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Does the default Suricata 6 executable no longer supporting IPS mode on Windows?

Added by Bi. K. 8 days ago. Updated 5 days ago.

Affected Versions:


The displayed error is "suricata: unknown option -- windivert".

"--windivert" option is recognized on Suricata 5 version.


Updated by Peter Manev 7 days ago

It does. It is just a different package though as windivert seems to trigger a good few AV warnings when compiled in with it.
I am making an updated 6.0.2 with windivert now - would you be willing to try it out?


Updated by Peter Manev 7 days ago

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Updated by Bi. K. 7 days ago

Yes Sir!
I will be.


Updated by Bi. K. 6 days ago

I try to download the file but Google Drive blocks it.
Maybe beacuse it is an executable.


Updated by Peter Manev 6 days ago

Ah yes - that problem exactly - gdrive for example detects the windivert part as malicious.
Can you try that instead


Updated by Bi. K. 5 days ago

I try the latest executable but, when launching the command to start Suricata, an error message says that "lua54.dll" is not found.

I will wait until the full release being available to try again.

Thank you!

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