Jason Ish

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Reported issues: 17


04:02 PM Suricata Bug #1565 (Assigned): defrag: evasion issue
Reported by Jérémy Beaume. In some cases sending a junk fragment before sending the real data can lead to Suricata ge...


04:48 PM Suricata Feature #1282: support for base64_decode from snort's ruleset
Looks like base64_data would also be required. base64_decode decodes the data, base64_data sets the cursor for patte...


12:11 PM Suricata Feature #1492 (Resolved): Add HUP coverage to output json-log
Resolved in master: https://github.com/inliniac/suricata/pull/1581


09:53 AM Suricata Revision 84fd28ea: app-layer setup scripts: fix header substitution.
Fixes make distcheck.


12:55 AM Suricata Revision bcda9213: app-layer: template for application layer tx logger
12:55 AM Suricata Revision 4a738023: app-layer: scripts to setup app-layer templates
setup-app-layer.sh sets up an application layer detector and
parser template.
setup-app-layer-logger.sh sets up a JS...
12:55 AM Suricata Revision 06beca62: app-layer: template for application layer content inspection
12:55 AM Suricata Revision c1b92126: app-layer: template for application layer parser


02:50 PM Suricata Bug #1517 (Assigned): Order dependent, ambiguous YAML in multi-detect.
Both the tenants and mappings section of multi-detect contain problematic YAML.
For tenants we have:...


11:06 AM Suricata Bug #1508 (Resolved): address var parsing issue
Merge, see https://github.com/inliniac/suricata/pull/1599#event-359923068

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