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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
3117 Suricata Bug New Normal multiple valgrind reported warnings - 5.0.0-dev (9e126b210 2019-08-07) OISF Dev 08/20/2019 09:29 PM Actions
3115 Suricata Support New Normal Problems with starting Suricata on Windows 2016 Peter Manev 09/05/2019 07:41 AM Actions
3113 Suricata Bug New Normal python-yaml dependency is actually ptyhon3-yaml dependency OISF Dev 08/27/2019 07:44 AM Actions
3109 Suricata Bug New Normal dcerpc engine not generating alerts OISF Dev 09/17/2019 05:12 PM Actions
3105 Suricata Feature New Normal Add kafka output sandy sun 08/18/2019 08:34 AM Actions
3103 Suricata Bug New Normal --engine-analysis warning for flow on an icmp request rule OISF Dev 08/08/2019 10:14 PM Actions
3102 Suricata-Update Support New Low Rule sid: 2019401 does not get disabled Shivani Bhardwaj 09/09/2019 04:46 PM Actions
3101 Suricata Bug New Normal Suricata not using 'default-log-dir' in YAML OISF Dev 08/08/2019 10:12 PM Actions
3097 Suricata Bug New Normal build for eBPF programs needs a way to specify Linux header location Hilko Bengen 07/23/2019 08:24 PM Actions
3095 Suricata Bug New Normal default log dir not always honored - git master OISF Dev 07/30/2019 08:42 PM Actions
3093 Suricata Bug New Normal FTP logging needs suricata-verify tests Jeff Lucovsky 07/19/2019 09:25 PM Actions
3087 Suricata Bug New Normal Prelude output IDMEF message issue Community Ticket 08/08/2019 02:46 PM Actions
3086 Suricata Feature New Normal app_proto for Torrent traffic? Community Ticket 07/19/2019 09:40 PM Actions
3078 Suricata Bug New Normal flow-timeout: check that 'emergency' settings are < normal settings OISF Dev 07/09/2019 05:52 AM Actions
3073 Suricata Bug New Normal AC_CHECK_FILE on cross compile OISF Dev 07/11/2019 01:10 PM Actions
3071 Suricata Bug New Normal coverity warning in tls wrt tainted scalars OISF Dev 07/05/2019 09:02 PM Actions
3064 Suricata Support New Normal No alert when try to do pentest on my network using DOS Community Ticket 08/07/2019 02:30 PM Actions
3063 Suricata Feature New Normal protocol decoder: geneve Community Ticket 06/26/2019 12:27 PM Actions
3047 Suricata Bug New High byte_extract does not work in some situations OISF Dev 07/22/2019 01:56 PM Actions
3042 Suricata Feature New Normal stats: allow per second stats updates OISF Dev 06/14/2019 08:04 PM Actions
3041 Suricata Bug New Normal snmp parsing error message Pierre Chifflier 06/18/2019 02:23 PM Actions
3040 Suricata Bug New Normal pcap: with -r <single file> pcap_open_offline failure does not lead to non-zero exit code OISF Dev 08/06/2019 11:01 PM Actions
3039 Suricata Optimization New Normal configure: don't generate warnings on missing features OISF Dev 06/17/2019 02:34 PM Actions
3036 Suricata Task New Normal No documentation for "template2" keyword OISF Dev 06/09/2019 09:18 PM Actions
3035 Suricata Task New Normal No docs for "base64_" keywords OISF Dev 06/09/2019 09:18 PM Actions
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