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05:59 AM Suricata Bug #1424: DNS EVE-log produces answers with incorrect direction
Confirmed in both live and pcap mode. Packet captures were taken from the same physical interface but not at the sam... David Cannings
05:02 AM Suricata Feature #1265 (Resolved): Replace response on Suricata dns decoder when dns error please
This was fixed in the following PR: which is included in 2.1beta4.
David Cannings
04:58 AM Suricata Support #1227 (Resolved): Documentation for yaml dns-log
Added more information about the answer parsing changes in 2.1beta4. Resolved as you appear to have fixed this. David Cannings
04:46 AM Suricata Bug #1379 (Resolved): EVE json missing CNAME rdata
This should have been fixed in PR #1425 ( Changes are in 2.1beta4. David Cannings
04:41 AM Suricata Feature #1439: Relation between CNAME and A records in DNS
Can you take a look at the changes in version 2.1beta4 and see if they address your feature?
For an example see be...
David Cannings

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