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11:51 PM Suricata Bug #1417 (Resolved): no rules loaded - latest git - rev e250040
Fixed by https://github.com/inliniac/suricata/pull/1380
Sorry, must have missed the updates to conf-yaml-loader.c ...
11:30 PM Suricata Revision ee7e8132: Bug 1417 - Record sequence nodes as sequences.
Nodes that are sequences weren't being recorded as such, causing
rules to fail to load.
Change sequence test name to...


09:46 AM Suricata Revision ab1d69fc: When re-opening a log file on HUP, always append.
This will prevent log files that have not been rotated by some
external tool from being deleted, but log files that w...
09:44 AM Suricata Revision 6ed246c0: Don't attempt to load the rule files if the rule-files configuration
node is not a sequence. Instead log a warning as this is usually
a configuration error.
09:44 AM Suricata Revision a243a42b: New function to test if a configuration node is a sequence or not.


07:50 AM Suricata Bug #1404 (Assigned): Alert-Debuglog not being rotated on SIGHUP.
As found by @norg:
The alert-debuglog writer for non-decoder events was writing directly to the log file so the wr...
07:45 AM Suricata Optimization #1403 (Closed): autofp packet pool performance problems
PacketPoolWait in autofp can wait for considerable time. Until now it was essentially spinning, keeping the CPU 100% ...
07:41 AM Suricata Bug #1402 (Closed): When re-opening files on HUP (rotation) always use the append flag.
Currently if a rotation tool (logrotate, etc) has not moved all of the log files out of the way, the SIGHUP will re-o...


11:16 AM Suricata Bug #1335: suricata option --pidfile overwrites any file
Note that this problem all exists when daemonizing (so prior to the modification that allowed a pidfile to be created...


07:40 PM Suricata Bug #1331 (Closed): Ubuntu PPA does not depend on wget.
The Ubuntu PPA does not depend on wget, and in minimal installs wget is not present (example: the official 14.04 Dock...

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