Suricata Bug New Normal FN when using stream_size with http proto and buffers 02/22/2022 08:27 PM Actions
4873 Suricata Bug New Normal smb midstream probing check affects performance 12/05/2021 04:35 PM Actions
4863 Suricata Bug New Normal suricata segfault on smb packet 12/02/2021 01:17 PM Actions
4856 Suricata Bug New Normal Some website cannot be loaded fast and complete 02/13/2022 08:47 PM Actions
4850 Suricata Bug New Normal rust: compile error on OpenBSD 6.8: ld: error: unable to find library -lexecinfo 11/29/2021 06:04 PM Actions
4847 Suricata Bug New Normal pcap: Unable to enter promiscuous mode on virtio-net device 11/26/2021 01:22 PM Actions
4846 Suricata Bug New Normal IPv6 evasion : flood + ndpexhaust26 11/19/2021 03:23 PM Actions
4845 Suricata Bug New Normal IPv6 evasion : parasite6 + dos new ipv6 + fake mldrouter6 advertise 11/19/2021 03:21 PM Actions
4844 Suricata Bug New Normal IPv6 evasion : redir6 11/19/2021 03:18 PM Actions
4843 Suricata Bug New Normal IPv6 evasion : dos mld chiron 11/19/2021 03:16 PM Actions
4815 Suricata Bug New Normal unix socket: ftp memcap missing from socket commands 11/09/2021 08:02 PM Actions
4813 Suricata Bug New Normal stream: reset stream-depth if parser reaches error state 11/09/2021 01:02 PM Actions
4786 Suricata Bug In Progress Normal xbits: no error on invalid 'expire' values Shivani Bhardwaj 10/25/2022 09:09 AM Actions
4759 Suricata Bug New Normal TCP DNS query not found when tls filter is active Jason Ish 08/25/2022 08:40 AM Actions
4758 Suricata Bug New Normal dns: weird query should have app-layer-event? 10/16/2021 11:19 AM Actions
4755 Suricata Bug New Normal eve: timestamp loses sub-second precision in some arm scenarios 10/14/2021 05:45 AM Actions
4750 Suricata Bug New Normal pcap: memory leaks 10/11/2021 05:58 AM Actions
4740 Suricata Bug New Normal libnet error with reject action on pfSense 10/07/2021 07:48 PM Actions
4736 Suricata Bug New Normal ubsan: misaligned memory loads 10/06/2021 11:56 AM Actions
4734 Suricata Bug New Normal pfring: memory leak 10/10/2021 06:50 AM Actions
4715 Suricata Bug New Normal pcre keyword cause more alert! 09/28/2021 03:07 AM Actions
4702 Suricata Bug New Normal SYN/ACK dropped when client does not support tcp timestamps 09/23/2021 05:24 AM Actions
4669 Suricata Bug New Low threatexpert usage in reference.config 04/26/2022 06:09 AM Actions
4657 Suricata Bug New Normal SSLv2 app-layer detection patterns incorrectly registered Gianni Tedesco 09/01/2021 11:47 PM Actions
4655 Suricata Bug New Normal Dataset dumping to disk seems limited to 1000 08/27/2021 12:38 PM Actions
4624 Suricata Bug New Normal byte_jump with negative post_offset before start of buffer failure 08/24/2021 10:23 PM Actions
4623 Suricata Bug New Normal byte_jump with negative post_offset value fails at the end of the buffer 08/24/2021 06:08 PM Actions
4588 Suricata Bug New Normal Out of memory: Kill process 08/19/2021 01:33 PM Actions
4583 Suricata Bug New Normal xdp: libbpf xdp filter segfault with latest libbpf code 08/12/2021 01:51 PM Actions
4581 Suricata Bug Resolved Normal Excessive qsort/msort time when large number of rules using tls.fingerprint Jeff Lucovsky 10/24/2022 11:48 AM Actions
4580 Suricata Bug In Progress High smb: large streams can cause large memory moves (memmove) Victor Julien 11/13/2022 08:43 AM Actions
4578 Suricata Bug New Normal perf shows excessive time in IPOnlyMatchPacket 08/10/2021 02:42 PM Actions
4575 Suricata-Update Bug New Normal Error filemd5 file xxxx was not found Jason Ish 12/17/2021 02:49 PM Actions
4571 Suricata Bug New Normal Unable to trigger rule by content in case of IPv4 in IPv4 incapsulation 08/02/2021 02:17 PM Actions
4568 Suricata Bug New Normal Double free in suricata-5.0.3 08/17/2021 02:15 PM Actions
4553 Suricata Bug New Normal Configuration test mode succeeds when reference.config file contains invalid content 07/03/2021 12:26 PM Actions
4542 Suricata Bug New Normal SIGSEGV in BodyBase64Buffer at output-json-http.c:439 07/01/2021 01:12 PM Actions
4532 Suricata Bug New Normal Suricata sigsegv on 6.0.2 07/05/2021 11:48 AM Actions
4529 Suricata Bug In Review Normal Not keyword matches in Kerberos requests Eloy Pérez 10/25/2022 09:29 AM Actions
4522 Suricata Bug New Normal Rules with stream_size greater than not working 06/09/2021 01:26 PM Actions
4520 Suricata Bug New Normal Suricata 6.0.2 segfault NFQ 06/24/2021 06:36 AM Actions
4499 Suricata Bug New Normal Sudden and enormous memory leak 07/02/2021 01:02 PM Actions
4482 Suricata Bug In Review Normal detect: detect events not in rules, not tested (and not working?) Jeff Lucovsky 11/01/2022 06:56 PM Actions
4468 Suricata Bug New Normal Assertion failures in TmThreadsInjectFlowById 07/02/2021 01:01 PM Actions
