Jason Ish

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Reported issues: 18


05:13 AM Suricata Revision 6b15686f: base64_decode, base64_data: decode and match base64
05:13 AM Suricata Revision 9375e8fb: util-base64: strict mode - all characters must be valid
Introduce a strict mode to base64 decode. If strict,
the function will fail when invalid input data is seen.
If not s...


12:12 PM Suricata Revision 9697a09d: template app-layer: disable if not in config file (default)
Unlike other app-layer protocols which are enabled by default,
disable this one by default as it likely shouldn't be ...
12:12 PM Suricata Revision dc2c8967: app-layer setup scripts: enable new modules on copy
The templates are disabled by default, enable the copy
of the template so the new app-layer modules are enabled by


03:43 PM Suricata Feature #1542: dump-config - extend into multi-detect supplied yaml configuration
The main issue here, I think, is that the specified yaml file isn't included as part of the on start configuration in...


11:56 PM Suricata Feature #1579 (New): Support Modbus Unit Identifier
[Feature request added on here on behalf of someone else]
The Modbus/TCP protocol frame format supports a field ca...


11:55 AM Suricata Bug #809: Live Rules Update Corruption - ELSA
Victor Julien wrote:
> I don't think this is still an issue, but it should be checked to be sure. I did change how t...
01:02 AM Suricata Bug #809: Live Rules Update Corruption - ELSA
Victor Julien wrote:
> Jason assigned it to you for now, feel free to pass back to me.
Victor, is this specific c...


03:53 AM Suricata Revision 413082af: GPL license sync with official gpl-2.0.txt
Synced up with:
03:44 AM Suricata Revision 58072808: fix util-host-os-info unit tests.
- Some tests always passed due to the result value being
initialized to 1.
- Fix tests that now fail. Looks like ...

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