Mats Klepsland





10:04 PM Suricata Feature #2684: Add JA3S
Preview implemented in:


05:46 PM Suricata Feature #2670: tls_cert sticky buffer
Of course, Victor! :)


10:29 AM Suricata Revision 033e7569: app-layer-ssl: add Facebook TLSv1.3 draft versions
Add draft versions for Facebooks custom TLSv1.3 implementation "fizz"
to SSLVersionToString().
10:29 AM Suricata Revision dd5374c2: app-layer-ssl: change how TLSv1.3 drafts are logged
Change from logging TLSv1.3 drafts as "TLS 1.3 (draft 28)" to
"TLS 1.3 draft-28" instead.


09:21 AM Suricata Revision be8c06ad: userguide: add documentation for ssl_version keyword


08:26 PM Suricata Revision a8347e1b: app-layer-ssl: fix flow and inspection bypass for TLSv1.3
08:20 PM Suricata Revision 3b73b7d5: app-layer-ssl: add 0-RTT support for TLSv1.3
07:56 PM Suricata Revision 23993c18: app-layer-ssl: decode early data extension in ClientHello record
Decode early data extension used by 0-RTT that is used to indicate that
application data will be sent right after the...
07:48 PM Suricata Revision 7556004a: app-layer-ssl: use extension length when decoding extensions
Pass extension length to functions decoding extensions, instead of
passing the length left in the record. This enable...
07:30 PM Suricata Revision ee1de4c8: app-layer-ssl: handle all versions above TLSv1.2 as TLSv1.3
This makes it more likely to log custom versions of TLSv1.3 that
doesn't comply with the draft version numbering.

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