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12:01 AM Suricata Support #3252 (New): Matching a long list of tls.fingerprint fields is extremly CPU intensive
The suricata-update script comes with some useful rule sources, like the
It is basically around 30...
Michal Purzynski


08:16 AM Suricata Support #2725: stream/packet on wrong thread
> What do you mean by ATR disabled and nothing in flow rules in detail?
ATR is Intel's Application Targeted Routin...
Michal Purzynski


11:41 PM Suricata Support #2725: stream/packet on wrong thread
One more thing - what's the hash that RPS uses? There are two hashes and the cluster_flow computation does not update... Michal Purzynski
10:21 PM Suricata Support #2725: stream/packet on wrong thread
To be honest, the X710, cluster_qm with the low entropy hash and the RSS hashing (ATR disabled, nothing in flow rules... Michal Purzynski


12:13 AM Suricata Bug #2469 (Closed): The autoconf script throws and error when af_packet is enabled and then continues
When af_packet support is enabled, the autoconf process throws the following mysterious error (lines added for more c... Michal Purzynski
12:09 AM Suricata Bug #2468 (Closed): The autoconf process fails when some options are disabled
Hello, everyone!!
Some of the autoconf's configure script options make the configuration process fail if libraries...
Michal Purzynski

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