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Suricata Developer, OISF Team, OISF Manager 11/09/2009
Suricata-Update Developer, OISF Team, OISF Manager 10/31/2017



09:30 AM Suricata Bug #7091: Segfault on 7.0.5 with generated live traffic
Duplicate of #6782? Victor Julien


10:43 AM Suricata Feature #5466 (Resolved): detect: allow alert-then-pass logic Victor Julien


07:41 AM Suricata Feature #7082: redis: support EVE output to a Redis stream
For now there are no plans to work on this, so feel free to pick this up. Victor Julien


03:00 PM Suricata Feature #7074 (New): lua: expose base64 functions
Victor Julien
02:58 PM Suricata Feature #7073 (New): lua: expose hashing functions (md5/sha1/sha256)
Victor Julien
02:57 PM Suricata Feature #1971 (Closed): lua: make mandatory Victor Julien
02:55 PM Suricata Feature #4777 (Closed): lua: implement sandboxing Victor Julien
02:50 PM Suricata Task #4772: tracking: parity between fields logged and fields available for detection
@jish has a script to dump all the eve fields. Perhaps we can use it to map it to rule keywords/buffers. Victor Julien
02:26 PM Suricata Feature #3952: mDNS protocol implementation
Conclusion after some discussion:
dns, doh, dns over tls should be grouped together as app proto dns
mdns and it'...
Victor Julien
02:18 PM Suricata Optimization #5672 (Assigned): smb: avoid unbounded hash maps
Victor Julien

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