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  • Suricata (Developer, OISF Team, OISF Manager, 12/02/2015)
  • Suricata-Update (Developer, OISF Team, OISF Manager, 10/31/2017)



10:30 PM Suricata Support #3420: suricatca filestore v1 and v2 loss files after a period of time
you could try to see if you can reproduce it with a specific traffic that you record as pcap and do a -r run with sur... Andreas Herz
08:23 PM Suricata Support #3428: fail-open config no effect
What kernel version are you running? Andreas Herz
08:16 PM Suricata Support #3426 (Feedback): Do rules need to change when moving on suricata5.0 ?
Unless you have very old rules with old deprecated keywords I don't expect any issues.
But the best way would be to ...
Andreas Herz


09:12 PM Suricata Support #3377: AF_Packet IPS Mode is not Dropping Traffic
Taylor Walton wrote:
> Does traffic from an internal host hit the downstream interface (em2) -> Suricata evaluat...
Andreas Herz
09:06 PM Suricata Bug #3419: af_packet cluster_id is not used when trying to set fanout support.
Can you add your configuration as well and how you run suricata? I can't reproduce it, but didn't look into the code ... Andreas Herz


10:49 PM Suricata Support #3377 (Feedback): AF_Packet IPS Mode is not Dropping Traffic
Can you try with the rule 2100498 and convert it to drop?
From a first view I don't see an iss...
Andreas Herz


09:58 PM Suricata Bug #3370 (Feedback): Suricata 5.0.0 Crashes Intermittently
Can you provide us with more infos about your setup/system? Andreas Herz
09:49 PM Suricata Support #3366 (Feedback): CentOS 7.x, systemd, suricata stopping when started by systemd, but not command-line
Andreas Herz


09:53 PM Suricata Bug #3362: cross compiling not affecting rust component of surrcata
Could you commit the patch via a PR on our github? see Andreas Herz


10:55 PM Suricata Task #3318: Research: NUMA awareness
Do we also have some more insights how this does affect the management threads for example? If we can at least move t... Andreas Herz

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