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Error about using suricata-1.2.1 with cuda

Added by 刘 博 over 6 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

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hello, I am try to use suricata with cuda,but there is a compile problem when excuting order "make" .

the following is my "configure" order:
./configure --prefix=/usr/local/suricata-1.2.1 --enable-gccprotect --enable-profiling --enable-static=yes --enable-shared=yes --enable-utf8 --enable-nfqueue --enable-pfring --enable-cuda --with-libnfnetlink-includes=/usr/local/libnetfilter/include --with-libnfnetlink-libraries=/usr/local/libnetfilter/lib --with-libpfring-includes=/usr/local/include --with-libpfring-libraries=/usr/local/lib --with-cuda-includes=/usr/local/cuda/include --with-cuda-libraries=/usr/local/cuda/lib --with-cuda-nvcc=/usr/local/cuda/bin

the "configure" result log shows with no error:

Suricata Configuration:
NFQueue support: yes
IPFW support: no
PF_RING support: yes
AF_PACKET support: no
Prelude support: no
Unit tests enabled: no
Debug output enabled: no
Debug validation enabled: no
CUDA enabled: yes
DAG enabled: no
Profiling enabled: yes
GCC Protect enabled: yes
GCC march native enabled: yes
GCC Profile enabled: no
Old barnyard2 support: no
Non-bundled htp: no
PCRE jit: no

Here is the part of log:
make4: Leaving directory `/tmp/suricata-1.2.1/libhtp/htp'
Making all in test
make4: Entering directory `/tmp/suricata-1.2.1/libhtp/test'
make4: Nothing to be done for `all'.
make4: Leaving directory `/tmp/suricata-1.2.1/libhtp/test'
make4: Entering directory `/tmp/suricata-1.2.1/libhtp'
make4: Leaving directory `/tmp/suricata-1.2.1/libhtp'
make3: Leaving directory `/tmp/suricata-1.2.1/libhtp'
make2: Leaving directory `/tmp/suricata-1.2.1/libhtp'
Making all in src
make2: Entering directory `/tmp/suricata-1.2.1/src'
make2: * No rule to make target `util-mpm-b2g-cuda-kernel.ptx_sm_10', needed by `cuda-ptxdump.h'. Stop.
make2: Leaving directory `/tmp/suricata-1.2.1/src'
[all-recursive] Error 1
make1: Leaving directory `/tmp/suricata-1.2.1'
make: *
* [all] Error 2

if you want to know the detail,there are some files(makefile and buildlog) in the attachment

Waiting for your apply!Thanks!

attachment.rar (11.5 KB) attachment.rar makefile and buildlog in it 刘 博, 03/16/2012 02:10 AM


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I think some files are missing from the 1.2.1 tar.gz.

#3 Updated by Anoop Saldanha about 6 years ago

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Cuda should now compile with suricata with the latest master.

Cuda works fine with cuda toolkit 4.0. There are some runtime issues that need to be fixed for 4.1

#4 Updated by Victor Julien about 6 years ago

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Thanks Anoop. Closing this ticket. Can you open a new ticket for the 4.1 toolkit support?

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