Task #3343

Updated by Victor Julien over 4 years ago

Goal is to create a developer guide similar to the user guide. So it will also live in the git repo and will using sphinx for the higher level guides. 

 For low level, we will continue to use doxygen. 
 In addition, for the Rust and Python components we need to support other low level frameworks as well like rustdoc. 

 Provisional TOC (will update as needed) 

 working with the codebase 
 - contributing 
   = process (github) 
   = quality requirements 
 - style 
 - debugging 
 - performance 
   = concepts 
   = analysis and tooling 

 - packet pipeline 
 - threading 
 - common data structures 

 - capture methods 
 - packet decoders 
 - app-layer protocols 
 - detection 
 - outputs 

 Existing documentation can be found here Much of this is outdated, so we shouldn't just copy it over. But it may be a good starting point for some of the new docs.