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  • Suricata (Developer, OISF Manager, Documentation Manager, 04/06/2011)
  • Suricata-Update (Developer, OISF Manager, Documentation Manager, 10/31/2017)



07:13 AM Suricata Bug #3089: Fedora rawhide af-packet compilation err
I also now see this in the Ubuntu PPA pkging for Eoan too -
Peter Manev


08:42 AM Suricata Bug #2913: SIGABRT reading a pcap
Thanks to a pcap pointer from Josh Stroschein - was able to do a bit more investigation.
It seems it only happens ...
Peter Manev


11:49 AM Suricata Bug #3090 (Assigned): pfring compile err - openSUSE Tumbleweed , Ubuntu Eoan/ Debian unstable

Using latest git - 7ccf14bc60e9d35032c8347a9f337ba5406ca593 - I see the same err on openSUSE Tumbleweed, Ubuntu ...
Peter Manev
11:41 AM Suricata Bug #3089 (Assigned): Fedora rawhide af-packet compilation err
using latest git ( 7ccf14bc60e9d35032c8347a9f337ba5406ca593 ) I only see this warning on Fedora Rawhide ... Peter Manev
11:38 AM Suricata Bug #3088 (Closed): rust warning for dhcp on Ubuntu Bionic/Eoan
Using latest git - 7ccf14bc60e9d35032c8347a9f337ba5406ca593... Peter Manev


10:04 AM Suricata Bug #3083: DROP rule with "noalert"
Using af-packet ips or nfqueue ? What is your set up like? Peter Manev
08:02 AM Suricata Bug #3083: DROP rule with "noalert"
Basically - you would like to have it dropped - but not log any events/alerts in the logs , correct ? Peter Manev
10:00 AM Suricata Bug #705: http.log missing lots of requests under high traffic load
I would not be interested in http.log anymore :) but rather the "event_type: http" in eve.json.
Having a look at it...
Peter Manev
09:51 AM Suricata Bug #1871: abort() - with unix socket - 3.1dev (rev 2856dfd)
I still see this issue with the latest git too.
I do however have a box where this occurs every other day or so - so...
Peter Manev
07:59 AM Suricata Bug #669: windows msi: upgrade
Since we have 64 bit packaging now - we should aim for msi upgrades being possible in 5.0 (or in 5.1) I think. Peter Manev

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