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02:55 PM Suricata Bug #2662: unix socket - memcap read/set showing unlimited where there are limited values configured by default
Giuseppe, I think you wrote this feature. Could you check this out? Thanks!
02:44 PM Suricata Bug #2669: make install-full fails due to being unable to find
At the time of running this we know where we installed libhtp, so we could consider setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH to that l...
02:35 PM Suricata Feature #2684 (Assigned): Add JA3S
02:34 PM Suricata Feature #2150 (Closed): Support for attaching Suricata to multiple NFQ's using the default startup script


02:59 PM Suricata Support #2685 (New): SuriCon 2018 brainstorm

Meta ticket. Add relations to this ticket for the tickets discussed at SuriCon or created after SuriCon brainstorm....


07:21 PM Suricata Feature #2678 (New): list-keywords: add info about fast_pattern and transforms
Add more info to the output of list-keywords:
- fast pattern capable?
- supports transforms?
- sticky buffer, co...
05:42 PM Suricata Feature #2670 (Assigned): tls_cert sticky buffer
Mats, are you interested in taking this?
05:36 PM Suricata Bug #2677 (Assigned): coverity: ja3 potential memory leak
05:31 PM Suricata-Update Bug #2676 (Assigned): coverity warning: forward null


11:49 AM Suricata Support #2666: add BPF filter from /etc/init.d/suricata to /etc/suricata/suricata.yaml
Yes, you can add it in the yaml to the interface config. Most likely af-packet in your case, so it would go here http...

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