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05:57 AM Suricata Bug #252: no proper error for sigs with duplicate sid's
attached is the updated patch for this issue. Thanks Victor for pointing out this case !! Now the output is
Gurvinder Singh


07:10 PM Suricata Bug #252 (Resolved): no proper error for sigs with duplicate sid's
Attached patch gives error when the duplicate signature is detected. Gurvinder Singh
07:08 AM Suricata Bug #253 (Closed): Fast.log and Alert-debug.log
Apply the patch attached to feature 247, it will fix the issue. Gurvinder Singh


01:44 AM Suricata Feature #247 (Resolved): Config option to set stats.log update interval
Attached patch provides the support. Gurvinder Singh


08:41 AM Suricata Bug #246 (Resolved): http.log time
attached patch fixes the issue caused by gmtime_r(). Gurvinder Singh


07:33 AM Suricata Feature #127 (Resolved): Give user the option to append to exisitng log files
attached patch adds this functionality to the log files. Gurvinder Singh


10:07 AM Suricata Bug #245 (Resolved): http.log
attached patch fixes the issue. Gurvinder Singh


06:28 PM Suricata Bug #188 (Resolved): Snort now supports byte_test <= >= operators so should we.
Attached patch added the support for above mentioned operators. Gurvinder Singh


12:33 PM Suricata Bug #236 (Resolved): fast log xrefs should be removed.
Patch has been attached. Gurvinder Singh
09:58 AM Suricata Bug #235: fast log should fill in protcol name when known by /etc/protocols
Updated patch attached to provide the support as an API. Gurvinder Singh

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