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11:55 AM Suricata Optimization #1242: Huge performance decrease with /dev/zero traffic
We can add a set of Nulls preceding the windows match which should improve perf. Seems present in all samples. Will Metcalf


07:40 AM Suricata Optimization #1044 (Closed): TLS buffers evaluated by fast_pattern matcher.
As far as I can tell tls.* buffers are not evaluated by the fast_pattern matcher. If this is correct is there a reaso... Will Metcalf


04:20 PM Suricata Feature #885: smtp file_data support
This has been TBD'd?!?! Wheres Peter? I need a shoulder to cry on. We need this. Will Metcalf


05:50 AM Suricata Feature #1010: dns fuzzer Will Metcalf


05:25 AM Suricata Feature #1008 (Closed): Optionally have http_uri buffer start with uri path for use in proxied environments
We need a toggle in the libhtp config to have the http_uri buffer point to the beginning of the URI path for proxied ... Will Metcalf


07:46 AM Suricata Bug #951 (Closed): Rule performance stats sort by "ticks" is not properly ordered.
enabled: yes
filename: perf.txt
append: yes
sort: ticks
Will Metcalf


08:58 PM Suricata Feature #783 (New): LuaJIT be able to return various messages for a single script.
Using the following example script we do the following detections and more inside of JAR files
Will Metcalf


11:42 AM Suricata Feature #663 (Closed): LuaJIT relative matches
It would be very helpful to have relative matches for LuaJIT. The gmatch iterator in Lua seems rather slow, so it wou... Will Metcalf
11:02 AM Suricata Feature #593: luajit: per flow vars and ints
Actually I thought I had mentioned flowvar access here as well but I had not. Being able to set/check flowvars in add... Will Metcalf


11:09 PM Suricata Feature #593: luajit: per flow vars and ints
At the vary least we need the ability to use flowints for storing/reading offsets, advertised file length etc. This i... Will Metcalf

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