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09:59 AM Suricata Feature #2199: DNS answer events compacted
Regarding the format, i'm sure some people will be interested only by the "metadata" part. Other will want the detail...


06:28 AM Suricata Revision cc82ef06: af-packet: optimize BPF
This patch turn on code optimization on BPF filter building by
libpcap. This allow to reduce the size of the BPF byte...
06:28 AM Suricata Revision 2979a0a2: app-layer-ssh: trigger bypass when done
Trigger bypass when application layer will not inspect anymore.


07:27 AM Suricata Revision 091290dd: app-layer: increment flow counter if one sided
In the case of protocol like SMTP, we detect application layer on
only one side. Consequence was a missed increment ...


07:59 AM Suricata Bug #2170: Suricata fails on large BPFs with AF_PACKET
Thanks a lot for the help. I'm gonna propose a PR for master and 3.2.x.
04:03 AM Suricata Bug #2170: Suricata fails on large BPFs with AF_PACKET
Good catch. Do you wanna submit a PR on github or do you want me to do it ?


09:17 AM Suricata Feature #2166 (New): output: log only triggering buffers
When adding to the alert events the protocol buffer, we provide valuable information but logging all of them will cau...
07:37 AM Suricata Revision b763c7ec: doc: document http-body logging
07:37 AM Suricata Revision e9323810: output-json-alert: fix error handling
MemBuffer was not freed in case of allocation error.
07:37 AM Suricata Revision 33d7f7d5: output-json-alert: log http body
Add support for HTTP body logging as printable or as base64.

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