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05:15 PM Suricata-Update Bug #2339 (Closed): Failed building wheel for suricata-update
I believe this to be fixed now. Commit a831d5be8b5c1b2635da98bc212127c159de1e2d.


07:16 PM Suricata Bug #2104 (Closed): pid-file: in suricata.yaml
Closing. Behaviour is unchanged, but a better comment was added to the configuration file in commit 95a781d4b208ea8d8...
04:35 PM Suricata Revision 6f00ba06: rust: fix (again) out of tree builds
As the generated Cargo.toml is shipped as part of a release
tarball, build from the source directory but set the carg...
03:44 PM Suricata-Update Feature #2641: list-sources distinction between free/non-free sources
I think a modifier to the list-sources command might be better?
suricata-update list-sources --free
to list...


07:02 PM Suricata Revision 7ec7d85e: integrate detect buffer setup
Add --detect to setup a detect buffer.
07:00 PM Suricata Revision 35fd10bc: rust: app-layer detect template for rust parsers
07:00 PM Suricata Revision 15922dcd: attempt to cd into correct directory
- If in src, cd to ..
- Error out early if the current directory does not look like a
Suricata source directory.
07:00 PM Suricata Revision 58933baf: rust app layer template: functions to get buffers
Example functions for getting the request and response buffers.
Useful for running detection on the decoded buffers.
07:00 PM Suricata Revision 01f7dcf5: rust template parser: sample pcap
07:00 PM Suricata Revision c3f1a35e: rust: app-layer template parser and logger
The protocol is a simple request/reply based protocol that can
be hand driven with netcat.
Request -> 12:Hello Worl...

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