Victor Julien





11:09 AM Suricata Feature #2076 (Assigned): Strip whitespace from buffers
11:08 AM Suricata Feature #1006 (Assigned): transformation api


03:38 AM Suricata Bug #2250 (Assigned): detect: mixing byte_extract and isdataat leads to FP & FN
Rule parsing is implemented, but rule matching is not.
Reported by Harley H https://lists.openinfosecfoundation.or...


08:14 AM Suricata Feature #2213: file matching: allow generic file matching / store
Please open a separate ticket for that.


01:22 PM Suricata Bug #2248 (Assigned): travis: non-pinned rustup version of the rust builder, with failure permitted
Travis allows you to 'allow for failure'. Add a builder that always uses the latest rust(up) stable. Allow it to fail...
01:21 PM Suricata Bug #2247 (Assigned): travis: pin 'rustup' version
Pin the rustc version that we use for the 'rustup' builder. This to avoid unrelated build failures in pull requests l...
01:19 PM Suricata Bug #2246 (Assigned): travis: make distcheck with rust enabled
Add builder with Rust enabled that runs make distcheck
06:59 AM Suricata Feature #2245 (Assigned): decoder for ieee802.1AH traffic
Pcap found on public snort mailinglist
03:47 AM Suricata Optimization #2193 (Assigned): random: support getrandom(2) if available
02:15 AM Suricata Feature #2054: Extracting HTTPS URLĀ“s from SMTP, currently only HTTP is supported
I like the idea. Happy to take a pull request.

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