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02:21 AM Suricata Revision 94e9d137: doc: add ruleset commands available in unix socket
02:21 AM Suricata Revision e17b9616: unix-socket: add ruleset-reload-nonblocking command
Add a non blocking function to reload rules. It will be useful
for remote system management to avoid to block them wa...


02:01 PM Suricata Bug #2289: af-packet bpf filtering failed to select multiple vlan
My current eBPF branch has a eBPF filter dedicated to VLAN filtering:


10:33 AM Suricata Revision 7ac6e0af: netflow: fix ttl logic
Use a per direction TTL min and max so we can log different values
seen in the two half flows.
Signed-off-by: Eric L...


01:50 PM Suricata Feature #2277 (New): Output hierarchical network tree in events
This feature will allow user to defined a network tree structure with name. During event generation, a lookup will be...


03:48 AM Suricata Feature #2253 (New): Log rule metadata in alert event
Emerging threats and Positive technologies are now using metadata to store additional high level info in the signatur...


08:21 AM Suricata Bug #2249 (New): rule with file keyword used with ip or tcp not seen as invalid
Currently signature using ip and tcp and using a file keyword like filemd5 are not valid in the sense they will not m...
08:12 AM Suricata Feature #2213: file matching: allow generic file matching / store
This feature is also a bug as there is no warning on a rule like:...


03:45 AM Suricata Revision 7ee989a3: prscript: update urls to use OISF repo


04:12 PM Suricata Optimization #2218: Leave TSO enabled for Linux AF_PACKET runmode
In your test, you are testing the local stack not Suricata. In most cases, suricata is handling a copy of the traffic...

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