To increase the quality of Pull Request, a verification tool has been setup. It is named source:qa/ It can be run if you have been contacted by OISF Team and provided a login/password on Suricata's buildbot.


No installation is required but the package python-simplejson is needed to run the script.


source:qa/ MUST be run before doing a PR. It will trigger a build on the
branch and this will check the validity of the proposed branch. If the
script runs successfully you can do the PR. If not, you need to fix your

The cinematic is simple:
  • Push branch XXX to github
  • Run ' -u USER -p PASSWORD XXX'
  • Wait for the result (at least 15min...)
  • If successful, PR can be done

If by mistake you kill the script, you can check if the build is correct
by running: -u USER -c XXX

The script runs a series of builds with different options and run a
make distcheck. It covers only one OS but at least a lot of
configurations are tested.