4426 Suricata Bug New Normal XDP redirect cpu likely broken in 5.9 Community Ticket 10/27/2022 04:29 PM Actions
4402 Suricata Bug New Normal SC_ERR_UNKNOWN_VALUE(129) 03/29/2021 08:14 AM Actions
4399 Suricata Bug New Normal use keyword ‘offset’ that cause more alert 03/22/2021 12:08 PM Actions
4391 Suricata Bug New Normal Explicit path for datastes load/save in a rule is not honored if the default log path is different Peter Manev 04/07/2021 12:02 PM Actions
4385 Suricata Bug New Normal http_method parsing error 03/12/2021 04:09 PM Actions
4370 Suricata Bug New Normal the latest release of Suricata V6.0.1 for Windows use high CPU 03/02/2021 06:32 AM Actions
4357 Suricata Bug New Normal Napatech memory corruption Phil Young 07/01/2022 10:59 AM Actions
4356 Suricata Bug Assigned Normal Napatech memory leaks Phil Young 07/01/2022 10:59 AM Actions
4330 Suricata Bug New Normal file hash parameter in yaml accepts non valid values 03/22/2021 12:53 PM Actions
4326 Suricata Bug New Normal asan leak DetectFileHashFree 02/24/2022 12:59 PM Actions
4317 Suricata Bug Assigned Normal invalid dsize distance rule being loaded by suricata (6.0.x backport) Shivani Bhardwaj 11/18/2022 03:03 PM Actions
4286 Suricata Bug New Normal FN occurs when using negated isdataat with http_cookie keyword 08/05/2022 02:50 PM Actions
4265 Suricata Bug In Progress Normal QA lab: add possibility to do repeatable replay tests Peter Manev 01/15/2021 10:54 AM Actions
4248 Suricata Bug New Normal Suricata HTTP protocol resolves hostname exception 03/11/2021 08:27 PM Actions
4237 Suricata Bug New Normal Pcap file length is not correct calculated. 12/24/2020 08:12 AM Actions
4223 Suricata Bug New Normal rule loading takes too much time in certain cases 12/17/2020 07:13 AM Actions
4220 Suricata Bug Assigned High failed to hit a signature with option --simulate-ips Victor Julien 10/25/2022 09:06 AM Actions
4218 Suricata Bug New Normal FTP asan leak 09/08/2021 02:18 PM Actions
4214 Suricata Bug New Normal Honor vlan: use-for-tracking in ebpf maps 10/25/2022 09:19 AM Actions
4200 Suricata Bug New Normal Flows not deleted in bpf ipv4_maps 11/27/2022 01:35 AM Actions
4186 Suricata Bug New Normal error when cpu cores > 64 (use pf-ring ) 12/01/2020 06:35 AM Actions
4184 Suricata Bug New Normal createst: log fields introduced by debug mode should not be a part of test.yaml 12/01/2020 03:18 AM Actions
4183 Suricata Bug New Normal Timestamps sometimes off by 2 hours on Windows 12/04/2020 05:36 PM Actions
4178 Suricata Bug New Normal DNS Query triggers alert but no output in alert-debug.log 11/23/2020 09:53 PM Actions
4138 Suricata Bug New Normal A stable flow ID for dump/restore of state as well as state synchronization 11/19/2020 09:23 PM Actions
4135 Suricata Bug Assigned Normal dns: response only udp not detected as dns Jason Ish 10/25/2022 09:33 AM Actions
4108 Suricata Bug New Normal Rule reloading: Rules that change the action from alert to drop, or drop to alert don't have their action updated. OISF Dev 11/12/2020 01:09 PM Actions
4107 Suricata Bug New Normal Coredump with async-oneside: true enabled in suricata.yaml. 11/04/2020 11:09 AM Actions
4092 Suricata Bug Assigned Normal suricata-verify: --debug-failed does not work with --fail Shivani Bhardwaj 06/03/2022 09:06 AM Actions
4087 Suricata Bug New Normal excessive CPU usage on Windows with --pcap-file-continuous option 10/23/2020 01:54 PM Actions
4081 Suricata Bug New Normal ICMP IPv6 signature not matching when source contains ! condition with IPv4 addresses only 10/19/2020 09:26 PM Actions
4079 Suricata Bug New Normal fileinfo events missing mac address info Raj S 11/03/2020 09:26 PM Actions
4075 Suricata Bug New Normal suricata-6.0 rust cbind-gen header type define conflict "X509" 11/06/2020 06:58 PM Actions
4065 Suricata Bug In Review Normal Prelude support is broken in current 6.0.0 release Community Ticket 10/05/2021 08:07 AM Actions
4063 Suricata Bug In Review Normal rdata field not included in DNS log for NS rrtype Antti Tönkyrä 10/08/2020 10:23 AM Actions
4016 Suricata Bug New Normal filesize with filestore store empty files 10/19/2020 08:31 AM Actions
3990 Suricata Bug New Normal suricata -r not working for symbolic link linking to pcap in different folder but working for symbolic link linking to pcap within same folder 10/01/2020 03:01 AM Actions
3986 Suricata Bug New Normal suricata -r not working for sshfs-mounted folder but working for sshfs-mounted file 09/05/2022 10:18 AM Actions
3965 Suricata-Update Bug New Normal Windows: Make sure it works smoothly Community Ticket 11/08/2020 09:35 PM Actions
3964 Suricata-Update Bug New Normal Windows: Fix failure due to file permission issues Community Ticket 10/12/2022 12:14 AM Actions
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