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11:18 PM Suricata Optimization #3973 (Closed): Suricata-Verify: Convert "cmp" tests to Python
Jason Ish
11:16 PM Suricata Optimization #3973: Suricata-Verify: Convert "cmp" tests to Python
Merged. Finally! Jason Ish


02:25 PM Suricata Feature #3636: eve: option to enable all outputs
Juliana Fajardini Reichow wrote in #note-6:
> Hi,
> my interpretation is that this issue is to address the yam...
Jason Ish


10:15 PM Suricata Bug #4216 (Closed): 5.0.5 in socket mode crashes when using file-store due to uninitialized stats_ctx
Merged into master a while back: 0aed5e188b214d56107e66ea8e38dfb7d5a13758 Jason Ish
07:12 PM Suricata Bug #4225: SC_ERROR_CONF_YAML_ERROR anomaly logger error when in socket mode
Fix was merged with PR as part of the fix to #4434. Jason Ish


04:57 PM Suricata Bug #4239: dataset file not written when run as user
Review PR: Jason Ish


10:05 PM Suricata Support #4521: what's the wrong with my installing suricata
How are you starting Suricata? Did you run Suricata-Update to update your rules? Are you see events other than alerts? Jason Ish


04:29 PM Suricata Bug #4523 (New): Application log cannot to be re-opened when running as non-root user
Suricata by default creates an application log at /var/log/suricata/suricata.log. This log file is created before cha... Jason Ish


02:16 PM Suricata Bug #3910: datasets: for type string the memcap isn't applied to the string data
I don't see a nice way about it. Does this mostly refer to setting of a memcap in a rule where the user will have a h... Jason Ish


05:42 PM Suricata Support #4506: PacketBypassCallback
Roger Vulliez wrote in #note-2:
> Sorry, but how suricata can ignore packets (local or capture mode) if the callback...
Jason Ish

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