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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
2546 Suricata Support New Normal Suricata 4.0.x blocking issues 07/18/2018 06:59 PM
2541 Suricata Bug New Low detect-parse: missing space in error message Danny Browning 07/17/2018 06:19 PM
2539 Suricata Feature Assigned Normal protocol parser: vxlan Henrik Kramshoej 07/17/2018 05:18 PM
2538 Suricata Feature New Normal dsize keyword improvements Community Ticket 07/16/2018 02:54 PM
2530 Suricata Optimization New Normal Print matching rule SID in filestore meta file 07/16/2018 12:04 PM
2529 Suricata Feature New Normal doc: include quick start guide 07/13/2018 01:47 PM
2528 Suricata Bug Assigned Normal krb parser not always parsing tgs responses Pierre Chifflier 07/11/2018 10:06 AM
2527 Suricata Bug New Normal FTP file extraction only working in passive mode 07/09/2018 09:22 AM
2525 Suricata Bug Assigned Normal Add VLAN support to reject feature Eric Leblond 07/05/2018 07:31 AM
2524 Suricata Feature Assigned Normal Allow user to choose the reject iface Eric Leblond 07/05/2018 07:31 AM
2522 Suricata Bug Assigned Normal The cross-effects of rules on each other, without the use of flowbits. Victor Julien 07/05/2018 07:32 AM
2519 Suricata Feature New Normal XFF iprep support Community Ticket 06/23/2018 10:05 AM
2513 Suricata Feature New Normal Suricata read the SSLProxy header Community Ticket 06/26/2018 09:23 AM
2512 Suricata Support New High http events - Weird unicode characters and truncation in some of http_method/http_user_agent fields OISF Dev 06/18/2018 01:37 PM
2509 Suricata-Update Feature New Normal Add support to have more than one condition to match a rule Julian Wecke 06/02/2018 07:29 PM
2508 Suricata Support New Normal Suricata cannot decode 6LoWPAN captures Cem YEŞİLTEPE 06/26/2018 09:33 AM
2507 Suricata Feature New Normal Make Rust mandatory OISF Dev 07/03/2018 02:22 PM
2506 Suricata Bug New Normal filestore v1: with stream-depth not null, files are never truncated 06/01/2018 09:17 PM
2503 Suricata Bug Assigned Normal rust: nom 4.0 released Pierre Chifflier 05/15/2018 08:46 AM
2502 Suricata Bug Assigned Normal suricata.c ConfigGetCaptureValue - PCAP/AFP fallthrough to strip_trailing_plus Eric Leblond 07/17/2018 09:53 AM
2500 Suricata Bug New Normal stored will always equal false in fileinfo events Elazar Broad 05/03/2018 10:57 PM
2499 Suricata Support New Normal scaling at 40G Peter Manev 05/03/2018 09:59 PM
2497 Suricata Feature New Normal error messages usability improvement OISF Dev 06/12/2018 05:17 PM
2495 Suricata Bug New Normal Stream depth and filestore interaction Eric Leblond 07/19/2018 11:36 AM
2494 Suricata Bug New Normal Invalid Base64 payload for filemd5 alerts OISF Dev 04/24/2018 10:10 PM
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