Victor Julien





02:57 PM Suricata Revision d31cb083: detect: update tests that mix state/stream inspect
11:58 AM Suricata Revision eb5857b6: unittests: add/improve helpers for stream/flow
11:58 AM Suricata Revision 15dcac92: http_header: enable trailer prefilter engines
Now that the mpm engines run only for the proper 'progress'
value, the trailing headers need their own engine registr...
11:58 AM Suricata Revision cf7f8198: state: check progress before calling engine
Make sure progress of an inspect engine is available.
11:58 AM Suricata Revision 1bbf5553: detect: improve stateful detection
Now that MPM runs when the TX progress is right, stateful detection
operates differently.
1. raw stream in...
11:58 AM Suricata Revision d1b7a839: detect: change mask logic
Previously the MPM/Prefilter engines would suggest the same rule
candidates multiple times.
For example, while proce...
11:58 AM Suricata Revision a0fad6bb: mpm: run engines as few times as possible
In various scenarios buffers would be checked my MPM more than
once. This was because the buffers would be inspected ...
11:51 AM Suricata Revision d304be5b: detect: register progress in inspect engines
Register required progress so we can stop inspecting as soon
as the progress isn't far enough yet.
11:51 AM Suricata Revision bc1698cf: detect-state: don't use casts to uint
11:51 AM Suricata Revision 53b21e5e: http_uri: unittest cleanup

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