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Compatibility with Snort (Work in progress)

Keyword Notes Versions Affected
content As of Suricata 2.0.8, the content string cannot be longer than 255 characters like it can in Snort.
* Issue:
* PR:
Fixed in 2.0.9
urilen In Snort, a urilen range is inclusive, as of Suricata 2.0.8, it is not.
isdataat isdataat is off-by-one from Snort. Snort starts at offset 0 where Suricata starts at offset 1. All
flowbits Suricata will treat leading and trailing space in the flowbit name as part of the name. Snort does not.
* Issue:
* PR:
Fixed in 3.0
flow:not_established The "not_established" flow argument is not supported in Suricata. All