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09:34 AM Suricata Bug #4503 (Closed): Buffer overflow in "by_rule" threshold context
Several servers running Suricata has been crashing occasionally. I managed to get a PCAP file reproducing the bug on ... Mats Klepsland


06:30 PM Suricata Feature #3293: eve: per thread output files
Jeff Lucovsky wrote:
> @mats Will you be able to work on this issue? If not, I'd be happy to pick it up.
Hi, Jeff...
Mats Klepsland


09:46 PM Suricata Bug #3162 (Closed): TLS Lua output does not work without TLS log
It seems that the TLS Lua output logger is not registered, causing it to not work unless TLS log is enabled. This wil... Mats Klepsland


01:18 PM Suricata Bug #2907 (Closed): Sometimes TLS Logs are missing
Mats Klepsland
01:18 PM Suricata Bug #2907 (Resolved): Sometimes TLS Logs are missing
I'm glad to hear that. Thanks for letting me know that it solved your problem :) Mats Klepsland
08:50 AM Suricata Bug #2907: Sometimes TLS Logs are missing
I took a look at the pcap's and it seems that most of them have packets with invalid checksums. They might have been ... Mats Klepsland


04:45 PM Suricata Bug #2762: SSLv3 - AddressSanitizer heap-buffer-overflow
I have confirmed that I can replicate the bug. I'll take a closer look as soon as possible. Mats Klepsland


11:57 AM Suricata Feature #2698: hassh and hasshServer for ssh fingerprinting
The JA3 equivalent for SSH is called hassh (and hasshServer for JA3s):
It wou...
Mats Klepsland


10:04 PM Suricata Feature #2684: Add JA3S
Preview implemented in:
Mats Klepsland


05:46 PM Suricata Feature #2670: tls_cert sticky buffer
Of course, Victor! :) Mats Klepsland

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