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Suricata Developer, OISF Team, OISF Manager 11/09/2009
Suricata-Update Developer, OISF Team, OISF Manager 10/31/2017



03:29 PM Suricata Task #3759: datasets: finalize to move out of 'experimental'
Jason can you have a look at the various use cases, also combined with Suricata-Update's support? Victor Julien
03:26 PM Suricata Bug #3867 (New): windows: compile warnings
A recent mingw update triggered lots of warnings:... Victor Julien
02:13 PM Suricata Feature #3003: filestore to uses rename syscall instead of sendfile,which doesn't allow files to be sent across file systems
Would be good to perf test to see if it has negative effects. Victor Julien
02:11 PM Suricata Support #3252 (Closed): Matching a long list of tls.fingerprint fields is extremly CPU intensive
Use @tls.cert_fingerprint; dataset:isset,tls-fingerprints;@ you should be able to get much better perf.
But even w...
Victor Julien
02:09 PM Suricata Bug #3728 (Feedback): ftp file extraction failure
An Suricata-Verify test case to show the issue would be great. Victor Julien
02:07 PM Suricata Bug #3109: dcerpc engine not generating alerts
I think this works as intended: bind followed by a request. IIRC this was done for Snort compatibility.
I agree it...
Victor Julien
02:05 PM Suricata Bug #2495 (Closed): Stream depth and filestore interaction
Victor Julien
02:05 PM Suricata Bug #2433: memleak with suppression rules defined in threshold.conf
Are these still valid? Victor Julien
02:01 PM Suricata Task #3194 (Assigned): investigate pcre2 support
Victor Julien
02:00 PM Suricata Feature #962 (Closed): Can I log the mac address of the source? Victor Julien

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