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Suricata Developer, OISF Team, OISF Manager 12/30/2010
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02:16 PM Suricata Bug #4152: fatal error: 'gnu/stubs-32.h' file not found
Victor Julien wrote in #note-1:
> I believe the ebpf compilation uses 32 bit for some things. Eric, any comments?
Eric Leblond


07:57 PM Suricata Bug #3908 (Closed): Port prscript to Python 3
Python 2 is not maintained anymore so it is a good diea to port prscript to Python 3. Eric Leblond


09:17 PM Suricata Bug #3861: flow: check flow bypass handling
I did get a look at second point and it seems to be correct. Checking the first one. Eric Leblond


09:32 AM Suricata Bug #3750 (Closed): redis: no or delayed data in low speed network
In batch mode, redis is waiting for batch size events to be available before proceeding resulting in a delay or even ... Eric Leblond
09:29 AM Suricata Bug #3749 (Closed): redis: Reconnect is invalid in batch mode
In case of redis outage, the redis session was reset but the replies were still fetch even if there is none replies i... Eric Leblond


02:36 PM Suricata Feature #3733 (New): Add unix socket support in redis logging
Eric Leblond


02:59 PM Suricata Bug #3476 (Closed): datasets: Dataset not working in unix socket mode
Dataset is not working in unix-socket mode. When a dataset (let's say ua) is defined in the yaml and when a rule is u... Eric Leblond


02:34 PM Suricata Bug #3465: build-info and configure wrongly display libnss status
Code fixing the issue: Eric Leblond
02:34 PM Suricata Bug #3465 (Closed): build-info and configure wrongly display libnss status
If no libnss option is given on configure command line, the status of libnss in build-info and configure output is al... Eric Leblond


09:57 AM Suricata Bug #3386: Suricata is unable to get MTU from NIC after 4.1.0
Also did push code for 4.1.x: Eric Leblond

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