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09:44 PM Suricata Bug #3091 (Feedback): Suricata crashes with payload-buffer-size more than 1014kb
Can you give us more details about your setup?
I couldn't reproduce it.
Andreas Herz
09:42 PM Suricata Support #3079 (Closed): Suricata Getting Updates
Would still be helpful if you add the explanation as well :) Andreas Herz
09:40 PM Suricata Bug #3090 (Assigned): pfring compile err - openSUSE Tumbleweed , Ubuntu Eoan/ Debian unstable
Andreas Herz
09:39 PM Suricata Bug #3083 (Assigned): DROP rule with "noalert"
This is related to #1888 where the same thing happened for the pass action.
Also keep in mind that drop.log will b...
Andreas Herz
09:36 PM Suricata Bug #2490: Filehash rule does not fire without filestore keyword
Thanks for the details, that's something that needs to fixed or either documented if it's intended behaviour. Andreas Herz
09:33 PM Suricata Feature #3084 (Assigned): SIP parser, logging and detection
Andreas Herz
09:30 PM Suricata Bug #705 (Closed): http.log missing lots of requests under high traffic load
Andreas Herz
12:35 PM Suricata Support #2725: stream/packet on wrong thread
Michal Purzynski wrote:
> To be honest, the X710, cluster_qm with the low entropy hash and the RSS hashing (ATR disa...
Andreas Herz


02:04 PM Suricata Support #2725: stream/packet on wrong thread
I also have some updates:
1. We migrated many systems to cluster_qm and saw huge improvements and nearly all of th...
Andreas Herz


10:03 PM Suricata Bug #1838 (Closed): suricata 3.0* and 3.1 hang after heavy traffic w/ pfring zc (reproducible)
Hi, we're closing this issue since there have been no further responses. ... Andreas Herz

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