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Profiling mode: Ticks used to generate an alert available?

Added by Jeff Lucovsky over 3 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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StianB Nov 12th at 11:24 AM
When running Suricata in rule profiling mode, could we get the information about the number of ticks the rule used to create an Alert in the EVE? In a metadata field maybe?

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Andreas Herz 1 day ago
I'm not sure if I understand that correctly. You don't want the overall ticks but just those that were necessary for the alert trigger?

StianB 1 day ago
Yes, as an addition to the current rule-profiling output.

Andreas Herz 1 day ago
I see, I would recommend creating a redmine ticket for that feature request

Andreas Herz 1 day ago

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I think this should be fairly trivial. At the end of the individual rule inspection we can know the ticks, so we should be able to store than in the PacketAlert struct and output it in EVE.

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Updated by Matthew Davis over 2 years ago

Should this only be done when "event_type"="alert" in the eve.json?

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Updated by Jeff Lucovsky over 2 years ago

Yes -- logs with an alert event_type are produced starting with a call to JsonAlertLogger (src/output-json-alert.c)

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Updated by Matthew Davis over 2 years ago

Thanks Jeff. I'm spending extra time on this one trying to read and understand the project better.

It looks like it makes sense to me to read the value of the ticks in detect-engine-alert.c:PacketAlertAppend()

But there are several spots in scope that look like potential candidates for getting the value.

In DetectEngineThreadCtx det_ctx, it has SCProfileData and SCProfileKeywordData each with ticks_match and ticks_no_match.

Then in Packet p, it has PktProfiling p. When I take a look at that:

typedef struct PktProfiling_ {
    uint64_t ticks_start;                                                                                                       
    uint64_t ticks_end;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
    PktProfilingTmmData tmm[TMM_SIZE];
    PktProfilingData flowworker[PROFILE_FLOWWORKER_SIZE];
    PktProfilingAppData app[ALPROTO_MAX];
    PktProfilingDetectData detect[PROF_DETECT_SIZE];
    PktProfilingLoggerData logger[LOGGER_SIZE];
    uint64_t proto_detect;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 } PktProfiling;

it not only has ticks_start and ticks_end but also all of the PktProfiling* structs contain various ticks attributes. Which one should I be using to set the value of the ticks displayed in the output?


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