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1141SuricataBugAssignedNormaldns response parsing issueVictor Julien04/19/2014 07:19 AM
1174SuricataBugNewNormalsegfault in suricata 2.004/17/2014 02:41 PM
1153SuricataBugNewLowUnit test AppLayerProtoDetectTest15 failed04/17/2014 07:53 AM
1181SuricataBugNewLowSuricata 2.0 core dumps at reproducible place that depend on build options (mac os x)04/17/2014 04:42 AM
1179SuricataBugNewNormalSuricata block all traffic04/14/2014 05:55 AM
1178SuricataBugNewNormaltcp.reassembly_memuse missprint in stats.log 04/13/2014 07:12 AM
705SuricataBugNewHighhttp.log missing lots of requests under high traffic loadAnoop Saldanha04/10/2014 08:42 AM
1176SuricataBugNewNormalAF_PACKET IPS mode is broken in 2.0Eric Leblond04/10/2014 06:32 AM
1158SuricataBugAssignedNormalParser DNS no parsing TXT data Victor Julien04/10/2014 06:30 AM
1150SuricataBugNewLowTLS store disabled by TLS EVE logging04/10/2014 06:03 AM
1154SuricataFeatureNewNormalGet the rule when packets are dropped04/10/2014 06:02 AM
1116SuricataFeatureAssignedLowips packet stats in stats.logEric Leblond04/10/2014 06:02 AM
1175SuricataBugAssignedNormalunix socket: valgrind warningEric Leblond04/10/2014 05:58 AM
1172SuricataBugNewNormalpf_ring logging vlan in stats.log04/07/2014 04:38 PM
1171SuricataBugNewLowaddress parsing: resource leaks on errorsOISF Dev04/07/2014 04:15 AM
1170SuricataBugAssignedNormalrohash: CID 1197756: Bad bit shift operation (BAD_SHIFT)Victor Julien04/07/2014 04:13 AM
1169SuricataBugNewLowbpf: CID 1197757: Resource leak (RESOURCE_LEAK)OISF Dev04/07/2014 04:12 AM
1168SuricataBugNewNormalrunmodes: CID 1197760: Resource leak (RESOURCE_LEAK)OISF Dev04/07/2014 04:12 AM
1167SuricataBugAssignedLowflowbits: CID 1197758: Resource leak (RESOURCE_LEAK)OISF Dev04/07/2014 04:10 AM
1166SuricataBugAssignedLowtls: CID 1197759: Resource leak (RESOURCE_LEAK)Pierre Chifflier04/07/2014 04:09 AM
1165SuricataBugAssignedNormalaf_packet - one thread consistently not workingEric Leblond04/07/2014 03:24 AM
893SuricataFeatureAssignedNormalfeature, put more info in the "drop.log"Eric Leblond04/06/2014 07:04 PM
1148SuricataBugNewNormal1.4.7 will not run on Windows Server 2012 because magic file will not load04/04/2014 01:53 AM
1161SuricataBugAssignedNormaleve: src and dst mixed up in some casesTom DeCanio04/02/2014 06:47 AM
1159SuricataBugAssignedNormalPossible memory exhaustion when an invalid bpf-filter is used with AF_PACKETEric Leblond04/02/2014 02:30 AM
1039SuricataOptimizationNewNormalPacketpool should be a stackKen Steele03/31/2014 08:22 PM
1156SuricataBugNewNormalNvidia CUDA/Suricata 2.0 Compile Problem03/28/2014 09:01 AM
1155SuricataFeatureNewNormalLog packet payloads in eve alerts03/27/2014 01:08 PM
1152SuricataBugNewNormalWrite to ipfw divert socket failed: Message too long03/26/2014 01:06 PM
1149SuricataFeatureNewNormaladd systemd service03/19/2014 11:40 AM
1147SuricataBugNewNormalSuricata 2.0rc2 nfq runmode=auto segmentation fault03/14/2014 09:18 AM
1140SuricataFeatureNewNormalIP-Address white list implementation for IPS mode (without disable a rule global)03/14/2014 03:57 AM
1139SuricataFeatureNewNormalshow alert.signature_id information in event_type drop eve.json03/14/2014 03:46 AM
1137SuricataFeatureNewNormalSupport IP lists in threshold.config03/14/2014 02:59 AM
1134SuricataFeatureNewNormaltls: server name support03/12/2014 11:36 AM
1098SuricataBugNewNormalhttp_raw_uri with relative pcre parsing issueOISF Dev03/12/2014 03:07 AM
1132SuricataFeatureNewNormalset rpath for libs not in the default linker paths03/11/2014 12:42 PM
1125SuricataFeatureNewNormalsmtp: improve protocol detectionTom DeCanio03/06/2014 04:21 AM
1123SuricataFeatureNewNormalJSON logs timestamp optionOISF Community03/05/2014 07:30 AM
1078SuricataBugNewNormal'Not" operator (!) in Variable causes extremely slow loading of Suricata03/05/2014 07:10 AM
1059SuricataBugAssignedNormalCan't start in daemon mode with cuda activatedAnoop Saldanha03/05/2014 07:09 AM
1020SuricataBugNewNormal1.4.6: sc_log_config->op_filter not filled inOISF Dev03/05/2014 05:40 AM
1122SuricataBugNewNormalsegfault - suricata git-master - afpacket03/04/2014 02:14 PM
1033SuricataBugNewNormalpf_ring packet counter statisticsEric Leblond03/02/2014 06:23 AM
1117SuricataBugNewNormalPCAP file count does not persist02/28/2014 11:08 AM
997SuricataFeatureNewNormalAdd libhtp event for every htp_log() that needs an event.Anoop Saldanha02/25/2014 01:47 PM
500SuricataBugAssignedLowduplicate values in host-os-policy not detectedAnoop Saldanha02/25/2014 01:46 PM
1113SuricataBugNewNormalSuricata rc1 with bundled libhtp compilation err on Windows02/15/2014 05:18 AM
734SuricataFeatureNewNormalUbuntu PPA should be compiled with unix socket support enabledPeter Manev02/07/2014 09:42 AM
1062SuricataBugAssignedNormalbad realloc usage patternEric Leblond02/06/2014 06:00 AM

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