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08:05 AM Suricata Revision 7eead7df: autotools: fix distcheck with rust enabled


02:11 PM Suricata Feature #2167: eve-ng
I believe we had a discussion on eve versioning, but it must have been online as I can't find any record of it.
11:28 AM Suricata Revision eb5193c5: travis: hook into the build
Only do it for one build, for now use the one that also
enables Rust.
11:28 AM Suricata Revision 40a1a972: template: script to check the setup scripts
This script applies the setup scripts one by one followed
by a make distcheck.


04:41 AM Suricata Revision d1ac8393: template scripts: allow to be called from top or src
Allow the template setup script to be called from the top source
directory or from ./src to unify where they can be e...
03:54 AM Suricata Revision ea2ef1b5: templates: rename scripts to use - instead of _
Use "-" consistently instead of a mix of - and _. -> -> set...


03:09 PM Suricata Optimization #2215: Lost events writing to unix socket
I think a better fix would be to allow blocking when not running live. This would mean no lost events due to a blocki...


10:27 AM Suricata Bug #2212 (New): profiling: app-layer profiling shows time spent in HTTP on UDP
HTTP typically shouldn't be seen of UDP, needs further investigation.


06:56 AM Suricata Support #2211 (Assigned): doc: document issues with --set and lists in the command line parameters section of the manual
There are issues with overriding list values with --set, document these.
06:51 AM Suricata Bug #2210 (New): logging: SC_LOG_OP_FILTER still displays some lines not matching filter
For example, SC_LOG_LEVEL=debug SC_LOG_OP_FILTER="suricata\.c" will still show some lines, in particular rule parse e...

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