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09:26 PM Suricata Bug #4081 (New): ICMP IPv6 signature not matching when source contains ! condition with IPv4 addresses only
It appears that an ICMP IPv6 rule will not match if the source variable contains a ! condition and a variable that on... Zach Rasmor


02:02 PM Suricata Feature #1766: TLS keyword expansion
Hello Mats - has there been any progress on the expanded logging, or should I resume my prototyping? Zach Rasmor


02:25 PM Suricata Feature #1766: TLS keyword expansion
I began a prototype to add the cipher suite to the JSON output - are you already planning to do this? Zach Rasmor


12:21 PM Suricata Bug #1754 (Closed): Inconsistent behavior with 'only_stream' flow keyword

In testing some Suricata rules with RDP pcap, I seem to have uncovered inconsistent behavior with the 'only_stream'...
Zach Rasmor


03:10 PM Suricata Bug #1619 (Closed): Per-Thread Delta Stats Broken
Per-thread delta stats appear to be broken. I believe this is a known issue as I noticed some open pull requests, but... Zach Rasmor


11:57 AM Suricata Feature #1608 (Closed): Add option to disable JSON escape slash
We like to have the ability to search (grep) through JSON logs without de-serialization, however this becomes very te... Zach Rasmor


01:34 PM Suricata Bug #1602: eve-log prefix field feature broken
Confirmed. Thanks a lot! Zach Rasmor


02:47 PM Suricata Bug #1602: eve-log prefix field feature broken
Correction: it was Feature 1454 that added the prefix field (link is correct, text is incorrect) Zach Rasmor
02:45 PM Suricata Bug #1602 (Closed): eve-log prefix field feature broken
The eve-log prefix field is ignored. This was added as a feature in this release, but was undone by a later PR.
Zach Rasmor


10:57 PM Suricata Bug #1524: Potential Thread Name issues due to RHEL7 Interface Naming Contentions
Hello Victor, I wanted to confirm a couple of things:
In the dicussion on
Zach Rasmor

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