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Suricata Developer, OISF Team, OISF Manager 11/09/2009
Suricata-Update Developer, OISF Team, OISF Manager 10/31/2017



12:43 PM Suricata Bug #3749 (In Review): redis: Reconnect is invalid in batch mode Victor Julien
12:43 PM Suricata Bug #3750 (In Review): redis: no or delayed data in low speed network Victor Julien


05:27 PM Suricata Optimization #3711 (In Review): Convert NFS logging to JsonBuilder Victor Julien


02:30 PM Suricata Task #3363 (Assigned): devguide: set up rustdoc to generate low level rust docs
Victor Julien


06:10 AM Suricata Optimization #3734: af-packet: better support for csum offload Victor Julien
06:10 AM Suricata Optimization #3734 (In Review): af-packet: better support for csum offload
AF_PACKET can indicate that a csum was considered valid which we can use to skip checking outselves. Victor Julien
06:09 AM Suricata Bug #3732 (In Review): filemagic logging resulting in performance hit Victor Julien


07:36 PM Suricata Documentation #3727 (Assigned): byte_extract documentation is missing some optional arguments
@Jlucovsky you've been doing some work in this area. Pinging you to make sure we're not duplicating efforts. Victor Julien
10:23 AM Suricata Bug #2458: memleak: gitmaster - 4.1.0-dev (rev c60decd)
Is this still relevant? Anyone still observing it? Victor Julien
07:47 AM Suricata Optimization #3539: rdp: use app-layer incomplete support
Zach, are you interested in having a look at this one as well? Victor Julien

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