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02:27 PM Suricata Bug #1856 (Assigned): PCAP mode device not found
02:26 PM Suricata Bug #1856: PCAP mode device not found
Just to follow up, I have a pull request here:
The patch should ...
09:48 AM Suricata Bug #1856: PCAP mode device not found
Assigning to me - I've already started looking into the issue.


12:29 PM Suricata Bug #1854 (Assigned): unified2: logging of tagged packets not working (and wrong format)
Using a simple rule I was unable to get tagged packets to log:...
11:24 AM Suricata Feature #1830: support 'tag' in eve log
Actually unified2 doesn't have the special alert record with the tagged gid/sid anymore. A packet is a discrete reco...


12:20 PM Suricata Bug #1852: Latest CentOS - unitttest Test IPOnlyTestSig15 segfaults with gitmaster
Configuration options as provided by Peter:...


03:58 PM Suricata Bug #1833: Transaction can be logged before stream reassembly and parsing are complete
WGH WGH: Are you able to rety with 3.1.1? There have been some changes with respect to transaction logging.


03:56 PM Suricata Bug #1419 (Closed): DNS transaction handling issues
Fixed. See
The use of different logger contexts for requests and re...
03:54 PM Suricata Bug #1664 (Closed): Unreplied DNS queries not logged when flow is aged out
Fixed. See
The DNS query is now logged after the query is complete ...


01:45 PM Suricata Revision f397e7bf: dns: directional logging
Register loggers for to server and to client so requests
and responses can be logged independently of each other.

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