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07:41 AM Suricata Revision 5de77e31: lua output: Update example script to match style of user doc examples
07:41 AM Suricata Revision dc07c1fe: lua output doc: Use more descriptive variable names in the examples
This also removes the "args" parameter of the hooking functions in the examples,
since this parameter is unused in al...
07:41 AM Suricata Revision 3307f7a9: lua output doc: Add explaining introduction text


07:37 PM Suricata Bug #1503: lua output setup failure does not exit engine with --init-errors-fatal
Resolved with:
07:36 PM Suricata Bug #1503 (Resolved): lua output setup failure does not exit engine with --init-errors-fatal


02:23 AM Suricata Revision 748fda19: output/lua: better lua output setup error handling
If suricata was started with --init-errors-fatal and an error occured
during setup of lua output (like if lua scripts...
02:22 AM Suricata Revision 7910b668: output/lua: remove unnecessary detect.h include
output-lua.c contained an include of detect.h.
Since we don't (and shouldn't) call any functions from detect.c in ou...


02:13 PM Suricata Feature #2421: Warn user if -r (pcap offline mode) is used with default log dir
I also think a distinction between 'user mode' and 'system mode' would make sense.
But this opens a new question: ...


06:23 PM Suricata Bug #2428 (Feedback): suricata.log file permission error message when using suricata -l <dir> -r x.pcap as unprivilegded user
When starting suricata as an unprivileged user in offline pcap mode with a extra logdir, like e.g.:
suricata -...


03:28 PM Suricata Bug #2424 (Feedback): suri->userid (SCInstance) does not reflect correct uid if suricata is started as non-root
This currently happens if e.g. suricata is started as non root and does not drop privileges.
This is because suri-...

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