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10:45 PM Suricata Feature #3494: Keyword for determining if the http_host is an ip address
I typo'd the pcre from memory, but you know what i mean...
Jason Williams
10:43 PM Suricata Feature #3494 (New): Keyword for determining if the http_host is an ip address
In the ET ruleset in order to express the fact that http communications are going to an IP address rather than a host... Jason Williams


07:59 PM Suricata Feature #2488 (New): HTML Parsing / Buffers
We write a lot of signatures on the contents of html in file_data. It would be awesome to be able to do some parsing/... Jason Williams
07:46 PM Suricata Feature #2283: turn content modifiers into 'sticky buffers'
After some time thinking about this, perhaps the initial 'http_' portion of the buffer name is not needed?
our ru...
Jason Williams
06:53 PM Suricata Feature #2487 (New): Buffers for field/value pairs in http_uri and http_client_body
We've found http_header_names to be one of our favorite new 4.0 buffers and would like to see if we could carry over ... Jason Williams
06:43 PM Suricata Feature #2486 (Assigned): prefilter/fast_pattern logic for flowbits
It would be useful to have a way to indicate that a rule with a flowbit check should only be checked in the event tha... Jason Williams


07:22 PM Suricata Bug #2479 (New): http_cookie negation fails if no cookie in traffic
Given the below example rule where we are looking for a HTTP POST with a http_cookie negation:... Jason Williams


06:27 PM Suricata Support #2401: Detect last CPU's vulnerabilities
The ETPRO signature set has a few signatures on various PoCs that have been observed in the wild. As this i...
Jason Williams


12:58 PM Suricata Feature #2332 (Closed): Support for common http response headers - Location and Server
It would be useful to have these as sticky buffers
Given the following headers...
> HTTP/1.1 302 Moved Temporar...
Jason Williams


10:41 AM Suricata Feature #2283: turn content modifiers into 'sticky buffers'
1. flip the proto to the end
- this complicates the naming a little
- breaks the current "proto_buffer"; naming ...
Jason Williams

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