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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
2269 Suricata Feature New Normal TLS: tls.version: allow negation or comparison Community Ticket 11/30/2017 07:23 AM
2127 Suricata Feature New Normal Rate Limiting by Tracking Both Source & Destination IP Addresses Community Ticket 11/02/2017 12:54 PM
2054 Suricata Feature New Normal Extracting HTTPS URL´s from SMTP, currently only HTTP is supported Community Ticket 10/19/2017 02:15 AM
1922 Suricata Bug New Normal runmodes: memory leaks Community Ticket 10/19/2017 12:33 AM
2227 Suricata Feature New Normal more detailed output about number of threads created Community Ticket 10/13/2017 02:48 AM
2200 Suricata Feature New Normal Dynamically add md5 to blacklist without full restart Community Ticket 10/06/2017 06:27 AM
2066 Suricata Bug New Normal netmap/linux: can't capture packets in suricata-3.2 Community Ticket 09/17/2017 10:12 PM
2204 Suricata Bug New Normal Suricata 3.2 not record some alert's xffip Community Ticket 09/06/2017 03:53 PM
2182 Suricata Support New Normal Rootkit assessment with Suricata Community Ticket 08/24/2017 06:19 PM
1526 Suricata Bug New Normal Malformed encoded base64 packet in json logs Community Ticket 08/04/2017 11:38 AM
2188 Suricata Support New Normal Suricata IPS with Bypass Switch Recommendatiton Community Ticket 07/31/2017 03:17 AM
1752 Suricata Feature New Normal Netmap for Windows Community Ticket 07/26/2017 10:26 AM
2174 Suricata Feature New Normal Need a special keyword and functionality for ip address extraction from a content (html body for ex.) and comparing it to src,dst_ip/EXTERNAL,HOME_NET Community Ticket 07/18/2017 03:31 PM
2181 Suricata Support New Normal Win32 Suricata has these errors and bugs Community Ticket 07/18/2017 03:29 PM
2057 Suricata Bug New Normal eve.json flow logs do not contain in_iface Community Ticket 07/14/2017 07:03 AM
511 Suricata Feature New Normal Port indepedent protocol identification Community Ticket 07/13/2017 05:14 AM
2134 Suricata Bug New Normal Config test (suricata -T) return non-zero exit code if config is correct Community Ticket 07/04/2017 04:27 PM
590 Suricata Feature New Normal document pulledpork for rule updates Community Ticket 07/03/2017 04:25 AM
2120 Suricata Support New Normal Disable rule-set emerging-chat.rules. Community Ticket 06/16/2017 04:16 AM
1981 Suricata Bug New Low luajit states fail to run with valgrind Community Ticket 05/03/2017 04:10 PM
1990 Suricata Support New Normal Rule management updation using pulledpork Community Ticket 05/03/2017 04:09 PM
1977 Suricata Feature New Low get the os info from TCP HTTP fingerprint Community Ticket 05/03/2017 04:08 PM
1590 Suricata Feature New Normal lua: force file magic and md5 lookup from script Community Ticket 05/03/2017 04:07 PM
1950 Suricata Feature New Normal allow configuration of file-store types Community Ticket 03/31/2017 02:37 AM
2042 Suricata Bug New Normal Difference protocol of MD5 rule will restart Suricata automatically Community Ticket 03/12/2017 03:43 PM
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