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Suricata Developer, OISF Team, OISF Manager 12/30/2010
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07:52 PM Suricata Feature #6802: Support Domain rollup using existing dataset library
Hello Fran├žois, what is your final goal ? Is the domain keyword like implemented in Eric Leblond


06:57 AM Suricata Bug #6969 (In Progress): Dataset lookup function is not working with ip type
When checking if an IPv4 address is in an IPv4/IPv6 set, we always obtain the result that it is not even if it is pre... Eric Leblond


11:10 PM Suricata Feature #5639: Allow dataset to match on extracted domain
We stopped the discussion on which crate to use:
Eric Leblond


04:23 PM Suricata Bug #6692 (In Progress): Have keywords export JSON dump function for engine analysis
Engine analysis is dumping really interesting information about keywords usage in signature so it is interesting to e... Eric Leblond


09:19 PM Suricata Bug #6634: tls: Invalid ja3 due to double client hello
PR Eric Leblond
09:11 PM Suricata Bug #6634 (In Progress): tls: Invalid ja3 due to double client hello
Stamus Networks team has discovered some weird TLS connections happening in real networks. These connections are not ... Eric Leblond


09:11 PM Suricata Bug #6551 (Closed): Invalid registration of prefiltering in stream size
Eric Leblond
11:03 AM Suricata Feature #6550 (Resolved): Capability to have rules profiling on pcap run
As rules profiling is activated via the unix socket, it is not possible to use it in pcap run. By adding an option to... Eric Leblond


01:49 PM Suricata Bug #6405: Ethernet src should match src ip
I pushed an implementation that seems to fix the issue there: Eric Leblond


07:10 PM Suricata Bug #6405: Ethernet src should match src ip
Sascha Steinbiss wrote in #note-2:
> I'm not really sure what you mean by "ethernet IP addresses". AFAICS many packe...
Eric Leblond

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