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07:26 AM Suricata Revision 46d75404: suricatasc: don't use find -delete
For when -delete isn't supported by find. Instead use
-print0 with xargs -0.
07:26 AM Suricata Revision 5420c0ab: doc: document file-store v2
07:26 AM Suricata Revision aa0760a8: filestore: only allow one filestore to be enabled
There is probably not too much bad about enabling both, but
open file counts can get messy with both enabled. And v1
07:26 AM Suricata Revision cc35a5b8: filestore (old): register global stat in init func
This doesn't need to be registered from suricata.c. And moving
it to the init function makes sure its only registered...
07:26 AM Suricata Revision 9b1d2680: filestore2: warn once for file errors
Track each type of error warning and only log it once. Also create
a new stat, file_store.fs_errors to count each fil...
07:26 AM Suricata Revision 9456a316: util-error: define SC_ERR_MAX
07:26 AM Suricata Revision 50b5a3a5: suricatactl: a new python script for misc. tasks
Use a new directory, Python to host the Suricata python modules.
One entry point is suricatactl, a control script for...
07:26 AM Suricata Revision f7c3f301: filestore v2: use fileinfo records as metadata
As fileinfo records are logged to the main eve log, disable
metadata by default. But when enabled, just use the filei...
07:26 AM Suricata Revision f631e8cd: file extract: force sha256 even if truncated
Even if a file is truncated, force the SHA256 if force sha256
is set to yes.
The new file store requires the sha256 ...
07:26 AM Suricata Revision 4a973150: filestore v2 - initial version
Filestore v2 is starts as a copy of log-filestore with the
following changes.
- NSS is required as file names as bas...

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