OISF Community "Tasks"

If you are interested in helping out with Suricata development there is a lot you can do. Help us with testing, QA, reporting bugs, etc. If you are interested in helping us by providing code, great! You can create whatever code you like. Add features, speed improvements, cleanups, whatever. If you want to help but you're unsure about what to do, we have some tickets / tasks assigned to the "OISF Community" in our issue tracker. Feel free to pick one of those up.

List of open tasks: ticket tracker and a sublist of 'beginner tickets'

Some highlights:
- #266 log http raw request for network forensic
- #276 Libcap support for dropping privileges
- #3243 POP3 support and #3244 IMAP support
- #1979 TCP/IP packets normalization/scrubbing
- #1478 Active flow counters
- #3295 Unix socket: support to receive flow shunting information

For an up to date list please check the issue tracker and filter on open tasks assigned to OISF Community.

- Please sign our contribution agreement that can be found here:
- Register yourself on our redmine site and shoot a us an email so we can make give you a developer role in redmine:
- If you can/want join us on Discord or the forum
- Assign the ticket/bug to yourself and start coding!
- Get familiar with our Contributing Work Flow
- Submit your git patch(es) against the latest git master in the form of sending a github pull request.