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Use Available Instruction Set Specialization (AVX2 and AVX512) in Hyperscan when available

Added by booble tins 6 months ago. Updated about 7 hours ago.

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Description provides some context.

The Hyperscan API makes the use of specialized instruction sets relatively straightforward. It provides hs_populate_platform() which returns an hs_platform_info, which can in turn be fed into the various hs_compile calls.

It looks like the HS module in Suricata is currently feeding NULL into these functions eg: hs_compile_multi()

    err = hs_compile_ext_multi((const char *const *)cd->expressions, cd->flags,
                               cd->ids, (const hs_expr_ext_t *const *)cd->ext,
                               cd->pattern_cnt, HS_MODE_BLOCK, NULL, &pd->hs_db,

I'm no C programmer, but this looks like an improvement I should be able to add with context from issue 2010. I've assigned it to myself for now and will see if I can get it going. Reading over this presentation makes it sound like AVX2/512 will be beneficial.

Please advise if this is obviously more complicated than it appears to me.



Updated by booble tins 6 months ago

booble tins wrote:

Please advise if this is obviously more complicated than it appears to me.

Significantly less complicated than expected. From:

If this argument is NULL, the database will be targeted at the current host platform.

I missed that on the first read, apologies for the waste of reading time!


Updated by Victor Julien 6 months ago

Maybe it would be nice to see if we can print the used algo/instruction set to the user?


Updated by Andreas Herz about 7 hours ago

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