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09:15 AM Suricata Feature #3306: Support AF_XDP capture method
Beginning of implementation using libbpf: Eric Leblond
09:10 AM Suricata Feature #3306 (Assigned): Support AF_XDP capture method
A new capture method has been recently introduced in Linux. Named AF_XDP, it allows to capture the traffic with a ker... Eric Leblond


12:38 PM Suricata Bug #3284: hash function for string in dataset is not correct
Fix proposal here: Eric Leblond
10:09 AM Suricata Bug #3284 (Closed): hash function for string in dataset is not correct
Loading a long list of string is taking 2 minutes. It is due to a problem in the hashing function that do not work on... Eric Leblond


11:56 AM Suricata Support #2725: stream/packet on wrong thread
Found a corner case when reading Linux kernel git history:
If int...
Eric Leblond


01:17 PM Suricata Bug #1778: af_packet: IPS and defrag
I would say so. Maybe we need a check of documentation to really do so. Eric Leblond


10:23 AM Suricata Bug #3196 (Closed): Distributed archive do not include eBPF files
make dist is not putting the eBPF files in the archive but they are needed. Eric Leblond


09:11 AM Suricata Support #3122: action missing in packet delivered in Bypass Callback
Victor Julien wrote:
> I think the issue is that the bypass is called from the post-match callback, but before the r...
Eric Leblond


06:24 PM Suricata Optimization #3085 (Closed): Suggest more appropriate location to store eBPF binaries
Merged with Eric Leblond


11:42 AM Suricata Feature #3081 (Closed): Decapsulation of GRE in XDP filter
Implemented in Eric Leblond

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