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10:22 PM Suricata Feature #2507: Make Rust mandatory
FreeBSD 11 and 12 now have Rust >= 1.31. Jason Ish
09:59 PM Suricata Feature #2507: Make Rust mandatory
Ubuntu 14.04, 16.04 and 18.04 all now have rustc 1.31 which supports edition 2018. Jason Ish


08:19 PM Suricata-Update Feature #2906: Make sure that noalert is set in newly enabled rules
Konstantin Klinger wrote:
> Shall I include this as default behavior in the pull request?
Yes please. I'm wonder...
Jason Ish


01:50 PM Suricata-Update Bug #2893: Default for --ignore does not work
Is this not fixed with ( Jason Ish
01:34 PM Suricata-Update Feature #2906: Make sure that noalert is set in newly enabled rules
I think its worth discussing if this should be the default behaviour rather than a flag. I had meant to do this in th... Jason Ish


01:57 PM Suricata-Update Feature #2270: Suricata-update: support profiles
Victor Julien wrote:
> If all of the options could be controlled by the yaml, simply specifying a different yaml wou...
Jason Ish


02:48 PM Suricata Optimization #2808 (Closed): Prefer Python 3 in ./configure
Jason Ish


05:18 PM Suricata-Update Task #2879 (Assigned): Log a warning on duplicate SID.
Currently when suricata-update encounters a rules with duplicate SIDs, it will silently use the one with the higher r... Jason Ish
03:37 PM Suricata-Update Optimization #2878 (Feedback): Catch control-c (KeyboardInterrupt) and exit cleanly.
Right now if you hit control-c, suricata-update will exit (as expected) but display a traceback of what was currently... Jason Ish


06:52 PM Suricata-Update Feature #2864: Suricata-update merging local rules without trying to fetch rules from sources outside (offline mode)
Oops. Meant to say offline mode.
Anyways, no. After it does go online once there is a 15 minute period where it w...
Jason Ish

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