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05:49 AM Suricata-Update Optimization #3250 (New): Check if the options listed common for all commands are still valid
Bring our any options that are not common to all the commands to their respective commands. Shivani Bhardwaj
05:46 AM Suricata-Update Optimization #3249 (New): Make the message about updating sources consistent everywhere
Some places we ask the user to update the sources if they want to and in some (e.g. list-sources command) we update t... Shivani Bhardwaj
05:43 AM Suricata-Update Optimization #3248 (New): Make list-enabled-sources command as an option for list-sources

We could make use of a single command ...
Shivani Bhardwaj


12:38 PM Suricata Task #3056 (Closed): Add test for #109: Inconsistent time stamps in http log file
This seems to require running Suricata multiple times for testing. This is out of the current scope of our QA tools. Shivani Bhardwaj
10:31 AM Suricata-Update Bug #3154 (Closed): int() argument must be a string or a number, not 'NoneType'
Please feel free to open a new issue in case you still see any problem. Thank you. Shivani Bhardwaj
06:17 AM Suricata Bug #3188: Use FatalError wherever possible
Victor Julien wrote:
> I wonder if we could use a coccinelle script to do the heavy lifting here. The pattern
> [.....
Shivani Bhardwaj


03:39 AM Suricata-Update Bug #3228 (Assigned): Documentation for sub-commands
Docs for `list-sources`, `list-enabled-sources` commands are missing. Shivani Bhardwaj


10:27 AM Suricata-Update Bug #3219: permission of data dir should be checked before operations
Victor Julien wrote:
> When running with insufficient permissions, the default updating is kind of ok:
> [...]
> A...
Shivani Bhardwaj


05:31 AM Suricata-Update Bug #3208: unnecessary output on 'update-sources'
There's this hack that kinda works but it eats up any log messages even the error logs so not sure if its a good idea... Shivani Bhardwaj


02:48 PM Suricata-Update Bug #3174 (Assigned): Handle duplicate filenames in different rulesets.
Shivani Bhardwaj

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