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11:32 AM Suricata Revision 671e3964: travis: set dist to trusty (Ubuntu 14.04).
The default is still 12.04 which is EOL.
11:32 AM Suricata Revision 829155b9: rust/dns: pass byte arrays directly to rust/json
Using the json.set_string_from_bytes which will
safely convert the bytes printable ascii string
before logging.
11:32 AM Suricata Revision 96cc5030: rust/lua: use lua_pushlstring for strings
Lua strings can contain NULLs, and Rust strings are UTF8 which
can also contain NULLs. Use pushlstring so a NULL cont...
11:32 AM Suricata Revision 6dbc5be4: rust/json: only output printable characters
Rust strings are UTF8 and we cannot yet rely on jansson
having json_stringn on all supported OS distributions yet
so ...


04:29 AM Suricata Revision 6bddc4d3: python: use python path found during configure
Also look for Python under more names. For example, on OpenBSD
if you just install Python 2, you will only get a pyth...


02:06 PM Suricata Revision 30be9f0b: stream: don't do protocol detection on gap
A gap notification has no data.
Also, break out the gap handling into its own code block to
simplify the conditional...
10:18 AM Suricata Bug #2149: 4.0.0-dev-rev-70808a4 sigabrt
Victor Julien wrote:
> I think this is a duplicate of #2144. Jason can you double check?
Yes, was just going to s...
02:03 AM Suricata Revision c473c56e: rust/dns: fix panic on rrnames with bad chars
Check for erros in the UTF-8 conversion, on error, print the
the printable chars as chars, and print non printable ch...
02:03 AM Suricata Revision ecc63481: rust/dns: fix tcp message length verification
And add Rust unit tests to check length validation.
Redmine issue 2144:


02:14 PM Suricata Bug #2148 (Closed): rust/dns: panic on malformed rrnames
A DNS rrname containing invalid unicode code points will cause a panic during logging. Reported via the pull request ...

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