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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
2074SuricataBugNewNormaldetect msg: memory leak03/25/2017 04:33 AM
2073SuricataBugAssignedNormalapp-layer: fix memleak on bad traffic (3.2.x)Victor Julien03/25/2017 04:02 AM
2071SuricataBugAssignedNormalfile store: file log / file store mismatch with multiple files (3.2.x)Victor Julien03/25/2017 03:57 AM
2069SuricataBugNewNormalunified2: wrong payload logged03/25/2017 03:52 AM
2066SuricataBugNewNormalnetmap/linux: can't capture packets in suricata-3.203/24/2017 06:47 AM
2064SuricataBugAssignedNormalRules with dual classtype do not errorAndreas Herz03/25/2017 03:50 AM
2062SuricataFeatureNewNormaltls: reimplement tls.fingerprintMats Klepsland03/15/2017 03:29 AM
2061SuricataFeatureNewNormallua: get timestamps from flowMats Klepsland03/10/2017 01:14 AM
2060SuricataBugNewNormallua rules not compatible with new tls_* keywords03/09/2017 07:19 AM
2059SuricataSupportNewNormalLots of "zero length padN option" alerts03/25/2017 03:50 AM
2057SuricataBugNewNormaleve.json flow logs do not contain in_iface03/08/2017 09:27 AM
2056SuricataBugNewNormalmissing warning on a rule using within with one content keyword03/02/2017 04:14 AM
2055SuricataFeatureNewNormalOptionally logging on files.json - Not log every file, only certain files that are stored and extracted02/28/2017 06:35 AM
2054SuricataFeatureNewNormalExtracting HTTPS URL´s from SMTP, currently only HTTP is supported02/28/2017 06:29 AM
2052SuricataBugAssignedNormal ippair: xbit unset memory leak (3.2.x)Victor Julien02/27/2017 01:46 PM
2050SuricataBugNewNormalTLS rule mixes up server and client certificatesMats Klepsland02/23/2017 07:20 AM
2049SuricataBugAssignedNormalEmpty rule files cause failure exit code without corresponding messageJason Ish03/23/2017 04:06 PM
2048SuricataBugAssignedNormal bad checksum 0xffff (3.2.x)Jason Ish02/21/2017 10:05 AM
2047SuricataBugAssignedNormal af-packet: faulty VLAN handling in tpacket-v3 mode (3.2.x)Alexander Gozman02/22/2017 12:19 PM
2046SuricataFeatureNewNormalSupport custom file permissions per logger02/21/2017 05:02 AM
2045SuricataBugNewNormalgeoip: compile warning on CentOS 702/20/2017 11:22 AM
2043SuricataBugAssignedNormal3.2.x backport: make install-full can have race conditions on OSX.Jason Ish02/20/2017 09:46 AM
2042SuricataBugNewNormalDifference protocol of MD5 rule will restart Suricata automaticallyOISF Community03/12/2017 03:43 PM
2041SuricataBugAssignedNormalbad checksum 0xffffJason Ish03/23/2017 04:07 PM
2039SuricataBugNewNormalsuricata stops processing when http-log output via unix_stream backs up02/27/2017 06:59 AM
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