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02:44 PM Suricata Bug #5161 (Closed): smb: file not tracked on smb2 async
Suricata fails to alert on a smb signature related to a file extraction.
Investigating a bit the issue the "file_...
Angelo Mirabella


12:25 PM Suricata Bug #4877 (Closed): Run stream reassembly on both directions upon receiving a FIN packet
Suricata invokes the stream reassembly logic only for the current packet direction if the packet contains a FIN flag.... Angelo Mirabella


10:58 PM Suricata Bug #3726: Segmentation fault on rule reload when using libmagic
Uploading the build-info and a zip with a pcap and rules to reproduce the bug.
The password for the zip is: passwo...
Angelo Mirabella


04:50 PM Suricata Bug #3726 (Closed): Segmentation fault on rule reload when using libmagic
If libmagic is enabled and there are signature using libmagic, rule reloading causes a segmentation fault on the next... Angelo Mirabella


02:47 PM Suricata Bug #3523 (Closed): Suricata does not log alert metadata info when running in unix-socket mode
When in unix-socket mode, Suricata fails to dump the alert metadata info.
This happens because the output modules ar...
Angelo Mirabella

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