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12:51 PM Suricata Revision 851efd9c: util-random: workaround getrandom unavailability
getrandom syscall availability is detected at runtime. So it is
possible that the build is done on a box that support...


11:28 AM Suricata Revision 6062c27e: af-packet: kill some white spaces
11:28 AM Suricata Revision 75b6972c: util-ioctl: fix a typo in setter message
11:28 AM Suricata Revision f53e687b: af-packet: dump counters when timeout occurs
When traffic is becoming null (mainly seen in tests) we reach the
situation where there is timeouts in the poll on th...


12:02 PM Suricata Revision f79f6409: configure: fix error hw timestamp check
This fixes #2469


08:08 PM Suricata Revision 1d0727d8: stream-tcp: fix stream depth computation
The stream depth computation was partly done with the stream_config
depth instead of using the value in the TCP sessi...
08:08 PM Suricata Revision 1012fc44: file: update logger API to log direction
By adding the flow direction to the logger we can have an accurate
logging of fileinfo events that has source and des...
08:08 PM Suricata Revision 2515c892: app-layer-ftp: fill direction of transfer
This is required to return the file when asked with one direction.


06:24 PM Suricata Bug #2495: Stream depth and filestore interaction
Fix proposal:
05:32 PM Suricata Bug #2495 (New): Stream depth and filestore interaction
In the case where stream reassembly depth is set 0 and where file store stream-depth is non null, Suricata is stoppin...

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