Andreas Herz





12:03 PM Suricata Revision d6c3a361: detect-engine: add missing mutex unlock
12:03 PM Suricata Revision 77e548ed: rule-reload: fix possible hangup with SIGUSR2
In some cases the rule reload could hang. The pending USR2 signals will
be recognized even with the <2 check. Also th...
06:35 PM Suricata Bug #2362 (New): rule reload with workers mode and NFQUEUE not working stable
If you run the IPS mode with NFQUEUE (with --queue-balance) and the workers mode the rule reload with SIGUSR2 might n...
06:26 PM Suricata Bug #2361: rule reload hangup
06:26 PM Suricata Bug #2361 (New): rule reload hangup
In some scenarios the rule reload could result in a hangup
06:23 PM Suricata Bug #2360 (New): possible deadlock with signal handling
I got a bug report about signal handling and a possible deadlock that needs investigation:
Send *SIGHUP* and some ...


02:21 AM Suricata Revision 6f0794c1: keyword-filesize: add units


07:34 AM Suricata Feature #2300: DPDK integration
Sadly we didn't get any response from the people who were working on that, see #1895 and #1825 :( Did anyone play wit...
07:25 AM Suricata Optimization #2272: Analyze DNS response if query is not present
Is this something we should change or make it an config option?
07:24 AM Suricata Bug #2265: pass rules not taken into account
did you have a chance to reproduce it?

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