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08:53 PM Suricata Feature #4285 (New): Add an optional "active flow timeout" for long lived flows
YAF is a flow meter which has a feature whereby every 30minutes a new record is created for a long lived flow.
In or...
Jeff Weeks
08:42 PM Suricata Feature #4284 (New): Expose (via the flow record log) whether a flow was picked up midstream
It can be beneficial to know whether a flow record is describing a flow picked up midstream (vs describing a flow whe... Jeff Weeks
08:34 PM Suricata Feature #4283 (New): Configure the proper flow direction if we see the SYN/ACK first
Even if we didn't see the SYN, we can get an accurate from direction if the first packet is a SYN/ACK, because we kno... Jeff Weeks
08:23 PM Suricata Feature #4282 (New): Ensure that the flags used for the initial TCP packets are saved
Suricata saves the TCP flags which it sees inside `struct TcpStream_::tcp_flags` but this contains a union of all fla... Jeff Weeks
07:38 PM Suricata Feature #4281 (New): Add a log indicating when all worker threads are able to process packets
Depending on the configuration used, the time it takes for Suricata to initialize and have worker threads ready to pr... Jeff Weeks
05:25 PM Suricata Feature #4279 (In Review): Optionally allow hashing truncated files, and a maximum length to hash
The hash of a truncated file is still valuable information, as is the hash of the first N bytes of a file.
Both of t...
Jeff Weeks

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