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Suricata Developer, OISF Team, OISF Manager 11/09/2009
Suricata-Update Developer, OISF Team, OISF Manager 10/31/2017



06:34 PM Suricata Bug #6793: Unit tests failed to build on Solaris
I'm going to guess you'll get the same if you @cd rust; cargo test@? Would isolate the problem just a little bit.
Jason Ish
04:25 PM Suricata Support #6780 (Closed): Suricat 7.0.3 not starting
Jason Ish
04:23 PM Suricata Bug #6789 (Feedback): Dns remarks without showing dns name
A PCAP will be required to investigate further. It looks like this rule could easily alert on data that is not DNS, i... Jason Ish


05:03 PM Suricata-Update Bug #6777 (In Review): datasets: "load" not seen if preceded by a space
PR: Jason Ish


06:14 PM Suricata-Update Bug #6777 (In Review): datasets: "load" not seen if preceded by a space
For example, Suricata-Update won't recognize the dataset loaded here:... Jason Ish


08:56 PM Suricata-Update Bug #6763 (New): datasets: old dataset files not being purged
Dataset files are renamed to the hash of their contents to prevent name collisions. However, as datasets get updated,... Jason Ish
08:14 PM Suricata Bug #6762: Hugepages Error for FreeBSD when kernel NUMA build option is not enabled
@lukas.sismis Was this code intended to be run on FreeBSD, or just Linux. Jason Ish


04:26 PM Suricata Bug #6754 (New): libsuricata: restructure directory and files to allow for include files to be name spaced
With modern C libraries with multiple header files it is common to put them in a directory such as @/usr/include/suri... Jason Ish


09:48 PM Suricata Task #6752 (New): libsuricata: don't include autoconf.h from other includes
In autoconf library projects it is best practice to *not* install @config.h@ (which we've renamed to @autoconf.h@). U... Jason Ish


02:33 PM Suricata Optimization #6721: hash tables: explore how red black trees compare to linked list in hash buckets
We've also talked about trying Rust's HashMap by exposing it over FFI. Jason Ish

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