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  • Suricata (Manager, Developer, Documentation Manager, 04/06/2011)
  • Suricata-Update (Manager, Developer, Documentation Manager, 10/31/2017)



04:23 PM Suricata Support #2725: stream/packet on wrong thread
As an FYI
Tested/reproducible with the following kernels
Debian Stable with:...
04:12 PM Suricata Bug #2786 (New): make install-full does not install some source events rules
Using 4.1.0-dev (rev b51e4a39) with "make install-full" installs only...
04:04 PM Suricata Feature #2785 (New): rules index update - add JA3 / SSL IP sources
The following public sets are also available form for Suricata 4.1.0+ :
03:59 PM Suricata Feature #2784 (New): rules index update - ssl blacklists
Currently the ruleset index located here -
Has the followin...


12:48 PM Suricata Bug #2776 (New): pcap open - invalid interface capture length 524288, bigger than maximum of 262144
12:11 PM Suricata Bug #2605: engine-analysis warning on PCRE
another example on sid 2834428 using 4.1.0-dev (rev b51e4a3):...


04:16 PM Suricata Bug #2775 (Assigned): dns v1/2 with rust results in less app layer data available in the alert record (for dns related alerts/rules)
Using the following rule:
alert dns any any -> any any (msg:"SURICATA DNS query .com"; dns_query; content:".com"; ...
09:13 AM Suricata Feature #2774: pcap multi dev support for Windows
If you define it as part of the pcap configuration inside suricata.yaml it works thought:...
08:54 AM Suricata Feature #2774 (Assigned): pcap multi dev support for Windows
Using our Suricata msi pkg on 2016 Win server...


02:08 PM Suricata Bug #2773 (New): add suricata-update to MSI packaging

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