Doug Burks


Reported issues: 3


11:37 AM Suricata Feature #622 (Closed): Specify number of pf_ring/af_packet receive threads on the command line
Currently we can only specify the number of receive threads in suricata.yaml itself. It'd be nice to be able to spec...


08:05 AM Suricata Feature #440 (Closed): afpacket needs to support bpf (and by extension -F bpf.conf command-line o...
Here's my command line:
sudo suricata --user sguil --group sguil -c /etc/nsm/qa-eth0/suricata.yaml --af-packet=eth0 ...


10:33 AM Suricata Bug #361 (Closed): AF_PACKET fails to initialize when running with limited privileges
If I run Suricata with AF_PACKET as shown below, everything is fine:
suricata -c /etc/suricata/suricata.yaml --af-pa...

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