Andreas Herz





07:22 PM Suricata Feature #2529 (Closed): doc: include quick start guide Andreas Herz


08:09 PM Suricata Support #3131: Protocol identifiers
Can you try to extract a pcap of that?
Without exact details it's rather hard to tell
Andreas Herz


08:44 PM Suricata Feature #1872: add --list-decoder-protos or similar
I can implement that but --list-decoder-protos would still have all and --list-rule-protos would be a subset excludin... Andreas Herz
08:41 PM Suricata Bug #635: Some keywords missing in list-keyword command
I played around with it and also saw that I forgot to add the output for the options =all and =csv. I don't think it ... Andreas Herz
07:28 PM Suricata Support #3132: suricata can't capture all the packets
I'm still not 100% sure what you're doing. You have this traffic running and the machine with suricata is attached to... Andreas Herz
07:23 PM Suricata Support #3134 (Feedback): The worker mode
Can you give us more details about your setup?
What version of suricata are you running on what system?
Do you see ...
Andreas Herz


08:29 PM Suricata Support #3116: run
Without more details about what the reasons for the GUI are or what it should provide it's hard to help you. Suricata... Andreas Herz
08:24 PM Suricata Support #3125: Debug suricata
What are you trying to debug?
We have a...
Andreas Herz
08:22 PM Suricata Support #3131 (Feedback): Protocol identifiers
What type of traffic is it exactly? Andreas Herz
08:21 PM Suricata Support #3132 (Feedback): suricata can't capture all the packets
Can you be more verbose about your setup, how you run suricata, configuration etc.? Andreas Herz

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