Task #4714

Updated by Juliana Fajardini Reichow over 1 year ago

Some of the Suricata app-layer parsers require better unittests coverage. For this ticket, the focus are the nom parsers, well-suited for test-driven development, as they can run as standalone units. 

 If you want to contribute with this ticket, please comment below which *unassigned* file you want to claim/work with. We'll keep track of available files like so, in this ticket. 

 The idea is to cover the most important/complex parsers. Some of the files listed already have some coverage but would be benefited if one tested a few more of the key nom parsers (or those which are not laterally tested by being called by other parsers). The files tagged _needs tests_ don't have any unittests at all, as of now. 

 If you believe any file doesn't require more unit tests, please tell us so, explaining why, so we can mark them as covered. 

 |_.File|_.Current state|_.Assigned| 
 | ike::parser         |needs tests|unassigned| 
 | nfs::nfs2_records |needs tests|Sam Muhammed| 
 | nfs::nfs3_records |needs tests|Sam Muhammed| 
 | nfs::nfs4_records |needs tests|Sam Muhammed| 
 | smb::ntlmssp_records|needs tests|unassigned| 
 | smb::dcerpc_records|needs tests|unassigned| 
 | smb::smb1_records |needs tests|unassigned| 
 | smb::smb2_records |needs tests|unassigned| 
 | sip::parser         |some key parsers aren't covered|unassigned| 
 | smb::smb3           |some key parsers aren't covered|unassigned| 
 | dhcp::parser               |maybe a test for parse_all_options|unassigned| 
 | mqtt::parser                |test key parsers|unassigned| 
 | rfb::parser                 |needs more tests|Haleema Khan| tests|unassigned|