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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
1791SuricataOptimizationNewNormalKernel Drops: Thread occasionally Spike to 100%05/26/2016 02:03 PM
1688SuricataOptimizationNewNormalDo not try to turn on netmap if the driver doesn't support itOISF Community05/24/2016 05:27 AM
521SuricataOptimizationAssignedNormalIntroduce per stream thread segment poolVictor Julien05/21/2016 02:37 AM
1749SuricataOptimizationNewNormalLog PACKET_DROP in inline mode for invalid states as wellOISF Dev03/22/2016 03:57 AM
570SuricataOptimizationNewNormalmemory fragmentationOISF Dev03/07/2016 04:01 PM
975SuricataOptimizationNewNormalDrMemory leak checkOISF Dev03/07/2016 03:44 PM
1046SuricataOptimizationAssignedNormalreplace pcre_get_substring with pcre_copy_substringAndreas Herz02/27/2016 03:42 AM
1718SuricataOptimizationNewNormalTime stamp in Log files should be ISO 8601 formatJoachim Schwender02/23/2016 01:49 AM
1277SuricataOptimizationNewNormalTrigger second live rule-reload while first one is in progressAndreas Herz02/20/2016 04:54 PM
520SuricataOptimizationAssignedNormalIntroduce per stream thread smsg poolVictor Julien01/29/2016 04:32 AM
1223SuricataOptimizationNewNormalMight be faster to use memmem() for short length content instead of Boyer MooreOISF Dev01/01/2016 06:22 PM
1222SuricataOptimizationNewNormalBoyer Moore content not shared between same contentOISF Dev01/01/2016 06:21 PM
1220SuricataOptimizationNewNormalBoyer Moore SPM pass in ctx instead of indivual bmBc and bmBgOISF Dev01/01/2016 06:21 PM
1218SuricataOptimizationNewNormalBoyerMooreNocase could avoid tolower() callOISF Dev01/01/2016 06:21 PM
1094SuricataOptimizationNewNormalSpecial check for first character of bufferOISF Dev01/01/2016 06:20 PM
1044SuricataOptimizationNewNormalTLS buffers evaluated by fast_pattern matcher.OISF Dev01/01/2016 06:20 PM
1038SuricataOptimizationNewNormalFlow Queue should be a stackOISF Dev01/01/2016 06:20 PM
749SuricataOptimizationNewNormalpcre 8.32 introduces JIT pcre_jit_exec(...)OISF Dev01/01/2016 06:19 PM
1421SuricataOptimizationAssignedNormalperformance regression in the git masterVictor Julien11/20/2015 03:52 AM
573SuricataOptimizationNewNormalreduce allocs in signature parsingOISF Dev11/08/2015 04:02 AM
536SuricataOptimizationAssignedNormalshare ctx for filemd5 keyword if identical files are usedVictor Julien11/05/2014 04:50 AM
822SuricataOptimizationAssignedNormalExplore the performance impact of libhtp htp_list_t growing in sizeAnoop Saldanha01/31/2014 06:53 AM
879SuricataOptimizationAssignedNormalupdate with autoupdateEric Leblond10/25/2013 05:22 AM
426SuricataOptimizationNewNormalsid based thresholding data structure improvementOISF Dev10/23/2013 05:22 AM
945SuricataOptimizationNewNormalremove useless includesOISF Dev09/09/2013 09:01 AM
322SuricataOptimizationNewNormalLook at potential performance improvements from using GCC "hot" attributeOISF Dev03/15/2013 03:45 AM
795SuricataOptimizationNewLowstream: use pool instead of direct SACK record allocsOISF Dev05/30/2016 04:52 AM
1603SuricataOptimizationNewLowIncrease STATE_QUEUE_CONTAINER_SIZE to manage huge rulesetsAndreas Herz03/09/2016 05:55 PM
1313SuricataOptimizationNewLowAll Free functions should correctly handle NULL pointersOISF Dev01/01/2016 06:22 PM
1188SuricataOptimizationNewLowDon't use iface name in GetIfaceMaxHWHeaderLength OISF Dev01/01/2016 06:20 PM
