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07:19 PM Suricata Bug #2836: signature with filemagic do not honor flowbits
Test suite in suricata-verify: Eric Leblond


11:02 PM Suricata Bug #2836 (New): signature with filemagic do not honor flowbits
When running the following ruleset on a pcap with a PDF transfer, we have an unexpected result with sid:2 and sid:3 a... Eric Leblond


01:31 PM Suricata Bug #2806: Parallel DNS queries dropped when using same socket
Is it possible to get a dump of the ruleset ? I'm wondering if you could have a CONNMARK rule somewhere that could me... Eric Leblond


01:23 PM Suricata Bug #2761 (Closed): Include ebpf files in distributed sources
Sources archive are not containing the ebpf files. Eric Leblond


11:38 AM Suricata Bug #2289 (Resolved): af-packet bpf filtering failed to select multiple vlan
Documentation can be found here: Eric Leblond
11:36 AM Suricata Bug #2633 (Closed): Improve errors handling in AF_PACKET
Implemented via Eric Leblond
11:35 AM Suricata Feature #2637 (Closed): af-packet: improve error output for BPF loading failure
Closed via Eric Leblond
11:35 AM Suricata Bug #2653 (Closed): llc detection failure in
Fix merged via Eric Leblond


12:31 PM Suricata Feature #2727 (Assigned): DCERPC UID to name mapping
Microsoft is proposing a DCERPC UID to name mapping. It is used by Zeek to allow mapping of UID to human understandab... Eric Leblond


12:35 PM Suricata Support #2721: ERRCODE: SC_ERR_AFP_CREATE(190) - Filter compilation failed.
Libpcap is resolving the host names at BPF compilation time so it should work. I've got it working on 4.1 and this pa... Eric Leblond

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