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09:19 AM Suricata Revision 8b9f84bf: doc: add documentation for date modifiers in eve-log
09:19 AM Suricata Revision 37a12fe7: doc: add documentation for eve-log file rotation
09:19 AM Suricata Revision ffbf8cec: logging: create log directories when needed
Recursively create new log directories when needed. This makes it
possible to use date modifiers in the file path to ...
09:19 AM Suricata Revision 47a5b493: output-json: rotate log file based on time
Rotate log file based on time. Support both rotating based on a timer (XXs,
XXm, XXd, XXw) and rotating based on a ab...
09:19 AM Suricata Revision db6c80fd: logging: support date modifiers in log filenames
Allow log filenames to contain date modifiers, e.g.:
- eve-log:
filename: eve-%Y-%m-%d-%H:%M:%S.json
02:31 AM Suricata Feature #2011: eve.alert: print outside IP addresses on alerts on traffic inside tunnels
Implemented in
02:29 AM Suricata Feature #1998: eve.tls: custom TLS logging
Implemented in
02:28 AM Suricata Feature #2006: tls: decode certificate serial number
Implemented in
02:24 AM Suricata Feature #2061: lua: get timestamps from flow
Implemented in


07:42 AM Suricata Revision 7b1dae62: doc: add documentation for Lua SCFlowTimestamps

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