1322SuricataOptimizationNewLowFlow Spare Queue should be a stackOISF Dev01/01/2016 05:52 PM
1077SuricataOptimizationNewLowDo not use peers in single modeSong Liu01/10/2014 12:43 AM
442SuricataOptimizationNewLowcode cleanup - update all prototypes to include parameter namesAnoop Saldanha10/23/2013 05:28 AM
1781SuricataSupportNewHighfast.log stops updating05/23/2016 07:20 PM
1306SuricataSupportNewHighSuricatasc: Python Unix Socket02/16/2016 03:42 PM
1413SuricataSupportNewHighSuricata - Which hardware does I need?OISF Community02/16/2016 02:59 PM
1787SuricataSupportNewNormalFreeBSD netmap: [ERRCODE: SC_ERR_NETMAP_READ(264)] - Invalid polling requestAleksey Katargin05/25/2016 01:29 AM
1756SuricataSupportNewNormalhow output custom log to mysql?04/13/2016 05:35 AM
1609SuricataSupportNewNormal3.0RC1 file extraction03/16/2016 06:51 AM
1266SuricataSupportNewNormalLimit size - output unified202/16/2016 03:55 PM
844SuricataSupportNewNormalTesting topera against suricataOISF Dev02/16/2016 03:50 PM
1232SuricataSupportNewNormalHow to detect packet loss02/16/2016 03:48 PM
1356SuricataSupportNewNormalcan suricata detect self-signed certificates02/16/2016 03:47 PM
1291SuricataSupportNewNormalhttp.log is empty02/16/2016 03:43 PM
1368SuricataSupportNewNormalReject rules when out of band02/16/2016 03:09 PM
1400SuricataSupportNewNormalReordering packet in Suricata02/16/2016 03:08 PM
1407SuricataSupportNewNormalDetermine the direction of a packet02/16/2016 03:06 PM
1588SuricataSupportNewNormaldrop event on bittorrent is not working.02/08/2016 04:53 PM
1667SuricataSupportNewNormalCompilation under Cygwin - Windows 1001/19/2016 05:05 AM
1216SuricataSupportNewNormalDebian repositoryOISF Community01/02/2016 04:39 AM
1534SuricataSupportNewNormalP2P rules in emerging-p2p.rules not blocking p2p trafficRavin Goyal12/23/2015 05:48 PM
1002SuricataSupportNewNormalPossible to disabling/bypassing a rule by a specific source ip and a destination ip?Andreas Herz12/22/2015 05:40 PM
1532SuricataSupportNewNormalFile Extraction but truncate into several file.x and file.x.metaVictor Julien12/06/2015 09:28 AM
1432SuricataSupportNewNormalReassembling segments with size > 150006/01/2015 01:41 PM
1389SuricataSupportNewNormalsuppress by host04/06/2015 08:34 AM
1757SuricataFeatureNewHighURL Reputation04/06/2016 07:37 AM
744SuricataFeatureNewHighTeredo configurationOISF Dev01/01/2016 06:16 PM
997SuricataFeatureNewNormalAdd libhtp event for every htp_log() that needs an event.OISF Dev05/28/2016 06:07 AM
719SuricataFeatureAssignedNormalfinish/enable smb2 app layer parserOISF Dev05/28/2016 06:07 AM
1201SuricataFeatureAssignedNormalfile-store metadata in JSON formatAndreas Moe05/28/2016 06:04 AM
1758SuricataFeatureAssignedNormalCleanup unit tests.Jason Ish05/24/2016 01:40 AM
1705SuricataFeatureAssignedNormal hyperscan pcre integrationJustin Viiret05/21/2016 06:34 AM
1741SuricataFeatureNewNormalflow: use capture methods flow hashOISF Dev05/21/2016 06:33 AM
1783SuricataFeatureNewNormalCreate Suricata buffers to expose L2, L3, and L4 headers to Lua scriptsNasir Bilal05/12/2016 08:39 AM
1766SuricataFeatureNewNormalTLS keyword expansionMats Klepsland05/11/2016 02:43 PM
511SuricataFeatureNewNormalPort indepedent protocol identificationOISF Community05/03/2016 10:15 AM
