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02:43 PM Suricata Bug #2770: TCP FIN/ACK, RST/ACK in HTTP - detection bypass
Confirmed. The issue is that the RST packet is mishandled, leading to some stream data not being inspected properly. ...
09:31 AM Suricata Bug #2762 (Assigned): SSLv3 - AddressSanitizer heap-buffer-overflow


12:56 PM Suricata Bug #2776: pcap open - invalid interface capture length 524288, bigger than maximum of 262144
The pcap open error is likely correct, but it would be great not to have the memory leak errors.
06:40 AM Suricata Bug #2770 (Assigned): TCP FIN/ACK, RST/ACK in HTTP - detection bypass
06:37 AM Suricata Bug #2769: False positive alerts firing after upgrade suricata 3.0 -> 4.1.0
I can't seem to reproduce this with 4.1.2. Are you sure it's still an issue? The timestamps of the alert record poste...
06:11 AM Suricata Bug #2775 (Assigned): dns v1/2 with rust results in less app layer data available in the alert record (for dns related alerts/rules)
06:03 AM Suricata Feature #2774 (Assigned): pcap multi dev support for Windows
06:02 AM Suricata Feature #2507: Make Rust mandatory
Great news Sascha, thanks for your work on that!


01:20 PM Suricata Support #2768 (Closed): Some HTTP events are not written to EVE file
Great, thanks for reporting back.
12:59 PM Suricata Feature #2507: Make Rust mandatory
I agree we can ignore Ubuntu 14.04 is a EOL date that close.

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