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02:47 PM Suricata Bug #497 (Closed): rule-analyzer depth/offset warnings not counted
The depth/offset warnings do not increment the rule_warning counter, so they are not reported in the warnings-only mo... Eileen Donlon


01:25 PM Suricata Bug #401 (Closed): fix relative handling for all content based keywords
relative handling for content keywords is broken Eileen Donlon


01:13 PM Suricata Bug #377: Duplicate signature ids allowed
Updated patch attached; added gid check. Eileen Donlon


10:36 AM Suricata Bug #377 (Closed): Duplicate signature ids allowed
Duplicate signature ids are accepted without warning or error. Patch attached. Eileen Donlon


11:53 AM Suricata Bug #317: Invalid Rules
I've added a sheet to Peter's workbook which lists categories of invalid or bad rules, and color-coded the rules in P... Eileen Donlon


08:45 PM Suricata Bug #327: IPv6 fast.log displays wrong protocol
Fixed bugs where layer 4 protocol was not set if there were no ipv6 extension headers. This resulted in fast.log show... Eileen Donlon
10:45 AM Suricata Bug #363 (Closed): rule fires only with ip as protocol on ICMPv6 packets
The protocol in the rules should be icmp for ICMPv6 packets. However, the rule fires only if the protocol is ip. Eileen Donlon


05:30 PM Suricata Feature #349 (Assigned): Rule analyzer for the engine
Eileen Donlon

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