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04:35 PM Suricata Bug #1926 (Assigned): rule parsing: wrong content checked for fast_pattern (snort compatibility)
Given a rule like:
content:"AAAA"; fast_pattern:only; content:"BBBB"; http_raw_uri; content:"AAAA"; distance:0; ht...
11:56 AM Suricata Revision dcdf160a: conf: cleanup compiler warning (unintialized vars)
11:50 AM Suricata Revision 1a724ba8: doc: flow: update and add new keywords
11:50 AM Suricata Revision 8f56c234: detect-flow: no_frag and only_frag keyword support
Support flow:no_frag and flow:only_frag keywords from Snort.
11:50 AM Suricata Revision f81619a1: defrag: set flag on packets reassembled from fragments
Set the PKT_REBUILT_FRAGMENT on packets that are re-assembled
from fragments.
11:42 AM Suricata Revision 571f56cf: detect-flow: support flow:not_established
11:42 AM Suricata Revision dc762cd4: detect-flow: use new unit test macros


01:11 PM Suricata Bug #1923 (Assigned): dns - back to back requests results in loss of response
The attached pcap shows 2 DNS requests generated by a Linux box. The first is an A, the second is an AAAA which is se...


12:14 PM Suricata Feature #1867: Snort compatibility: flow:not_established not supported.
Victor Julien wrote:
> While at it, add Snort's no_frags and only_frags as well. This is a trivial check: p->flags &...


11:04 AM Suricata Feature #1906 (Closed): doc: install man page and ship pdf
Closing, was merged.

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