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10:15 PM Suricata Feature #1576: http: byte-range support
First step would be to document the chunks of file(s) as identified per sensor, if multiple sensors are in use. Raymond Hansen
10:12 PM Suricata Feature #2312: http: parsing for async streams
Jeffrey has created an http parser that we should evaluate for use. Should include http2? Raymond Hansen
10:05 PM Suricata Feature #1828: YARA support
Discussion at SuriCon 2018 resulted in decision to not pursue this at this time. Raymond Hansen
09:59 PM Suricata Feature #2291: traffic-id: ruleset for traffic classification and bypass
Needs proper description and sufficient examples (specifically bypass examples). Raymond Hansen
09:26 PM Suricata Feature #2308: threshold/suppress by http_host
Assign to Mikhal Raymond Hansen

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