Documentation #5531

Updated by Juliana Fajardini Reichow over 1 year ago

Currently, it is sometimes possible to find in our documentation mentions of Suricata versions that have reached end of life. 

 We would like to make sure that what is in the documentation is current and still valid. 

 Ideally, we want to have some smart tooling that supports automated checks for this, too. 

 There are two aspects to consider: 
 - coherence in terms of versions (i.e., is the documentation version current in relation to the associated Suricata version?) 
 - synchronization between code, built-in defaults, yaml configuration defaults, and what's in the documentation 

 One possible approach to get started with could be to dump all configurations for Suri (src/suricata --dump-config), then use a git grep in the documentation and see if those are in synch.