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01:51 PM Suricata Bug #1427 (Assigned): configure with libnss and libnspr
Jason are you interested in checking this one as well? Victor Julien
01:39 PM Suricata Bug #2888: 4.1.3 core in HCBDCreateSpace
If you compiler is recent enough, you should just be able to add '-fsanitize=address -fno-omit-frame-pointer' to your... Victor Julien
01:28 PM Suricata Bug #2888: 4.1.3 core in HCBDCreateSpace
Are you able to compile Suricata 4.1.3 with ASAN enabled? Then it *should* blow up at the first error, not at some la... Victor Julien
01:09 PM Suricata Bug #2888: 4.1.3 core in HCBDCreateSpace
Did you run 4.1.2 before? Does that show the issue as well?
I agree this looks like mem corruption.
Victor Julien
12:20 PM Suricata Bug #2888: 4.1.3 core in HCBDCreateSpace
Thanks Andy. The gdb output in note number #3, is that from the same crash as the bt above? If not, could you produce... Victor Julien
12:33 PM Suricata Optimization #442 (Closed): code cleanup - update all prototypes to include parameter names
I don't think this is necessary. Victor Julien
12:31 PM Suricata Feature #2282 (Assigned): event log aka weird.log
Victor Julien


08:32 PM Suricata Bug #2882: http keyword rule regression for bi-directional rules
This was never supported. The only change in 4.1 is that the rule parser became stricter. In previous versions such r... Victor Julien
09:50 AM Suricata Bug #2462 (New): memleak: gitmaster json dns logger - 4.1.0-dev (rev efdc592)
Unable to reproduce and code review didn't show it either. Peter, are you able to reproduce this still? If so, can yo... Victor Julien
09:45 AM Suricata Bug #1013: command line parsing
I think it should be consistent for all capture methods, and I'd like this to be an error instead of a warning disgui... Victor Julien

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