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12:13 AM Suricata Documentation #3762: update documentation for user modes
Aaron Bungay wrote:
> The ticket introduced changes adding use...
Udokaku Ugochukwu


09:40 PM Suricata-Update Optimization #3974: Cleanup help output
Jason Ish wrote:
> Suricata help output is way to verbose. We can do some Python tricks to hide much of the command ...
Udokaku Ugochukwu
02:46 PM Suricata-Update Optimization #2880: Remove redundant code
Shivani Bhardwaj wrote:
> This issue is indefinite and open for all. You have to look up the codebase, find redundan...
Udokaku Ugochukwu
02:35 PM Suricata-Update Optimization #3249: Make the message about updating sources consistent everywhere
Shivani Bhardwaj wrote:
> Some places we ask the user to update the sources if they want to and in some (e.g. list-s...
Udokaku Ugochukwu

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