Victor Julien





06:36 AM Suricata Optimization #2991 (New): app-layer-event keyword tx handling
When the app-layer-event keyword matching code runs, it's called with both the tx ptr and the tx id. When matching it... Victor Julien


06:25 PM Suricata Bug #2786 (Assigned): make install-full does not install some source events rules
Victor Julien
07:39 AM Suricata Support #2989: suricata parses lowly in a large traffic
Please don't set the target version in new tickets.
Can you describe your setup?
Victor Julien
07:38 AM Suricata Support #2981: "state": “TRUNCATED” for large files (may be caused by CheckGap function)
Tuning guides for Suricata can be found here:
Victor Julien
05:36 AM Suricata Bug #2898 (Closed): Adding solution to Bug #2251
Closing this as there is no action for us. Victor Julien
05:23 AM Suricata Bug #2614 (Assigned): filemagic: pdf filemagic match
Can this be turned into a suricata-verify test? Victor Julien
05:22 AM Suricata Bug #2618 (Feedback): suricata 4.0.5 + pfring 7.2.0 crashes
Victor Julien
05:17 AM Suricata Feature #2678 (Assigned): list-keywords: add info about fast_pattern and transforms
Victor Julien
05:14 AM Suricata Support #2720 (Feedback): Suricata + Netmap + FreeBSD -- source of bad pkt netmap errors?
Victor Julien
05:14 AM Suricata Support #2721 (Closed): ERRCODE: SC_ERR_AFP_CREATE(190) - Filter compilation failed.
Victor Julien

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