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IP Reputation Format

Description of IP Reputation file formats. For the configuration see IPReputationConfig and IPReputationRules for the rule format.

Categories file

The categories file provides a mapping between a category number, short name and long description. It's a simple CSV file:

<id>,<short name>,<discription>


1,BadHosts,Known bad hosts
2,Google,Known google host

The maximum value for the category id is hard coded at 60 currently.

Reputation file

The reputation file lists a reputation score for hosts in the categories. It's a simple CSV file:


The IP is an IPv4 address in the quad-dotted notation. The category is the number as defined in the categories file and the value is a number between 1 and 127. 0 means no data.


If an IP address has a score in multiple categories it should be listed in the file multiple times.


This lists in categories 1 and 2, each with a score of 10.