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08:08 AM Suricata Bug #6956 (In Progress): mqtt: create PDU frames without regard to the parsing function
As recently discussed during the SIP TCP work [1], a PDU frame should be created regardless of whether the parsing fu... Giuseppe Longo


05:34 PM Suricata Feature #6827 (In Progress): arp: implement decoder and logger
Let's add a decoder and logger for ARP protocol. Giuseppe Longo


02:20 PM Suricata Feature #3351 (Closed): sip: parse traffic over tcp
Merged in Giuseppe Longo


05:13 PM Suricata Feature #6627 (In Progress): SDP protocol: parser and logger
The SDP protocol is used by SIP to manage multimedia sessions. Giuseppe Longo


08:33 PM Suricata Feature #3383: nflog: use mnl api
Victor would you consider these changes, or do you think it's not worth it?
Giuseppe Longo
08:27 PM Suricata Feature #3446: app-layer: implement MySQL parser
Do we want to try to get this parser merged in version 8?
I wrote some code a few years ago:
Giuseppe Longo
08:23 PM Suricata Feature #1199: protocol: LDAP support
I'd like to pick it up if nobody is currently working on it. Giuseppe Longo


12:09 PM Suricata Feature #6374 (In Progress): Sticky buffers for sip headers
A common attack on sip servers consists of putting SQL injection or JS code into request headers.
Implementing stick...
Giuseppe Longo


09:22 PM Suricata Bug #5748: iprep/ipv6: memory leak on same input in different forms
Memory leak happens also with IPV4 addresses:... Giuseppe Longo


02:54 PM Suricata Bug #5941 (Closed): DNS rules not matching when traffic is over tcp
I've found out that when dns traffic is over tcp and multiple dns rules are loaded,
they don't match when they shoul...
Giuseppe Longo

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