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1608SuricataFeatureNewNormalAdd option to disable JSON escape slash11/30/2015 12:11 PM
1607SuricataBugNewNormaldetect grouping v170 - segfault with pfring11/30/2015 11:57 AM
1606SuricataBugNewLow[ERRCODE: SC_ERR_SYSCALL(50)] - Failure when trying to get MTU via ioctl: 611/30/2015 06:56 AM
1605SuricataFeatureNewNormalmore descriptive err msg - getting MTU via ioctl11/30/2015 03:48 AM
1604SuricataFeatureAssignedNormalmixed IDS/IPS modeGiuseppe Longo11/27/2015 10:18 AM
1603SuricataOptimizationNewLowIncrease STATE_QUEUE_CONTAINER_SIZE to manage huge rulesets11/26/2015 08:36 AM
1524SuricataBugAssignedNormalPotential Thread Name issues due to RHEL7 Interface Naming ContentionsZach Rasmor11/25/2015 02:18 AM
1572SuricataBugAssignedNormal2.0.8 FlowGetKey flow-hash.c:240 segmentation fault (icmp destination unreachable)Victor Julien11/24/2015 11:39 AM
1416SuricataBugAssignedNormalrequest feature: urilen <> inclusive pleaseJason Ish11/24/2015 10:09 AM
1570SuricataBugNewNormalstream.inline defaults to IDS mode if missingOISF Dev11/24/2015 08:56 AM
1577SuricataBugAssignedNormallua scripts load error in 2.1dev (rev dcbbda5)Victor Julien11/24/2015 08:56 AM
1539SuricataBugAssignedNormalPotential file handle leakVictor Julien11/24/2015 08:55 AM
1584SuricataBugNewNormalRule keywords conflict will cause Suricata restart itself in loopOISF Dev11/24/2015 08:49 AM
1359SuricataBugAssignedNormalmemory leak Jason Ish11/24/2015 08:49 AM
1486SuricataBugAssignedNormalerr msg not descriptive enoughJason Ish11/24/2015 08:48 AM
1353SuricataBugAssignedNormalunix-command socket created with last character missingEric Leblond11/24/2015 08:48 AM
1455SuricataBugAssignedNormalaf-packet: threads auto can lead to issueEric Leblond11/24/2015 08:47 AM
1456SuricataBugAssignedNormalUsing nfq_set_mark in rules when running in netmap mode leads to segfaultEric Leblond11/24/2015 08:47 AM
954SuricataBugNewNormalVLAN decoder stats with AF Packet get written to the first thread only - stats.log11/24/2015 08:46 AM
1589SuricataBugNewNormalCannot run nfq in workers mode11/24/2015 08:46 AM
1545SuricataFeatureAssignedNormalAdd type variable into StatsRecordJozef Mlich11/24/2015 08:45 AM
1504SuricataBugAssignedNormalbetter notification in verbose mode on luascript errVictor Julien11/24/2015 08:45 AM
1515SuricataBugAssignedNormalProblem with Threshold.config when using more than one IPVictor Julien11/24/2015 08:45 AM
1585SuricataFeatureAssignedNormalunix-socket: improve information regarding rulesetGiuseppe Longo11/24/2015 08:45 AM
1437SuricataBugNewNormalCUDA: Program terminated with signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault11/24/2015 08:45 AM
1424SuricataBugAssignedNormalDNS EVE-log produces answers with incorrect directionDavid Cannings11/24/2015 08:45 AM
1503SuricataBugAssignedNormallua output setup failure does not exit engine with --init-errors-fatalVictor Julien11/24/2015 08:45 AM
1484SuricataBugAssignedNormalRemove BUG_ON(1) statements in the packet pathJason Ish11/24/2015 08:45 AM
1419SuricataBugAssignedNormalDNS transaction handling issuesVictor Julien11/23/2015 10:07 AM
1563SuricataFeatureAssignedNormaldns: log sshfp recordsVictor Julien11/23/2015 10:06 AM
1172SuricataBugNewNormalpf_ring logging vlan in stats.logOISF Community11/23/2015 10:06 AM
1134SuricataFeatureNewNormaltls: server name rule keywordMats Klepsland11/23/2015 09:54 AM
380SuricataFeatureNewNormalBase64 decodingOISF Dev11/23/2015 09:51 AM
1600SuricataFeatureAssignedNormalflash file decompression for file_dataGiuseppe Longo11/23/2015 07:07 AM
1373SuricataFeatureNewNormalAllow different reassembly depth for filestore rules11/20/2015 03:54 AM
1487SuricataBugAssignedNormalConfiguration parser depends on key orderingJason Ish11/20/2015 03:52 AM
1418SuricataOptimizationAssignedNormallockless flow handling during capture (autofp)Victor Julien11/20/2015 03:52 AM
1421SuricataOptimizationAssignedNormalperformance regression in the git masterVictor Julien11/20/2015 03:52 AM
1525SuricataBugAssignedNormalUse pkg-config for libnetfilter_queueEric Leblond11/20/2015 03:52 AM
1595SuricataBugNewNormalSuricata starts in known conditions of no dataOISF Dev11/16/2015 08:26 AM
1593SuricataBugNewNormalNegative within error - works in snort11/11/2015 02:18 PM
1592SuricataBugNewNormalDeadlock when detection thread dies and main thread attempts to restart11/08/2015 05:05 PM
1591SuricataBugAssignedNormalafpacket: unsupported datalink type 65534 on tun deviceEric Leblond11/08/2015 04:02 AM
1443SuricataBugNewNormalMissing sanity check plus deprecated library calls in Suricata-2.0.x11/08/2015 04:02 AM
1231SuricataFeatureAssignedNormalssl_state negation supportJason Ish11/08/2015 04:02 AM
1583SuricataFeatureAssignedNormaltls: validity fields (notBefore and notAfter)Mats Klepsland11/08/2015 04:02 AM
1078SuricataBugNewNormal'Not" operator (!) in Variable causes extremely slow loading of Suricata11/08/2015 04:02 AM
1062SuricataBugAssignedNormalbad realloc usage patternEric Leblond11/08/2015 04:02 AM
1202SuricataBugAssignedNormaldetect-engine profile medium consumes more memory than detect-engine profile highVictor Julien11/08/2015 04:02 AM
1201SuricataFeatureAssignedNormalfile-store metadata in JSON formatAndreas Moe11/08/2015 04:02 AM

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