1775SuricataFeatureNewNormalLua: SMTP-supportLevi Tobiassen05/02/2016 04:19 AM
1767SuricataFeatureAssignedNormalSupport DTLS protocolMats Klepsland04/25/2016 07:25 AM
1373SuricataFeatureAssignedNormalAllow different reassembly depth for filestore rulesGiuseppe Longo04/22/2016 03:49 AM
1579SuricataFeatureNewNormalSupport Modbus Unit IdentifierDavid DIALLO04/20/2016 11:46 AM
1096SuricataFeatureAssignedNormalLog TLS client certificateMats Klepsland04/13/2016 11:05 AM
748SuricataFeatureNewNormalURL ReputationOISF Community04/04/2016 01:42 PM
1612SuricataFeatureNewNormalSphinx for docsOISF Dev03/30/2016 12:44 PM
1752SuricataFeatureNewNormalNetmap for WindowsPeter Manev03/27/2016 05:10 AM
1750SuricataFeatureNewNormalSet Suricata to listen to all network interfaces when using AF_PACKET03/23/2016 02:52 AM
1748SuricataFeatureNewNormallua: expose tx in alert lua scriptsOISF Dev03/21/2016 09:37 AM
1747SuricataFeatureNewNormaldocument rate_filterOISF Dev03/21/2016 03:01 AM
1675SuricataFeatureAssignedNormalSupport additional runmodes for unix-socketEric Leblond03/16/2016 10:23 AM
1745SuricataFeatureAssignedNormalDNP3 protocol support.Jason Ish03/15/2016 11:48 AM
1726SuricataFeatureNewNormalpfring: IPS supportOISF Community03/03/2016 04:37 AM
1251SuricataFeatureNewNormalUsing more then one include file within one config partAndreas Herz02/20/2016 05:55 PM
1655SuricataFeatureAssignedNormalGather (develop) external scripts, extensions, addons specific to suricata to the wiki/contribAndreas Herz02/20/2016 04:58 PM
1712SuricataFeatureNewNormalmultitenancy: 'lite' tenantsOISF Community02/18/2016 08:18 AM
609SuricataFeatureNewNormalActive Response in inline mode (like react in snort 2.9+)OISF Community02/18/2016 07:35 AM
1710SuricataFeatureNewNormalNew socket UNIX command for pcap filesOISF Community02/17/2016 03:12 AM
1590SuricataFeatureAssignedNormallua: force file magic and md5 lookup from scriptMats Klepsland02/17/2016 01:47 AM
1249SuricataFeatureNewNormalhttp/dns ip-reputation alike techniqueOISF Community02/16/2016 04:17 PM
1458SuricataFeatureNewNormalunix-socket - make rule load errs availableEric Leblond02/16/2016 04:12 PM
962SuricataFeatureNewNormalCan I log the mac address of the source?OISF Dev02/16/2016 04:01 PM
1691SuricataFeatureNewNormalDocs: Convert windows docs Peter Manev02/10/2016 10:35 AM
590SuricataFeatureNewNormaldocument pulledpork for rule updatesOISF Community02/08/2016 04:41 PM
1692SuricataFeatureNewNormalfiles-json.log should contain the full path of the saved file when "file-log" is enabled02/05/2016 12:13 PM
1006SuricataFeatureNewNormaltransformation apiVictor Julien01/29/2016 05:04 AM
808SuricataFeatureAssignedNormalSupport the new GSO-avoidance NFQ featureEric Leblond01/29/2016 04:29 AM
352SuricataFeatureAssignedNormalSwitching to message queuing system for outputEric Leblond01/29/2016 04:28 AM
1678SuricataFeatureNewNormalopen umask settings or make them configurableOISF Dev01/28/2016 04:06 AM
721SuricataFeatureAssignedNormalfull nfq zero copy modeEric Leblond01/17/2016 06:44 AM
1658SuricataFeatureNewNormalDocs: Add Installation Guides to the Sphinx DocumentationOISF Dev01/06/2016 02:29 AM
1662SuricataFeatureNewNormalDisable action / rule ordering optionOISF Dev01/05/2016 01:57 PM
1628SuricataFeatureResolvedNormalDocs: Convert Section 15. OutputAndreas Herz01/05/2016 01:57 PM
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