Eileen Donlon



Reported issues: 4


02:47 PM Suricata Bug #497 (Closed): rule-analyzer depth/offset warnings not counted
The depth/offset warnings do not increment the rule_warning counter, so they are not reported in the warnings-only mo...


11:01 AM Suricata Revision c81020e9: feature 349 rule analyzer v1


09:11 AM Suricata Revision b22529d6: disallow pcre /P/I/U with flow:to_client/from_svr
09:11 AM Suricata Revision c7807a21: disallow http_server_body with flow:to_server
disallow http_server_body with flow:to_server or from_client
09:11 AM Suricata Revision 2c24eb9e: allow only one flow option in a rule
09:11 AM Suricata Revision f7879f81: disallow file_data with flow:to_server/from_client


10:57 AM Suricata Revision 195eb42d: allow only one content to use fast_pattern
10:57 AM Suricata Revision 4327aaf6: reject pcre modifiers U with B


06:41 AM Suricata Revision 793478a8: reject rules with invalid hex digits in content
06:41 AM Suricata Revision da633d49: fix misleading comment

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