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07:09 PM Suricata Feature #5646: rules: allow matching on flow pkts and bytes
"either" is good in my opinion. Peter Manev
09:53 AM Suricata Feature #7097: Additions to flow detection - size
This should cover it Peter Manev
06:55 AM Suricata Feature #7103 (Feedback): ssh: extra fields and keywords

Consider adding more ssh protocol fields (to the existing ssh protocol logging) and ssh keywords (to the rules for ...
Peter Manev


04:23 PM Suricata Feature #7101 (Feedback): eve: add number of flowbits in protocol records and alerts
Very useful for hunting can be the number of flowbits present in a protocol log or alert.
Peter Manev
04:17 PM Suricata Feature #7100 (New): smb: additional keywords
We have the regular event_type SMB logs.
Some alert detection additions of SMB keywords could be very useful. ...
Peter Manev
04:03 PM Suricata Feature #7099 (New): Addition of total bytes to the flow logs
We currently have to server,to client bytes in the flow logs.
It is very useful to have a total bytes filed that ...
Peter Manev
04:00 PM Suricata Feature #7098 (Closed): Payload length field in JSON
In most alerts there is a section in the log that has the actual payload/payload_printable where the match occurred. ... Peter Manev
03:53 PM Suricata Feature #7097 (Closed): Additions to flow detection - size
It will be good for detection if we can have a way of highlighting
It would be nice to be able to alert on big ...
Peter Manev
03:46 PM Suricata Feature #7096 (New): detect/flow: additions to time detection
Suricata produces by default flow logs. (event_type flow) that can be ingested and searched in a SIEM.
The flo...
Peter Manev
03:26 PM Suricata Feature #7095 (New): rdp: keywords additions
While Suricata generates RDP protocol logs itself , it is often useful to have rdp keywords available so custom signa... Peter Manev

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