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01:10 PM Suricata Feature #1970: json: make libjansson mandatory
I'd be OK with making libjansson mandatory. There would have to be a good argument made to make it required I think.


06:49 AM Suricata Revision 43617dc1: suricatasc: move lib to
Pull the sc python package under the suricata top level
package. A suricatasc package still exists for compatibility
06:49 AM Suricata Revision 4a115f4d: suricatasc: allow to run from non-standard python locations
When we install to a non-standard prefix, the Python modules
are not in the standard location requiring the PYTHONPAT...
06:49 AM Suricata Revision a7d90162: suricatasc: move into python/
Will be built and installed as part of the Python code used
for suricatactl, which is intended to be the generic plac...


10:27 AM Suricata Revision cbcbc0f6: suricata-update: bundle suricata update
Add autoconf/automake support for installing suricata-update
if found in the top level suricata-update.


04:00 AM Suricata Revision 27fd5214: eve/dns/v2: support eve/dns v2 in rust


04:29 PM Suricata Revision 57d95748: rust/json: expose more of jansson to rust
04:29 PM Suricata Revision dfdfc478: eve/dns-v2: only log responses for enabled types
This changes the logic a bit for v2, checking the rrtype of the
query to see if the response should be logged.
04:29 PM Suricata Revision 769f9721: eve/dns-v2: log authorities as a list
Log the authorities just like the answers, as a list under
the authorities key.


09:00 AM Suricata Feature #2277: netinfo: structured information about the network. Output hierarchical network tree in events
I have to agree. We should use YAML unless there is a specification out there that defines a JSON layout for specifyi...

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