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02:01 PM Suricata Task #2920: syzbot addition to QA
As far as I know, syzbot is designed for kernel only.
If it is not the case, it certainly looks good, considering th...
Philippe Antoine
01:51 PM Suricata Feature #2312: http: parsing for async streams
> Currently the parser requires traffic from both sides to be useful/effective.
How so ?
From my experience of th...
Philippe Antoine


03:02 PM Suricata Bug #3009 (Closed): Fixes warning about size of integers in string formats
Found by compiler Apple LLVM version 10.0.0 (clang-1000.11.45.5)
Example :...
Philippe Antoine
02:30 PM Suricata Feature #1010: dns fuzzer
What is expected here ?
Signatures to recognize the use of this tool ?
Or is this for continuous integration.
Philippe Antoine
02:13 PM Suricata Bug #849: Not alerting on invalid http request Content-Length
To me, the content length should now be handled fine after Philippe Antoine
01:56 PM Suricata Bug #635: Some keywords missing in list-keyword command
One solution may be to add a test that will do a diff between the output of `suricata --list-keyword` and `grep strca... Philippe Antoine
01:48 PM Suricata Bug #608: engine address parsing issue with negation
That would make the list order dependent which is not the case right now.
So, I do not know if the expected behavior...
Philippe Antoine
01:22 PM Suricata Optimization #573: reduce allocs in signature parsing
How can we reproduce the logs you quoted ? Philippe Antoine
12:09 PM Suricata Feature #1576: http: byte-range support
My understanding is the following :
We now log the byte-range but we would like suricata to handle the complete file...
Philippe Antoine
09:08 AM Suricata Bug #2786: make install-full does not install some source events rules
I reproduced this on MacOS with latest version.
It looks to me that this bug appears on systems where suricata updat...
Philippe Antoine

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