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10:59 AM Suricata Bug #2888: 4.1.3 core in HCBDCreateSpace
Thank you Andy for the bug report!
Could you please share some details how to reproduce this with a pcap it is possi...
Peter Manev


09:40 AM Suricata Bug #2835 (Closed): SC_ERR_MEM_BUFFER_API
Thank you for the feedback ! Closing as requested. Peter Manev
09:39 AM Suricata Bug #2462 (Closed): memleak: gitmaster json dns logger - 4.1.0-dev (rev efdc592)
I do not see that issue any more. I will reopen if i see it again.
Peter Manev


09:50 PM Suricata Bug #2358: Inconsistent DNS/flows extracted from pcap
I just double checked - the issue is still present with 5.0.0-dev (rev 2bd23bc1) Peter Manev


03:35 PM Suricata Bug #2854 (Assigned): SIGSEGV while passing non pcap to process via unix socket

Using - 5.0.0-dev (rev d6903e70c) it seems it segmentation faults if a non pcap (txt for example0 is passed for p...
Peter Manev


10:22 PM Suricata Support #2725: stream/packet on wrong thread
Thanks Eric for the info.
I have updated the table below:
|_. Issue Appears |_. OS/Distribution |_. Kernel Versi...
Peter Manev
04:06 PM Suricata Bug #2432 (Closed): engine-analysis does not print out the tls buffers
I can not reproduce this anymore with the current master - ... Peter Manev


09:35 AM Suricata Support #2840 (New): xdp modes - Invalid argument (-22) on certain NICs
As per our private discussion wit Eric - putting a place holder.
for Mellanox/Intel NIC (using in yaml) -
Peter Manev
09:17 AM Suricata Task #2839 (Assigned): Update perf and tuning user guides needs updating on multiple levels/areas.
- yaml c...
Peter Manev


11:27 AM Suricata Bug #2833 (Resolved): mem leak - rules loading hunt rules
... Peter Manev

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