Quick Start Guide

Step one

When starting using Suricata, you first of all need to go to the Suricata Installation guide. Decide whether you want the latest code or not. If you do want the latest code, follow the Installation from GIT instructions. Otherwise, read your operating system-specific instructions for downloading and installing Suricata.

Step two

After downloading and installing Suricata, continue with the Basic Setup. During the Basic Setup you create a directory for Suricata and its configuration files. You learn to start the engine for the first time, and to see if you made it already run correctly.

Step three

Of course Suricata needs rules to do its job. To learn more about rules, how to use and install them, read the information about Suricata Update, our tool for rules download and management: Suricata Update (leads to external page).
To learn more about rules and its contents in detail, it might be useful to read the information in Suricata Rules (leads to external page).