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08:13 AM Suricata Revision 7a0dbc6f: app-layer-smtp: free mpm contexts on shutdown
Adds a cleanup function for the SMTP parser that destroys the MPM
context and MPM thread context it uses.
Also marks...
08:13 AM Suricata Revision d807bf4e: detect-engine: log MPM/SPM matchers being used
08:13 AM Suricata Revision c9d0d6f6: mpm: add "auto" default for mpm-algo
Setting mpm-algo to "auto" will use "hs" if Suricata was built against
Hyperscan, and "ac" otherwise (or "ac-tile" on...
08:13 AM Suricata Revision 8c6deecc: app-layer-detect-proto: use mpm-algo
Use the matcher configured by the user rather than hard-coding MPM_AC.
08:13 AM Suricata Revision 88b50d2c: app-layer-detect-proto: pass mpm_ctx to DestroyCtx
The MPM DestroyCtx function accepts the MpmCtx, not the ctx pointer
inside it.
08:13 AM Suricata Revision 31d8d4b0: detect-engine: adjust unit tests for hs mpm
The Hyperscan MPM does match deduplication internally (using
HS_FLAG_SINGLEMATCH) and only returns the number of uniq...
08:13 AM Suricata Revision 68ddcdcc: app-layer-smtp: init mpm thread ctx after prepare
This allows the Hyperscan MPM to correctly allocate scratch.
08:13 AM Suricata Revision 24a14885: mpm-hs: make errors from hs_scan() fatal
Hyperscan will only return an error at scan time if the database or
scratch region are corrupted, which should provok...
08:13 AM Suricata Revision a765cfde: mpm-hs,spm-hs: don't call hs_scan() for zero bytes


06:03 PM Suricata Feature #1789: hyperscan mpm: enable by default
Sure -- I'll have a PR ready to go today.

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