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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
2934 Suricata Bug New Normal VLAN tags stripped when saving pcap log OISF Dev 05/23/2019 09:28 PM Actions
2933 Suricata Bug New Normal Suricata 4.1.3 block flow Community Ticket 05/23/2019 09:30 PM Actions
2928 Suricata Bug New Normal alerts on icmp signatures in 4.0.x and 4.1.x OISF Dev 04/30/2019 09:55 PM Actions
2918 Suricata Bug New Normal Unable to mmap, error Resource temporarily unavailable - err seems OS specific Community Ticket 05/23/2019 10:02 PM Actions
2917 Suricata Bug New Normal Unable to find the sm in any of the sm lists OISF Dev 05/23/2019 09:32 PM Actions
2913 Suricata Bug New Normal SIGABRT reading a pcap OISF Dev 05/23/2019 09:32 PM Actions
2908 Suricata Bug New Normal ip only rules cause suricata to take 17 minutes to start Victor Julien 04/01/2019 09:33 AM Actions
2893 Suricata-Update Bug Assigned Normal Default for --ignore does not work OISF Dev 05/23/2019 09:33 PM Actions
2892 Suricata-Update Bug Resolved Normal Parse the rule files alphabetically OISF Dev 05/26/2019 08:09 AM Actions
2891 Suricata Bug New Normal Empty rrname in DNS answer for non-recurse NS answers Jason Ish 06/15/2019 09:54 PM Actions
2886 Suricata Bug New Normal IMAP fail to register app layer protocol detection Community Ticket 05/23/2019 10:00 PM Actions
2881 Suricata Bug Assigned Normal http.protocol parsing inaccuracy Philippe Antoine 04/02/2019 10:36 AM Actions
2875 Suricata-Update Bug Assigned Normal improve permission warning Vagisha Gupta 05/26/2019 08:12 AM Actions
2867 Suricata-Update Bug Resolved Normal Failure with missing rule params Community Ticket 05/26/2019 08:16 AM Actions
2861 Suricata Bug Resolved Normal Suricata rule sid:2224005 SURICATA IKEv2 weak cryptographic parameters (Diffie-Hellman) not works Pierre Chifflier 06/15/2019 09:54 PM Actions
2858 Suricata Bug New Normal app-layer-protocol:failed; doesn't match traffic with ALPROTO_UNKNOWN Community Ticket 05/23/2019 09:59 PM Actions
2852 Suricata Bug Assigned Normal coccinelle: don't ship struct-flags.cocci Eric Leblond 02/27/2019 06:21 AM Actions
2841 Suricata Bug Assigned Normal False positive alerts firing after upgrade suricata 3.0 -> 4.1.0 (4.1.x) Victor Julien 05/24/2019 10:19 AM Actions
2836 Suricata Bug New Normal signature with filemagic do not honor flowbits OISF Dev 02/25/2019 09:36 PM Actions
2815 Suricata Bug Assigned Normal race condition during file-magic initialization magen bluten 03/11/2019 01:23 PM Actions
2814 Suricata Bug New Normal suricatasc: hangs indefinitely and uses too much processing for pcap-file-continuos command Danny Browning 03/08/2019 05:17 AM Actions
2810 Suricata Bug New Normal enabling add request/response http headers in master Maurizio Abba 06/15/2019 09:53 PM Actions
2809 Suricata Bug New Normal Applayer Mismatch protocol both directions for kerberos AS-REQ/KDC_ERR_PREAUTH_REQUIRED exchange Pierre Chifflier 06/15/2019 09:53 PM Actions
2807 Suricata Bug New Normal DNS LUA Logging does not have any way to log NXDOMAIN Community Ticket 05/23/2019 09:40 PM Actions
2802 Suricata Bug Assigned Normal sigabrt core. Victor Julien 02/18/2019 11:44 AM Actions
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