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Suricata Developer, OISF Team, OISF Manager 12/30/2010
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10:00 PM Suricata Bug #4439 (In Review): Log data way in alert
Eric Leblond
09:57 PM Suricata Bug #4439 (In Review): Log data way in alert
If the alert event contains the flow information it is not possible to know which from the source or the destination ... Eric Leblond
10:00 PM Suricata Bug #4440 (In Review): Log if flow had gap
It is currently not possible to know if a flow had a gap. As a result it may be hard to debug a suricata setup to kno... Eric Leblond


07:55 AM Suricata Bug #4426 (New): XDP redirect cpu likely broken in 5.9
Linux 5.9 did introduce a new way to setup the CPU redirect and this will highly likely have broken XDP filter code t... Eric Leblond


07:58 AM Suricata Feature #4406 (New): Get flow information by flow_id
When a flow is long duration and is not yet dead, we can know it exists (via application layer logging) but we can't ... Eric Leblond


05:16 PM Suricata Bug #4275 (In Progress): Datasets writing limits on exit
Eric Leblond
10:21 AM Suricata Bug #4275: Datasets writing limits on exit
This MR should fix the problem: Eric Leblond


09:54 PM Suricata Bug #4274 (Closed): Suricata crashes at exit in NFQ mode
When Suricata is built with eBPF support, it is crashing at exit during cleanup. Eric Leblond


08:42 PM Suricata Bug #4271 (Closed): datasets: reference counter issue in string lookup
When looking up for a string in a dataset, the use counter was not reset to 0 after the lookup. Eric Leblond


10:02 PM Suricata Feature #4269 (In Progress): Additional dataset operations
In addition to #4260, it would be interesting to have some additional commands such as dataset-check to check if an e... Eric Leblond

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