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1493SuricataBugAssignedNormalconfig test (-T) doesn't fail on missing filesAlexander Gozman06/29/2015 12:49 PM
1494SuricataBugAssignedNormaloff by one on rulefile countAlexander Gozman06/29/2015 12:48 PM
1489SuricataFeatureNewLowLog a message when memcap limit is reached06/28/2015 05:24 AM
1492SuricataFeatureNewNormalAdd HUP coverage to output json-logJason Ish06/27/2015 06:21 AM
1491SuricataBugNewNormalpf_ring is not able to capture packets when running under non-root account06/26/2015 02:13 PM
1490SuricataBugNewNormalhttp_host payload validation erroring on uppercase PCRE metacharactersOISF Dev06/19/2015 04:11 AM
1488SuricataBugNewLowstream_size <= and >= modifiers function as < and > (equality is not functional)06/18/2015 10:28 AM
590SuricataFeatureNewNormaldocument pulledpork for rule updates06/17/2015 12:27 PM
1359SuricataBugAssignedNormalmemory leak Jason Ish06/17/2015 04:15 AM
1465SuricataBugNewNormalSuricata 2.1 lua output can't work in osx06/17/2015 04:06 AM
1487SuricataBugNewNormalConfiguration parser depends on key ordering06/15/2015 02:40 PM
1486SuricataBugNewNormalerr msg not descriptive enough06/12/2015 10:51 AM
1484SuricataBugAssignedNormalRemove BUG_ON(1) statements in the packet pathJason Ish06/12/2015 02:51 AM
1485SuricataBugAssignedNormalhostbits - leading and trailing spaces are treated as part of the name and direction.Jason Ish06/12/2015 12:45 AM
1483SuricataBugAssignedNormal2.0.x backport: Leading whitespace in flowbits variable namesJason Ish06/10/2015 10:24 AM
1481SuricataBugAssignedNormalLeading whitespace in flowbits variable namesJason Ish06/08/2015 11:26 AM
1480SuricataBugNewNormallibprelude06/03/2015 03:18 PM
1432SuricataSupportNewNormalReassembling segments with size > 150006/01/2015 01:41 PM
1479SuricataBugNewNormalPPA packaging dependency on simplejson missingPeter Manev05/30/2015 10:15 AM
1478SuricataFeatureNewNormalActive flow counters05/30/2015 09:50 AM
1476SuricataFeatureNewNormalSuricata Unix socket PCAP processing stats should not need to reset after each run05/28/2015 09:27 AM
1475SuricataBugResolvedNormalapp-layer-modbus: AddressSanitizer error (heap-buffer-overflow)David DIALLO05/27/2015 11:20 AM
1473SuricataBugNewNormaleve-json and tls logs aren't consistently writing to file when browsing bad certificate websites05/24/2015 07:37 PM
1424SuricataBugAssignedNormalDNS EVE-log produces answers with incorrect directionDavid Cannings05/21/2015 05:59 AM
1439SuricataFeatureNewNormalRelation between CNAME and A records in DNS David Cannings05/21/2015 04:41 AM
465SuricataFeatureAssignedLowbenchmark runmodeVictor Julien05/20/2015 09:27 AM
1095SuricataFeatureNewNormalIntegration of support for STIX-based indicatorsOISF Community05/20/2015 09:22 AM
1369SuricataFeatureNewNormaljson schemaOISF Community05/20/2015 09:17 AM
1270SuricataFeatureNewNormalRequest: Adding several logging enhancementsOISF Community05/20/2015 09:17 AM
1234SuricataFeatureNewNormalnfqueue: use mnl APIOISF Community05/20/2015 09:16 AM
1149SuricataFeatureNewNormaladd systemd serviceOISF Community05/20/2015 09:16 AM
1455SuricataBugAssignedNormalaf-packet: threads auto can lead to issueEric Leblond05/20/2015 09:06 AM
1172SuricataBugAssignedNormalpf_ring logging vlan in stats.logOISF Community05/20/2015 09:05 AM
1338SuricataBugNewNormalDetectSshVersionTestDetect01 fails with --debug-validation05/20/2015 09:04 AM
941SuricataBugNewNormalSupport multiple stacked compression, compression that specifies the wrong compression typeOISF Dev05/20/2015 09:03 AM
1044SuricataOptimizationNewNormalTLS buffers evaluated by fast_pattern matcher.05/20/2015 09:03 AM
1038SuricataOptimizationNewNormalFlow Queue should be a stack05/20/2015 09:02 AM
1274SuricataFeatureNewNormalssh events05/20/2015 06:28 AM
1117SuricataBugNewNormalPCAP file count does not persist05/20/2015 06:11 AM
1033SuricataBugAssignedNormalpf_ring packet counter statisticsGiuseppe Longo05/20/2015 06:11 AM
742SuricataFeatureAssignedNormalstartswith keywordAnoop Saldanha05/20/2015 06:11 AM
735SuricataFeatureAssignedNormalIntroduce content_len keywordAnoop Saldanha05/20/2015 06:11 AM
328SuricataFeatureNewNormalTraceability and QA with regards to rules loadedEric Leblond05/20/2015 06:11 AM
1171SuricataBugNewLowaddress parsing: resource leaks on errorsOISF Dev05/20/2015 06:10 AM
1169SuricataBugNewLowbpf: CID 1197757: Resource leak (RESOURCE_LEAK)OISF Dev05/20/2015 06:10 AM
1167SuricataBugAssignedLowflowbits: CID 1197758: Resource leak (RESOURCE_LEAK)OISF Dev05/20/2015 06:10 AM
1166SuricataBugAssignedLowtls: CID 1197759: Resource leak (RESOURCE_LEAK)Pierre Chifflier05/20/2015 06:10 AM
1037SuricataOptimizationNewLowOptimize TCP Option storage 05/20/2015 06:10 AM
1084SuricataBugAssignedLowpfring: valgrind: memory leak at exit in bpf filterGiuseppe Longo05/20/2015 06:10 AM
1083SuricataBugAssignedLowpfring: valgrind: Syscall param socketcall.setsockopt(optval) points to uninitialised byte(s)Giuseppe Longo05/20/2015 06:10 AM

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