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Toggle check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
1421SuricataOptimizationAssignedNormalperformance regression in the git masterVictor Julien03/17/2015 11:17 AM
1418SuricataOptimizationAssignedNormallockless flow handling during capture (autofp)Victor Julien03/17/2015 04:59 AM
1269SuricataOptimizationNewNormalConvert SM List from linked list to arrayKen Steele12/19/2014 04:57 AM
1038SuricataOptimizationNewNormalFlow Queue should be a stack12/12/2014 02:16 AM
536SuricataOptimizationAssignedNormalshare ctx for filemd5 keyword if identical files are usedVictor Julien11/05/2014 04:50 AM
1277SuricataOptimizationNewNormalTrigger second live rule-reload while first one is in progress09/22/2014 09:35 AM
1242SuricataOptimizationNewNormalHuge performance decrease with /dev/zero traffic08/06/2014 02:39 AM
1223SuricataOptimizationNewNormalMight be faster to use memmem() for short length content instead of Boyer Moore06/24/2014 03:28 PM
1222SuricataOptimizationNewNormalBoyer Moore content not shared between same content06/24/2014 03:22 PM
1220SuricataOptimizationNewNormalBoyer Moore SPM pass in ctx instead of indivual bmBc and bmBg06/24/2014 09:49 AM
1218SuricataOptimizationNewNormalBoyerMooreNocase could avoid tolower() call06/23/2014 03:22 AM
822SuricataOptimizationAssignedNormalExplore the performance impact of libhtp htp_list_t growing in sizeAnoop Saldanha01/31/2014 06:53 AM
1094SuricataOptimizationNewNormalSpecial check for first character of buffer01/31/2014 03:05 AM
570SuricataOptimizationNewNormalmemory fragmentationOISF Dev11/28/2013 08:12 AM
573SuricataOptimizationNewNormalreduce allocs in signature parsingOISF Dev11/28/2013 08:12 AM
1044SuricataOptimizationNewNormalTLS buffers evaluated by fast_pattern matcher.11/25/2013 02:41 AM
879SuricataOptimizationAssignedNormalupdate with autoupdateEric Leblond10/25/2013 05:22 AM
426SuricataOptimizationNewNormalsid based thresholding data structure improvementOISF Dev10/23/2013 05:22 AM
945SuricataOptimizationNewNormalremove useless includesOISF Dev09/09/2013 09:01 AM
322SuricataOptimizationNewNormalLook at potential performance improvements from using GCC "hot" attributeOISF Dev03/15/2013 03:45 AM
749SuricataOptimizationNewNormalpcre 8.32 introduces JIT pcre_jit_exec(...)02/07/2013 08:20 AM
563SuricataOptimizationAssignedLowpmq optimization -- remove patter_id_arrayVictor Julien12/08/2014 11:10 AM
1322SuricataOptimizationNewLowFlow Spare Queue should be a stack11/19/2014 11:40 AM
1313SuricataOptimizationNewLowAll Free functions should correctly handle NULL pointers11/11/2014 12:34 PM
580SuricataOptimizationNewLowuse mpm results for secondary patterns if availableAnoop Saldanha11/05/2014 04:50 AM
1188SuricataOptimizationNewLowDon't use iface name in GetIfaceMaxHWHeaderLength 04/23/2014 05:10 AM
1046SuricataOptimizationAssignedLowreplace pcre_get_substring with pcre_copy_substringVictor Julien01/31/2014 06:53 AM
795SuricataOptimizationAssignedLowstream: use pool instead of direct SACK record allocsVictor Julien01/31/2014 06:48 AM
520SuricataOptimizationAssignedLowIntroduce per stream thread smsg poolAnoop Saldanha01/31/2014 06:48 AM
521SuricataOptimizationAssignedLowIntroduce per stream thread segment poolAnoop Saldanha01/31/2014 06:48 AM
