Zach Rasmor





02:02 PM Suricata Feature #1766: TLS keyword expansion
Hello Mats - has there been any progress on the expanded logging, or should I resume my prototyping?


02:25 PM Suricata Feature #1766: TLS keyword expansion
I began a prototype to add the cipher suite to the JSON output - are you already planning to do this?


03:10 AM Suricata Revision dbbca37a: Remove free operation on thread name field.
Name field is now a pre-allocated array - free is no longer necessary.
Fix issue leading to segfault during interfac...
03:10 AM Suricata Revision f211fa48: Update unit test to account for 'name' type change.
03:10 AM Suricata Revision 68cfa009: Update thread creation and threads to use global thread names.
Thread name is now stored as a static string buffer,
string duplication and alloc/de-alloc is no longer required.
03:10 AM Suricata Revision 10d3d90f: Change thread name from pointer to buffer. Remove pointer free.
03:10 AM Suricata Revision 88574721: Update shortening algorithm to account for addition of #.
03:10 AM Suricata Revision 8c8759c1: Add global threadnames.
Update thread naming convention to follow: W#01-eth0.
Add interface name where applicable, add #.
03:10 AM Suricata Revision f8a40dd9: Update pcap-file runmode to adhere to new thread standard.
03:10 AM Suricata Revision 41c768ce: Update threads to use global thread names.
Update FlowManager/Recycler to use global name.
Also add # into thread number.
Update af-packet to use global threadn...

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