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09:28 AM Suricata Support #4661: Why calculate the MD5 value of the file at each packet
Victor Julien wrote in #note-1:
> The files are processing in streaming mode, so at the end of the file we most like...
yida zhang
09:22 AM Suricata Bug #5332 (Closed): Smb2 can not store files!
There is a pcap that cannot trigger filestore.
Note: turn on midstream when retesting.
I think the ASYN respon...
yida zhang


11:14 AM Suricata Bug #5204 (New): Memory leak caused by ippair processing
The IPPairGetIPPairFromHash() will increase the ippair->use_cnt by IPPairIncrUsecnt(). Other functions do the same.
yida zhang


10:49 AM Suricata Support #4661 (Closed): Why calculate the MD5 value of the file at each packet
Why is the MD5 of the file calculated in the AppendData function? ... yida zhang


03:33 AM Suricata Bug #4447 (Closed): ipv6 & ftp & passive mode & error
When the incoming data is "229 Entering Extended Passive Mode (|||495…
…88|)", an Incomplete error will be generated...
yida zhang


03:57 AM Suricata Bug #3728: ftp file extraction failure
Yes, here is a sample.
We are solving this problem. A plan has been realized, and the test results are good so far.
yida zhang


02:26 AM Suricata Bug #4348 (Closed): ftp: "g_expectation_data_id" and "g_expectation_id" in AppLayerExpectationHandle function
Why use "g_expectation_id" in FlowGetStorageById() and "g_expectation_data_id" in FlowSetStorageById()? This caused F... yida zhang

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