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Suricata Developer, OISF Team, OISF Manager 12/30/2010
Suricata-Update Developer, OISF Team, OISF Manager 10/31/2017



12:52 PM Suricata Feature #3306: Support AF_XDP capture method
AF_XDP functions in libbpf have been moved to xdp-tools ( which means we nee... Eric Leblond


12:23 PM Suricata Feature #5479 (New): Add landlock support
Landlock is a Linux Security Module that can be used to sandbox Suricata and avoid attacks relying on file access. Eric Leblond


07:41 AM Suricata Feature #5413 (In Progress): DCERPC logging is not easy to use in analysis
The dcerpc part of smb events have the dcerpc uudi in one event and the opnum in another event. This is not convenien... Eric Leblond
07:25 AM Suricata Bug #5412 (In Progress): SMB status errors list is incomplete
Some SMB status value are not in the code and this result and getting integer instead of user readable message. Eric Leblond
07:24 AM Suricata Feature #5411 (In Progress): Add keywords for user and domain seen in smb
SMB protocol parser is able to see user and domain during the setup phase and should have keywords to match on these ... Eric Leblond


09:08 PM Suricata Feature #5383 (In Progress): Support for IP addresses in dataset
Even if Suricata has iprep support, this is far less interesting from a support of IPv4 and IPv6 in dataset. Eric Leblond


01:50 PM Suricata Bug #5374: pcap-log: breaking change in file names
If I remember correctly the 0 is just there for the initial file in pcap reading mode. In live mode, I think it is co... Eric Leblond


07:15 AM Suricata Bug #5360 (In Review): Build with ebpf is failing
Fix pushed in Eric Leblond
07:11 AM Suricata Bug #5360: Build with ebpf is failing
Peter Manev wrote in #note-1:
> This needs internal qa test.
> Will add done
Master has an ebpf build in github ...
Eric Leblond
07:08 AM Suricata Bug #5360 (Closed): Build with ebpf is failing
Current master-6.0.x is not building when ebpf is enable. Eric Leblond

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