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03:31 PM Suricata Bug #2607 (Assigned): File descriptor leak in af-packet mode (4.0.x)
2 file descriptors leak could lead to a file descriptor exhaustion when using AF_PACKET.
10:20 AM Suricata Revision fcd5e138: af-packet: close the socket in case of early fail
10:20 AM Suricata Revision 7e8a7492: log-filestore: fix file descriptor leak
In the case we exceed the number of simultaneously open
file we can reach a state were we will not close the file


08:59 PM Suricata Bug #2606 (Closed): File descriptor leak in af-packet mode
It seems that after a long run some users do experiment file descriptors leaking leading to a af-packet breakage: htt...


09:03 AM Suricata Revision 173e5a1c: doc: iprep supports CIDR networks
09:03 AM Suricata Revision c9b9f7fd: util-unittest: fix typo


09:21 PM Suricata Bug #1778: af_packet: IPS and defrag
Cluster ebpf with ippair implementation should fix that. XDP CPU redirect will do too.
09:14 PM Suricata Bug #2289: af-packet bpf filtering failed to select multiple vlan
Should we consider it as done as eBPF vlan_filter is in 4.1 and providing the feature ?


11:49 AM Suricata Revision d38e7d94: stream-tcp: fix typo in debug message
06:23 AM Suricata Bug #2502: suricata.c ConfigGetCaptureValue - PCAP/AFP fallthrough to strip_trailing_plus
Yes, correct, there is no special meaning of + in pcap or AFP. Proposed solution seems to be correct.

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