Victor Julien





03:07 PM Suricata Bug #2522: The cross-effects of rules on each other, without the use of flowbits.
I've done a new implementation where the rescanning is no longer needed:


08:47 AM Suricata Revision 64d75496: detect/analyzer: add notes (and warnings)


07:19 AM Suricata Feature #2282: event log aka weird.log
This would involve creating a new eve packet logger that is invoked if a packet has events set. It can then loop the ...
07:14 AM Suricata Feature #1300: profiling: per flow recording of profiling data
I think this would be quite easy now. Just capture the ticks within the lock of the FlowWorker and store that in the ...
06:59 AM Suricata Feature #1203 (Assigned): TCP Fast Open support
06:11 AM Suricata Revision e02b74de: http: implement min size stream logic
Update HTTP parser to set the min inspect depth per transaction. This
allows for signatures to have their fast_patter...
06:11 AM Suricata Revision 7186ce7b: stream: introduce min inspect depth logic
Some rules need to inspect both raw stream data and higher level
buffers together. When this higher level buffer is a...


01:59 PM Suricata Optimization #2580 (Closed): ip: FragmentSmack
01:55 PM Suricata Optimization #2579 (Closed): tcp: SegmentSmack
01:54 PM Suricata Feature #2279 (Closed): TLS 1.3 decoding, SNI extraction and logging

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