1077SuricataOptimizationNewLowDo not use peers in single modeSong Liu01/10/2014 12:43 AM
1037SuricataOptimizationNewLowOptimize TCP Option storage 12/04/2013 02:26 AM
442SuricataOptimizationNewLowcode cleanup - update all prototypes to include parameter namesAnoop Saldanha10/23/2013 05:28 AM
1413SuricataSupportNewHighSuricata - Which hardware does I need?03/12/2015 10:15 AM
1306SuricataSupportNewHighSuricatasc: Python Unix Socket10/28/2014 11:43 AM
1432SuricataSupportNewNormalReassembling segments with size > 150004/14/2015 04:27 AM
1389SuricataSupportNewNormalsuppress by host04/06/2015 08:34 AM
1415SuricataSupportNewNormalconfigure make make failsBrian Koch03/17/2015 08:54 AM
1407SuricataSupportNewNormalDetermine the direction of a packet03/06/2015 04:57 AM
1400SuricataSupportNewNormalReordering packet in Suricata03/03/2015 01:18 AM
1368SuricataSupportNewNormalReject rules when out of band01/20/2015 10:08 AM
1251SuricataSupportNewNormalUsing more then one include file within one config part01/16/2015 03:21 AM
1356SuricataSupportNewNormalcan suricata detect self-signed certificates01/06/2015 01:07 PM
1291SuricataSupportNewNormalhttp.log is empty10/12/2014 10:05 PM
1002SuricataSupportNewNormalPossible to disabling/bypassing a rule by a specific source ip and a destination ip?09/18/2014 05:36 AM
1266SuricataSupportNewNormalLimit size - output unified208/23/2014 04:25 PM
1255SuricataSupportNewNormalEvent logging with unified208/08/2014 06:21 AM
1227SuricataSupportNewNormalDocumentation for yaml dns-log07/12/2014 09:41 AM
1232SuricataSupportNewNormalHow to detect packet loss07/11/2014 01:13 AM
1213SuricataSupportNewNormalHTTP reassembly problem - Suricata 2.0.107/01/2014 05:17 AM
1216SuricataSupportNewNormalDebian repositoryOISF Community06/19/2014 03:52 AM
962SuricataSupportNewNormalCan I log the mac address of the source?01/03/2014 12:52 AM
869SuricataSupportNewNormal1.4.3: Solaris 10 & 11 SPARC & i86pc build HOWTO10/26/2013 10:21 AM
844SuricataSupportNewNormalTesting topera against suricata07/03/2013 05:57 AM
1438SuricataFeatureNewHighDNS Type nxdomain04/05/2015 03:07 PM
1342SuricataFeatureAssignedHighSupport Cisco erspan trafficVictor Julien12/22/2014 11:14 AM
1006SuricataFeatureNewHightransformation apiVictor Julien11/05/2014 04:50 AM
744SuricataFeatureNewHighTeredo configuration10/26/2013 10:21 AM
1445SuricataFeatureAssignedNormalSuricata does not work on pfSense/FreeBSD interfaces using PPPoEVictor Julien04/18/2015 06:02 AM
1373SuricataFeatureNewNormalAllow different reassembly depth for filestore rules04/14/2015 05:44 PM
1439SuricataFeatureNewNormalRelation between CNAME and A records in DNS 04/05/2015 03:14 PM
1422SuricataFeatureNewNormalAdd hardware timestamping option to AF_PACKET capture03/17/2015 01:30 PM
1408SuricataFeatureAssignedNormalmulti tenancy for detectionVictor Julien03/11/2015 08:28 AM
328SuricataFeatureNewNormalTraceability and QA with regards to rules loadedEric Leblond03/07/2015 06:26 AM
1386SuricataFeatureNewNormaloffline: add pcap file name to EVE02/11/2015 05:22 AM
1380SuricataFeatureNewNormalJSON and Unified2 output "payload" does not contain full (or real in the case of Unified2) packets for session02/09/2015 01:59 PM
1374SuricataFeatureNewNormalWrite pre-aggregated counters for all threads02/05/2015 05:53 AM
