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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
2066 Suricata Bug New Normal netmap/linux: can't capture packets in suricata-3.2 Community Ticket 09/17/2017 10:12 PM
1526 Suricata Bug New Normal Malformed encoded base64 packet in json logs Community Ticket 08/04/2017 11:38 AM
2057 Suricata Bug New Normal eve.json flow logs do not contain in_iface Community Ticket 07/14/2017 07:03 AM
1981 Suricata Bug New Low luajit states fail to run with valgrind Community Ticket 05/03/2017 04:10 PM
1561 Suricata Bug New Normal Write to ipfw divert socket failed: Permission denied rappidly followed by a fatal "[ERRCODE: SC_ERR_TM_THREADS_ERROR(136)] - thread restarts exceeded threshold limit for thread Verdict0" Community Ticket 02/13/2017 08:02 AM
2013 Suricata Bug New Normal failure of TCP after DOS attack Community Ticket 02/07/2017 08:29 AM
1842 Suricata Bug New Normal Duplicated analyzer in Prelude alert Community Ticket 09/08/2016 02:54 PM
786 Suricata Bug New Normal Windows - yaml directory paths Community Ticket 09/08/2016 02:53 PM
1013 Suricata Bug New Normal command line parsing Community Ticket 09/08/2016 02:51 PM
1390 Suricata Bug New Low suricatasc return empty iface-stat.pkts in IPS nfqueue mode Community Ticket 09/08/2016 02:51 PM
1382 Suricata Bug New Normal BPF not reflected in suricata.log when using pf-ring Community Ticket 09/08/2016 02:42 PM
1738 Suricata Bug New Normal [ERRCODE: SC_ERR_MEM_ALLOC<1>] - Can not allocate fingerprint string - Suricata 2.0.11-1 Community Ticket 09/08/2016 02:37 PM
1770 Suricata Bug New Normal Suricata takes very long time to start using hyperscan and large/custom detect settings Community Ticket 09/08/2016 02:34 PM
1152 Suricata Bug New Normal Write to ipfw divert socket failed: Message too long Community Ticket 08/27/2016 02:57 PM
1480 Suricata Bug New Normal libprelude Community Ticket 06/15/2016 05:21 AM
1084 Suricata Bug Assigned Low pfring: valgrind: memory leak at exit in bpf filter Community Ticket 03/03/2016 03:31 AM
1083 Suricata Bug Assigned Low pfring: valgrind: Syscall param socketcall.setsockopt(optval) points to uninitialised byte(s) Community Ticket 03/03/2016 03:30 AM
2493 Suricata Bug New Normal EngineAnalysisRules2 File Output Cannot Be Adjusted Danny Browning 05/14/2018 02:31 PM
1694 Suricata Bug Assigned Low unix-socket reading 0 size pcap Danny Browning 04/10/2018 02:45 PM
2412 Suricata Bug Assigned Normal Suricatasc isn't showing or allowing pcap file continuous option Danny Browning 01/20/2018 06:16 PM
2413 Suricata Bug Assigned Normal Pcap Interrupt Keeps Pcap File Processing Interrupted Danny Browning 01/20/2018 06:16 PM
2296 Suricata Bug New Normal Unix Manager Should Not Use Conf Functions to Pass Information to source-pcap-file Danny Browning 11/30/2017 07:31 AM
2500 Suricata Bug New Normal stored will always equal false in fileinfo events Elazar Broad 05/03/2018 10:57 PM
2505 Suricata Bug New Normal getrandom prevents any suricata start commands on more later OS's Eric Leblond 05/26/2018 10:17 PM
2495 Suricata Bug New Normal Stream depth and filestore interaction Eric Leblond 04/20/2018 06:24 PM
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