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05:50 PM Suricata Bug #6423 (Closed): detect-filesize no longer supports units in value
We're upgrading our server from 6 to 7, and discovered that some rules now fail to load.
We narrowed it down to the ...
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03:58 PM Suricata Bug #6024 (Rejected): detect: reload rules now takes forever on a rather idle env after #5969
As a side effect of #5969, now the switching to the new context takes forever to complete when there isn't frequent n... tug tugtug


08:07 PM Suricata Bug #5458 (Closed): Reject action is no longer working
This is a pretty significant regression that got slipped away during any testing (if any) before the release.
As o...
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08:02 PM Suricata Bug #5457 (Closed): Counters are not initialized in all places.
counter_alerts_overflow and counter_alerts_suppressed are only initialized in DetectEngineThreadCtxInit in detect-eng... tug tugtug


04:50 PM Suricata Bug #4914 (New): FLOW_DIR_REVERSED is not handled in multiple places
FLOW_DIR_REVERSED may be set if a midstream flow is picked up.
However at least in the following cases, the flag is ...
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07:26 PM Suricata Bug #4766 (Closed): Flow leaked when flow->use_cnt access race happens
h3. Description:
Flow->use_cnt is used to track if a flow is still being processed by suricata. However, if it bec...
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05:24 AM Suricata Bug #4702 (New): SYN/ACK dropped when client does not support tcp timestamps

h3. Description:
Seems to be introduced by the fix of the following issue.
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06:01 PM Suricata Bug #3873 (New): NET_RAW capability dropped for NFQ mode when uid/gid is specified
When using suricata with any uid/gid specified and nfq mode, the following code is run. As a result, NET_RAW capabili... tug tugtug

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