Suricata Installation

On this page you can find installation-guides for several operating systems. Please, feel free to add information.

Supported Platforms

Ubuntu Installation - Personal Package Archives (PPA) (using a package)

Ubuntu Installation (compilation)

Debian Installation

CentOS Installation - CentOS 7, 6 and Fedora

Fedora Installation

OpenSuse Installation

FreeBSD 8, 9 and 10 Installation

Mac OS X 10.11 w/Homebrew Installation - Should work with 10.10 as well.

Windows Installation (outdated, check instead)

Advanced Installation Guides

Installation with Rust

Compile as Position-Independent Executables (PIE)

Installation from GIT (Ubuntu + OpenBSD)

Installation from GIT with PCRE-JIT

Installation from GIT with luajit

HTP Library Installation

Installation from GIT with PF_RING on Ubuntu server LTS

Installation from GIT with PF_RING on Ubuntu server 12.04.

Installation of Suricata stable with PF RING (STABLE) on Ubuntu server 12.04

Installation with CUDA and PFRING on Scientific Linux 6

Installation with CUDA on Scientific Linux 6

Installation with CUDA on Ubuntu server 11.04

Installation with CUDA and PF_RING on Ubuntu server 12.04

CentOS 6.4 Installation (with unix socket, geoip, profiling and MD5 features)

Setting up IPS/inline for Linux

Third Party Installation Guides

Distributions containing Suricata

There are also several Distributions Containing Suricata.

Outdated/Unsupported Installation Guides

The following installation guides are considered outdated but may provide useful information to those who need to build on older systems.

CentOS 5 Installation - CentOS 5/6 Installation Guide

Mac OS X (10.6.x) Installation (works for 10.5.8 as well)


After the installation, continue with the Basic Setup

Basic Setup