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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
2146SuricataBugNewHighDNS answer not logged with eve-logJason Ish06/14/2017 11:44 AM
1778SuricataBugAssignedHighaf_packet: IPS and defragEric Leblond02/10/2017 03:48 AM
1835SuricataBugAssignedHighAC_ARG_ENABLE usage is incorrectAndreas Herz02/10/2017 03:40 AM
705SuricataBugNewHighhttp.log missing lots of requests under high traffic loadOISF Dev09/08/2016 03:28 PM
1817SuricataBugNewHighSuricata 3.1RC1 crashingOISF Dev07/21/2016 03:09 PM
1471SuricataBugAssignedHighNo VLANID in AF-PACKET modeEric Leblond06/15/2016 05:23 AM
1656SuricataBugAssignedHighseveral silent bypasses at the HTTP application level (chunking, compression, HTTP 0.9...)Victor Julien06/07/2016 07:12 AM
941SuricataBugAssignedHighSupport multiple stacked compression, compression that specifies the wrong compression typeVictor Julien05/21/2016 02:54 AM
2089SuricataBugAssignedNormalabort() - with AFPv2 - 4.0dev (rev bcfbb88)Jason Ish06/22/2017 04:24 PM
2155SuricataBugAssignedNormalAddressSanitizer double-free errorJason Ish06/22/2017 04:23 PM
2154SuricataBugNewNormalDynamic stack overflow in payload printable output06/22/2017 05:16 AM
2153SuricataBugAssignedNormalstarttls 'tunnel' packet issue - nfq_handle_packet error -1Victor Julien06/21/2017 07:14 AM
2109SuricataBugAssignedNormalasn1: keyword memleakEric Leblond06/21/2017 03:08 AM
2147SuricataBugNewNormalfileinfo: sha1 hash not logged if state == TRUNCATED06/16/2017 04:17 AM
2134SuricataBugNewNormalConfig test (suricata -T) return non-zero exit code if config is correctOISF Community06/08/2017 05:03 AM
2060SuricataBugNewNormallua rules not compatible with new tls_* keywordsOISF Dev05/24/2017 10:19 AM
2117SuricataBugAssignedNormalbyte_extract and byte_test collaboration doesnt work on 3.2.1Victor Julien05/24/2017 05:16 AM
2116SuricataBugNewNormalCrash on ARM64 with CUDA enabled during HTTP trafficOISF Community05/15/2017 08:29 AM
2100SuricataBugNewNormalaf_packet: High latencyOISF Dev05/09/2017 01:45 PM
2099SuricataBugAssignedNormalaf_packet: In IPS mode some some packets are not copiedEric Leblond05/09/2017 10:46 AM
2104SuricataBugNewNormalpid-file: in suricata.yamlOISF Dev05/09/2017 12:39 AM
2014SuricataBugNewNormalPossible autofp issue in detection causing extended runtime processing a pcap.OISF Dev05/08/2017 06:56 AM
2110SuricataBugNewNormalisdataat: keyword memleakOISF Dev05/08/2017 06:16 AM
2074SuricataBugAssignedNormaldetect msg: memory leakAndreas Herz05/05/2017 06:32 AM
2103SuricataBugNewNormalRules with dual rev do not errorAndreas Herz05/04/2017 03:26 PM
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