1372SuricataFeatureNewNormalSupport dedup of files for filestore01/29/2015 01:16 PM
1369SuricataFeatureNewNormaljson schema01/21/2015 11:17 AM
1350SuricataFeatureNewNormalOOBE -8- ship pre-configured oinkmaster and pulledpork configs12/23/2014 05:58 AM
1349SuricataFeatureNewNormalOOBE -7- increasing libhtp's request/responce body limits12/23/2014 05:58 AM
1348SuricataFeatureNewNormalOOBE -6- increasing max-pending-packets default value 12/23/2014 05:57 AM
1347SuricataFeatureNewNormalOOBE -5- Output colourization12/23/2014 05:57 AM
1346SuricataFeatureNewNormalOOBE -4- make af_packet with workers and cluster-type: cluster_cpu - default run-mode instead of autofp/pcap12/23/2014 05:56 AM
1345SuricataFeatureNewNormalOOBE -3- disable NIC offloading by default12/23/2014 05:56 AM
1344SuricataFeatureNewNormalOOBE -2- decreasing the default flow-timeouts (at least for TCP)12/23/2014 05:55 AM
1343SuricataFeatureNewNormalOOBE -1- increasing the default stream.memcap and stream.reassembly.memcap values12/23/2014 05:52 AM
1281SuricataFeatureAssignedNormallong snort ruleset support for "SC_ERR_NOT_SUPPORTED(225): content length greater than 255 unsupported"Jason Ish12/19/2014 04:57 AM
805SuricataFeatureAssignedNormalAdd support for applayer changeEric Leblond12/19/2014 04:57 AM
806SuricataFeatureAssignedNormalImplement STARTTLS supportEric Leblond12/19/2014 04:57 AM
807SuricataFeatureAssignedNormalImplement CONNECT supportEric Leblond12/19/2014 04:57 AM
1029SuricataFeatureAssignedNormalintegrate pescanVictor Julien12/19/2014 04:57 AM
885SuricataFeatureAssignedNormalsmtp file_data supportVictor Julien12/19/2014 04:57 AM
1137SuricataFeatureNewNormalSupport IP lists in threshold.config12/09/2014 09:57 AM
1015SuricataFeatureAssignedNormaladd chained content info to rule analysis12/08/2014 11:05 AM
1323SuricataFeatureNewNormalautomated eve.json rotation11/25/2014 02:42 PM
1320SuricataFeatureNewNormalpacket content in alert msg11/19/2014 02:35 PM
1228SuricataFeatureNewNormalSuricata stats.log in JSON format11/09/2014 12:16 PM
1201SuricataFeatureAssignedNormalfile-store metadata in JSON formatAndreas Moe11/05/2014 09:09 AM
880SuricataFeatureAssignedNormalmemcap http parserVictor Julien11/05/2014 04:57 AM
556SuricataFeatureNewNormalconfigurable files-json.logOISF Community11/05/2014 04:55 AM
1025SuricataFeatureNewNormal1.4.6: seperate #ifdef UNITTEST code into their own files11/05/2014 04:50 AM
1058SuricataFeatureNewNormalsupport and test libhtp 0.6.x11/05/2014 04:50 AM
808SuricataFeatureAssignedNormalSupport the new GSO-avoidance NFQ featureEric Leblond11/05/2014 04:50 AM
1234SuricataFeatureAssignedNormalnfqueue: use mnl APIOISF Dev11/05/2014 04:50 AM
997SuricataFeatureNewNormalAdd libhtp event for every htp_log() that needs an event.Anoop Saldanha11/05/2014 04:50 AM
719SuricataFeatureAssignedNormalfinish/enable smb2 app layer parserAnoop Saldanha11/05/2014 04:50 AM
249SuricataFeatureNewNormalConfigure host-os-policy from a file, like snorts host_attribute.xmlVictor Julien11/05/2014 04:50 AM
352SuricataFeatureAssignedNormalSwitching to message queuing system for outputEric Leblond11/05/2014 04:50 AM
1231SuricataFeatureAssignedNormalssl_state negation supportJason Ish11/05/2014 04:38 AM

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